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It surprised them.

They didnt expect Gu Ning to have a relationship with them.

Either way, since Gu Ning was Leng Shaotings fiancée, she got the Jing familys attention.

It wasnt easy for them to find Leng Shaoting, but it couldnt be easier for them to find Gu Ning.

They knew where Gu Ning worked, where she studied and where she lived.

Therefore, on the third day after Gu Ning left the cultivation world, she sensed cultivators when she went to school for classes.

She turned to look around, then saw a strange face.

The person was also staring at her, so she was sure that she had been targeted.

Gu Ning didnt know who sent the person, but she guessed that Jing Yaorong must be involved.

Although she didnt think that Jing Yaorong would find out that she was Shangguan Yangs disciple and schemed to hurt her, Jing Yaorong might have found out about her relationship with Jing Yunyao.

Since Jing Yaorong learned that Jing Yunyao wasnt dead, he would surely go to collect information about her.

Gu Nings relationship with Jing Yunyao wasnt a secret, and he could easily find out through an investigation.

Gu Ning didnt realize that until now.

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If Jing Yaorong found out about her relationship with Jing Yunyao, he could soon find out about the Leng family and Leng Shaoting.

Gu Ning didnt worry that Jing Yaorong would do anything to harm the Leng family, because the Leng family were all mortals.

If he did anything to hurt them, Tiandaozong would punish him.

However, Jing Yaorong would certainly investigate Leng Shaoting and might hurt him too.

Luckily, it wouldnt be a problem, because Leng Shaoting was already in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period.

Even if Jing Yaorong found Leng Shaoting, he was no match for him.

Both Leng Shaoting and Jing Yaorong were in the early stage of the Yuan Ying Period, with Jing Yaorong being more skilled than Leng Shaoting.

However, Leng Shaoting was extremely explosive and he also had a flood dragon!

In fact, even if a cultivator was at the peak of the Yuan Ying Period, he might not be able to injure Leng Shaoting.

However, upon thinking that Jing Yaorong had already found out about Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning was still slightly worried.

Gu Ning didnt bother to pay more attention to the person who was spying on her.

After all, it was very easy for her to get rid of him.

Jing Yaorong sent out three people this time.

One went to collect information about Leng Shaoting, one was spying on Gu Ning, while the other went to find Jing Yunyao.

They did all the above without Shangguan Yang knowing.

Shangguan Yang was too strong for Jing Yaorong to deal with.

Jing Yunyao was also difficult to deal with, but Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting werent any trouble in their eyes.

However, they were all mortals, so if Jing Yaorong wanted to hurt them, he couldnt leave any evidence.

Actually, Jing Yaorong didnt send people to spy on Gu Ning and find Jing Yunyao to injure them right now.

He simply wanted to know their whereabouts.

Today was also the third day of Jiang Liluo and Si Jin working in the company.

A client came to hire bodyguards and he needed the best ones.

In addition, this client came with one of his bodyguards.

He said that he needed top bodyguards that could defeat his bodyguard.

His bodyguard was a retired special forces soldier and was very strong.

His demand seemed troublesome, so Ba Tianyang was slightly displeased, but he didnt show it.


Du, can you tell us why you need bodyguards who are stronger than yours How about at the same level” Ba Tianyang asked.


Du, who was about fifty years old, understood that he didnt explain it clearly, so he immediately added.


Ba, please dont get me wrong.

I didnt come to cause you trouble.

Although my bodyguard is good, he cant complete the task this time, so I need stronger bodyguards.

As for the reason, Im afraid I cant tell you.

I heard your security company provides excellent bodyguards, so I came to see whether my needs can be satisfied.”

Because he hadnt gotten what he wanted yet, he couldnt tell other people the reason.

Only after they signed a deal and confidentiality agreement could he tell them what he wanted them to do for him.

Therefore, Ba Tianyang didnt ask further.

Since the man didnt come to cause them trouble, he naturally agreed to satisfy his needs.

“Well, if so, well do our best to satisfy your needs.”

Since Mr.

Dus bodyguard was a retired soldier, he had to be skilled.

Since Mr.

Du wanted a bodyguard who was stronger than him, Ba Tianyang called over a first-class bodyguard.

The bodyguard was called Zhang Ziyang.

He was thirty years old and was also a veteran.

The bodyguard Mr.

Du came with was indeed very skilled.

However, his bodyguard was only at the middle level in Gu Nings security company.

Therefore, Zhang Ziyang defeated his bodyguard within five minutes, which satisfied Mr.


“Very well, I want him,” said Mr.

Du with satisfaction, feeling relieved.

It was really hard to find a strong bodyguard.

He had turned to several security companies, but nobody could defeat his bodyguard.


Du wasnt familiar with the security industry, so he just did his homework on the Internet and learned some information about major security companies.

It was confidential, and outsiders normally didnt know much about it.

Therefore, Mr.

Du didnt bother to ask anyone about the best security company.

Anyway, he had heard a lot about Gu Ning, so he had a very good impression of Gu Ning.

He also admired her.

He read on the Internet that Gu Nings security company was full of excellent bodyguards, so he came over.

Without surprise, he was satisfied.

“Um, Mr.

Ba, I need two of them,” said Mr.


Although one was enough, he needed two to make sure that his son would be fine.

“No problem,” said Ba Tianyang.

Therefore, this time, Ba Tianyang decided to arrange for Jiang Liluo and Zhang Ziyang to do the task together.

Although Jiang Liluo had never been a bodyguard before, he only needed to listen to Zhang Ziyang.

There wouldnt be a problem.

Ba Tianyang didnt tell Mr.

Du that it was Jiang Liluos first time being a bodyguard in case Mr.

Du was worried.

Without delay, Ba Tianyang called Jiang Liluo over to have a competition with Mr.

Dus bodyguard.


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