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Being stared at by Leng Shaoting like that, Gu Ning immediately understood what he was thinking.

She gave him a loving glare, but only ended up appearing more seductive to Leng Shaoting.

Leng Shaoting swallowed and said in a hoarse voice, “Are you trying to seduce me”

“Im not!” Gu Ning glared at him again, then ignored him and directly walked out.

Leng Shaoting put on a resigned smile.

Gu Ning wasnt deliberately seducing him, but he still got aroused every time he saw her.

Gu Ning went to Baili Zongxues room.

After helping Baili Zongxue with the disguise, she walked out and called Leng Shaoting.

Then Leng Shaoting came out too.

After that, they rented a car from the hotel and set out together.

When they arrived at the raw jade material market, it was 9:30 am, and it only took twenty minutes to get to the Kang familys store.

Although Kang Shaojie and Kang Yuannan didnt advertise their competition, many people still heard about it.

And once a few people knew about it, it soon spread abroad.

In addition, even if they didnt know it, now that Kang Shaojie, Kang Yuannan, and the other shareholders of the Kang familys business were all present, they should realize there was going to be a drama.

As a result, the Kang familys store was full of people.

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Kang Shaojie and Kang Yuannan had arrived ten minutes earlier.

Kang Shaojie disagreed about not having a helper, but Kang Yuannan was the rule-maker.

Moreover, it was a competition between the two of them, so there was no reason for outsiders to interfere.

Therefore, Kang Shaojie might not get support.

It was Kang Yuannan who said that they could have a helper, but now he regretted it.

It was his fault that he had no principles, but Kang Yuannan didnt care at all.

During these few days, Kang Yuannan was collecting information about Kang Shaojies friend who are skilled at stone-gambling.

Although he hadnt come to a conclusion yet, he found Gu Ning.

He learned that Gu Ning cut out two pieces of jade from five raw jade materials and defeated Kang Shaojie in a match.

Although Kang Shaojies friend had cut out four pieces of jade from six raw jade materials and there was a big difference, they might be the same person.

Perhaps Gu Ning didnt want to show her real abilities in public, so she hid and secretly chose many raw jade materials for Kang Shaojie.

However, that was just Kang Yuannans guess and analysis.

Whether they were the same person or not, Gu Ning was impressive.

If it was possible, Kang Yuannan hoped that she could work for him.

It would be better if they were really the same person, and it would be the best if he could draw the person to his side.

However, if she chose to side with Kang Shaojie, he would destroy her.

Although Gu Ning had no grudges against him, he couldnt stand it if she helped Kang Shaojie.

Kang Yuannan was a ruthless man who would do everything to achieve his goals.

After that, Kang Yuannans people found out where Gu Ning was staying, but werent able to meet her.

Gu Ning wasnt in the hotel yesterday, and it was very late when she was back.

The man couldnt watch her all day long, because he needed to sleep as well.

That morning, although Kang Yuannans man was still waiting in the hall, Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue had already disguised themselves as other people, so the man failed to recognize them.

In addition to Kang Yuannan, the Chen family was also collecting information about Kang Shaojies friend who was so good at stone-gambling.

The Chen family had the same guess as Kang Yuannan and believed it could be Gu Ning, so they sent people to stay outside the hotel too, but didnt see her.

As a result, Gu Ning didnt know that she was being targeted.

After Kang Shaojie met Kang Yuannan, both of them looked very hostile.

They came with the shareholders who supported them, so there were no strangers.

Kang Shaojies older brother was a senior official in City Rui, but it wasnt appropriate for his older brother to appear, so he didnt come.

At the beginning, Kang Shaojies older brother was worried about him, but Kang Shaojie said that someone would help him secretly, so he felt more relieved.

Sometimes, it was hard to judge who was right and who was wrong in a family.

Although Kang Yuannan didnt keep his word, it was difficult to manage a large company and Kang Shaojies older brother didnt know what to do.

After all, even if Kang Yuannan controlled the Kang familys business, Kang Shaojie still had 60% shares, so they had to be careful.

If the Kang familys business was ruined, they would lose everything.

After Kang Yuannan came, he didnt see any people he was suspicious of so he knew that Kang Shaojie had given in.

“Nephew Shaojie, didnt you say you wouldnt yield.

You still gave in.

I told you that youre no match for me.

If youre not dumb, admit your failure right now.

Dont humiliate yourself.”

Kang Yuannans voice wasnt loud, so only Kang Shaojie and the people who were near them could hear him.

“The competition hasnt begun yet.

Why do you think Ill lose You stole my business.

How could you be so shameless” Kang Shaojie mocked.

He did his best to control his emotions, but he was still angered by Kang Yuannans shamelessness.

“How could you say that How did I steal your business Were both members of the Kang family.

And I did it for the future of the Kang familys business.

Ive stayed in the company for twenty years, while youve only worked for several years.

Do you really think that you can compete with me” said Kang Yuannan in a flat voice.

Hearing that, Kang Shaojie became even angrier.

“I know youre better than me in terms of experience and abilities, but I have 60% shares.

So I should be in charge of the Kang familys business,” said Kang Shaojie in annoyance.

He admitted that he was worse than Kang Yuannan in experience and abilities.

After all, Kang Yuannan joined the industry twenty years earlier than him, but he was still the largest shareholder of the Kang familys business, so he should be in charge!

“The problem is how many people support you Even though you have 60% shares, I can still compete against you for the seat of the chairman as long as over half of the shareholders side with me,” said Kang Yuannan mockingly.

If he didnt have much support, he wouldnt dare to compete with Kang Shaojie.

“You…” His words were the truth, so Kang Shaojie instantly became furious, but he didnt know what to say.


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