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Great, my staff will arrive tomorrow and we can discuss it then, Gu Ning said.

Gu Ning thought that it would be better if Leng Shaoting helped her in the middle, so she decided to wait for him.

She wasn\'t worried that she would be out of stock if she acquired it late.

The flow of goods wasn\'t that fast, and she had no intention to buy all the raw materials with jade inside.

It was already cruel that she used her Jade Eyes to acquire high quality jade, and she wanted to leave room for other businessmen.

Gu Ning and Master Zhang exchanged numbers before she went out to choose raw materials.

Gu Ning noticed that Master Zhang had something to deal with, so she said, Master Zhang, please feel free to leave if you\'re busy with your business.

We\'ll be fine here.

Great, then I\'ll leave first.

Please enjoy choosing the raw materials, and the manager will give you 20% off if you want to buy some. Master Zhang was actually eager to go home and tell his family that his disease had been cured.

So since Gu Ning was fine here without his company, Master Zhang was of course willing to leave earlier.

Thus Master Zhang\'s group left.

Before they left, Zhang Hanyin\'s sight fell on Gu Ning.

She was now more curious about her, because what Gu Ning had done totally surprised her.

After Master Zhang left, both Gu Ning and Zhao Yuefeng pulled a cart over to shop for raw materials.

Gu Ning didn\'t walk into the four rooms in the beginning, but had a tour around the hall for a while.

She used her Jade Eyes to scan the raw materials that were piled up in the hall.

Although they were believed to be the lowest level, it didn\'t mean that there was no jade inside at all.

Within seconds, Gu Ning discovered two raw materials with medium-high level jade and one raw material with a high-level jade inside.

The first was as big as two fists, and the other was as big as a basketball, while the last one was the size of two palms folded together.

There were also several emeralds under medium level, but Gu Ning didn\'t bother to take them.

She would only take medium-level jade when she needed a large amount of jade, but it wasn\'t convenient for her to carry too many raw materials now, so she gave them up.

Gu Ning intentionally walked around for a long while before she put the three raw materials into her cart, but even then, people around her still believed that she was just shopping for fun.

Zhao Yuefeng, instead, thought that Gu Ning must have her own skills.

However, her fast shopping speed still confused him, and he couldn\'t help thinking to himself.

Does she really know stone gambling

Miss Gu, you shop so fast! Zhao Yuefeng sighed.

Professional knowledge might be helpful, but I think that it relies on one\'s luck to cut out jade as well.

I\'m choosing raw materials by luck! Gu Ning said.

Zhao Yuefeng agreed.

Even those knowledgeable experts seldom cut out jade.

If they could be 100% or even only 50% accurate with their knowledge, they would be billionaires now.

Moreover, most people didn\'t have Gu Ning\'s confidence; she wouldn\'t hesitate to buy raw materials as long as she wanted them.

After that, Gu Ning and Zhao Yuefeng went to the rooms at the back.

They entered Room D, which stored raw materials at the D level, first.

Before long, Gu Ning found more raw materials with jade inside, but they weren\'t big.

The biggest one was as big as half a basketball, and the smallest one was only as big as a fist.

Luckily, they were worth a lot.

There were few raw materials with medium-high-level jade and even less raw materials with high-level jade inside.

Normally, there were only four or five emeralds above medium-high-level among over a thousand raw materials and to find top-level jade was even rarer.

The majority of jade was around medium level.

They then went to Room C, and Gu Ning got four other medium-high-level jade all in a small size.

She didn\'t plan to buy many today, so she wouldn\'t go to Room B and Room A.

Miss Gu, would you mind helping me check these raw materials Zhao Yuefeng pushed his cart with three raw materials in it, walking to Gu Ning.

Although Gu Ning explained that she relied on her luck, he trusted her ability given what she had done concerning stone gambling before.

Gu Ning didn\'t turn him down, but pretended that she was checking the three raw materials seriously.

Unfortunately, there was no jade inside them.

I don\'t think there is jade in any of them.

If you trust me, I can help you find three raw materials which are highly possible to contain jade, but if they don\'t, please don\'t blame me. Gu Ning was generous to share with Zhao Yuefeng, but she wouldn\'t share too many with him.

Really Zhao Yuefeng was excited.

Of course I won\'t blame you if there\'s no jade inside.

Gu Ning was being kind to help him, and he wouldn\'t blame her no matter what the result was.

Three raw materials were around a hundred thousand yuan, and he could afford it.

Gu Ning then helped him pick three raw materials.

One was a waste, and one had medium-low-level jade inside, while the last one contained medium-high-level jade.

It was not because she wasn\'t willing to choose three raw materials that all had high quality jade inside, but if she did so, it would arouse Zhao Yuefeng\'s suspicion.

No matter what the result is, please don\'t let anyone else know that I helped you, Gu Ning reminded Zhao Yuefeng.

Sure, I won\'t. Zhao Yuefeng understood that Gu Ning didn\'t want to be involved in trouble.

He then went to pay his bill, and it cost him a hundred and sixty thousand yuan in all.

After that, Zhao Yuefeng asked to have his raw materials cut on site.

Once there was somebody who was cutting raw materials, over half of the people in the store would gather around to have a look, especially those jewelry businessmen.

They all wanted to get the jade as soon as possible.

The first raw material that Zhao Yuefeng chose contained medium-low-level jade.

He was nervous when he handed it to the worker.

The machine started to work, and the outer layer of the raw material was removed little by little, falling down on the ground.

When the worker made a second cut, the green showed.

I see the green!

It\'s the oil green type!

Although it was merely medium-low-level jade, Zhao Yuefeng was still excited.

The minute that the green showed, someone bid, but was stopped by Zhao Yuefeng because he would keep it himself.

Those who wanted to bid for it felt disappointed, but didn\'t say anything further.

The worker continued to cut the raw materials.

Half an hour later, an emerald of the oil green type the size of half a football was fully cut out.

Zhao Yuefeng was so thrilled that he wanted to thank Gu Ning without delay, but Gu Ning had reminded him to keep it a secret between them, so he gave it up.


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