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When Zhang Ziyang received Du Weis message, he replied that he was informed.

After watching Du Weis car driving away, Zhang Ziyang followed him.

Because Jiang Liluo just learned how to drive, he wasnt very skilled.

Most importantly, he didnt have a driving license yet, so Zhang Ziyang was the driver.

Bodyguards didnt drive most of the time, since they were always by their hirers side.

They rarely did their job secretly, but it was very important for them to know how to drive.

For the time being, Jiang Liluo didnt have much time to learn how to drive, so it would take him longer to get a driving license.

If he went to do a task with his colleagues, his colleagues could drive.

However, if he was going to carry out a task alone or with Si Jin, he needed to drive by himself.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo kept an appropriate distance from Du Wei and the other gangsters.

They were aware of the appointed place, so there was no need for them to be too close.

Although they were confident about their abilities, it was better to be careful.

If the time was changed, Du Wei would inform Zhang Ziyang right away and they would turn the car into another direction, but the time and place didnt change along the way.

It wasnt a great deal, so there was no need for them to do anything.

When Du Wei and the others arrived, the buyer was already waiting.

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Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo didnt go close, but stopped thirty meters away, then walked forward.

It was at night and in the wilderness, so it was perfect to hide.

They were extremely good at carrying out a task without attracting any attention, so no one noticed them even though they were only five meters away.

Those gangsters were good at fighting, but they werent strong enough, so it was impossible for them to notice Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo.

However, although they werent very strong, they carried guns.

Therefore, Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo had to be careful.

No matter how strong a man was, his body was vulnerable.

He couldnt fight against knives and guns.

If they were shot, they would still be injured.

If it was serious, they might die.

Actually, it would only hurt mortals, and would barely injure cultivators.

As long as cultivators used their magical energy, bullets could hardly touch them.

However, if there was a choice, Jiang Liluo wouldnt do that.

He would do his best and avoid the bullets.

Zhang Ziyang was agile too, so it shouldnt be difficult for him to do the same thing.

When they reached the warehouse, the police were also a hundred meters away from them.

The police also didnt drive closer, but quietly walked closer.

Although it was hard for over a dozen policemen to hide their movements, it was windy during this season and the trees were constantly moving, so their footsteps were hidden among the sounds.

Jiang Liluo noticed them, but he understood that the police came to help them, so he told Zhang Ziyang at once.

At this moment, Zhang Ziyang noticed nothing, so he was surprised when Jiang Liluo told him how many policemen were coming and how far away they were.

However, because he knew how unbelievable Jiang Liluo was, he didnt doubt him.

Although he admired Jiang Liluo, he couldnt help being a little jealous of him too, but there was no malice in his attitude.

Not all jealousy was mixed with malice.

They knew that the police were nearby, but they still did what they had to.

They only needed to protect Du Wei, so they would leave the other things to the police.

After Du Wei and the other gangsters arrived, they carried a box, and walked into the warehouse.

There were two people guarding outside.

Because several of them had made deals with the seller a few times before, there was trust between them and they werent so alert.

They had guns, but both sides had guns.

As a result, the seller couldnt stop the buyer from carrying guns.

After all, all of them cared about their safety.

Without guns, they wouldnt feel safe.

After Du Wei and the others went into the warehouse, the gate was closed, but the two security guards outside didnt follow them inside.

Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo exchanged a glance and reached a tacit agreement.

The next moment, they separated and walked in different directions.

From the edge of the warehouse, they slowly approached the two security guards.

The two security guards didnt notice that they had been targeted, but they still looked around, staying alert.

However, Zhang Ziyang and Jiang Liluo knocked them down in an instant.

They made light sounds, so nobody in the warehouse heard them.

As a result, none of them knew that the two security guards outside had already been replaced.

The police also reached the warehouse at this moment.

They saw two people outside and two on the ground.

Because Mr.

Du had a talk with the police before, the police were aware that the two people were bodyguards hired by Mr.

Du to protect Du Wei.

Without doubt, the two men on the ground were members of the drug trafficking gang.

Top bodyguards were much stronger than drug-traffickers.

The drug-traffickers couldnt easily knock them unconscious, but they could beat drug-traffickers without much effort.

However, in order to make sure that no accidents happened, they still hid silently.

The police didnt go over until Zhang Ziyang signaled to them.

Zhang Ziyang gave them a hand gesture, which had been agreed upon.

After making sure, the police moved towards the warehouse step by step.

In the warehouse, the two sides were smoothly making the deal.

The seller was counting the money, while the buyer was counting the goods.

Although they had made a deal twice before and no accidents had ever happened, they had to make it clear face to face.

Just as they were busy counting the money and the goods, the police divided into two groups.

They separately went to the front and back gate of the warehouse so that the drug trafficking gang couldnt run away.

There were only two gates and the windows were very tall with anti-theft bars, so it was impossible for them to run from the windows, so the police only needed to block the two gates.


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