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Otherwise, they would be exhausted after running for several days.

After all, their enemies werent ordinary people, they were mutants.

In fact, not only a mutant was chasing Qi Tianlin; a ninja who was controlling the mutant was also chasing him.

In other words, a mutant and a ninja were chasing Qi Tianlin at the same time.

In such a situation, it wasnt easy for Qi Tianlin to run and stay safe for three days.

Qi Tianlin didnt say anything when he saw Baili Zongxue.

He had no strength to ask about that now.

He only hoped that Gu Ning could help him get rid of the disgusting mutant.

Although Qi Tianlin didnt know that Gu Ning had superpowers, he believed that she could handle it.

“Well, I can finally relax since youve come.

I havent rested in days.

Please help me deal with it,” said Qi Tianlin, sounding weak.

“Sure, but you must pay me,” said Gu Ning.

Gu Ning didnt come to save Qi Tianlin for free, she decided to help him for ten million yuan.

Ten million yuan was nothing in Qi Tianlins opinion.

Even if Gu Ning asked for a hundred million yuan, he would still be willing to pay her.

After all, his life was worth much more than just that.

Gu Ning was aware of that, but she only asked for a reasonable price.

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Qi Tianlin shrugged and said nothing further.

After that, they went into a private room and ordered some dishes.

During these past few days, Qi Tianlin and his people hadnt had a good meal, so today they would enjoy a great meal.

After ordering, the waiter left.

Gu Ning asked, “How did you run into the mutants”

Although she shouldnt ask about that, she wanted to know more about the mutants.

Due to Country Rs relationship with their country, she had to be careful and take action to stop the mutants from attacking them.

If she wanted to stop them, she had to learn more about them.

Since Qi Tianlin got into trouble with mutants, she could collect information from him.

She didnt need to know what grudges Qi Tianlin had against the person behind the mutants; she only needed to know who the person was.

Qi Tianlin slightly frowned when Gu Ning asked him straightforwardly.

He said nothing, but gave Baili Zongxue a meaningful glance.

He understood that Gu Ning must trust Baili Zongxue since she asked him that question in front of her, but he still needed to make sure.

Gu Ning understood his worries at once, so she explained.

“Shes one of us.

Shes already aware of the existence of strange creatures.”

If so, there was nothing for Qi Tianlin to be worried about, so he said, “I didnt know who sent the mutant to kill me last time, but this time I have a name in my mind.

I think its the Ueno family from Country R.

Its one of the three major families in Country R.

Its involved in politics on the surface, but it actually has a deep connection with the underground world.

Its also one of the three largest illegal gangs in Country R.

I have a good relationship with the heir of the Mafia of Country Y, but he has grudges against the head of the illegal gang controlled by the Ueno family.

So Ive also been targeted.”

“If so, the Ueno family is really ambitious.

Its dominant in politics and also has great influence in the underground world.

They also have mutants and ninjas.

Im afraid they are aiming for the presidential seat.” Gu Ning made the conclusion.

It was true that the Ueno family wanted to get the presidential seat of Country R.

Because Country R was still an autocratic monarchy, the monarch had the highest status and the greatest power.

“I had the same thought, so I plan to expose the Ueno familys secrets.

The other major families will seize the chance to cause the Ueno family trouble.

Theyll be busy scheming against each other and Ill be safe.

I can also enjoy watching the drama,” said Qi Tianlin.

Although Qi Tianlin was the head of an illegal gang and had done many illegal things, he wouldnt betray their country.

Instead, he would defend it.

At least when other countries wanted to attack their country, he would side with their country without hesitation.

Otherwise he wouldnt have the thought of exposing the Ueno familys secrets and causing Country R to be in political chaos.

“Its a good idea.” Gu Ning agreed.

When their enemies were in political chaos, they could enjoy watching the drama.

However, Gu Ning still needed to conduct a further investigation on the mutants.

Because the Ueno family was really influential, other major families might not be able to defeat them.

Therefore, they couldnt completely rely on the Ueno familys enemies in politics.

If they wanted to totally get rid of them, they had to do something on their own.

About twenty minutes later, the dishes were placed on the table.

At the same time, Gu Ning sensed evil energy approaching them.

She used her Jade Eyes to look around, then saw a MPV with three people sitting inside driving into the underground parking lot of the restaurant.

To be specific, there were two mortals and a mutant.

She didnt know how they managed to not lose Qi Tianlin.

It was unbelievable that they followed him wherever he went.

Precisely because of that, Qi Tianlin had to run away all the time.

He couldnt stop, or he would be caught.

It was two ninjas and a mutant, who were much stronger than ordinary people, so Qi Tianlin was no match for them no matter how skilled he was.

Otherwise, he would have already defeated them.

Anyway, Gu Ning was with him now, so Qi Tianlin wasnt worried.

Gu Ning sensed evil energy, so did Baili Zongxue because they were only a short distance of ten meters away from them.

As soon as Baili Zongxue sensed the evil energy, she gave Gu Ning a glance.

Gu Ning was better than her, so Baili Zongxue was sure that Gu Ning must have felt it before her, but Gu Ning said nothing, and decided to have the meal first, so Baili Zongxue said nothing either.

Gu Ning understood that the mutant was nearby, but she didnt tell Qi Tianlin.

She wanted to let him finish the meal first.

Although the mutant knew that Qi Tianlin was here, it didnt take action right away.

After all, they were in the crowded city center so they decided to follow Qi Tianlin till they found a good chance.

After having the meal, Gu Ning and her friends paid the bill and left.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Gu Ning saw the car where the mutant and ninjas were sitting.

However, she didnt pay much attention to them, so they didnt notice anything wrong.


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