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Although it was the first time that they had worked in this industry, they had done their homework on the Internet beforehand.

Moreover, they had a very good memory and an agile mind, so they learned quickly.

Ba Tianyang only needed to teach them once, and they immediately got familiar with all the rules.

However, they hadnt carried out a task yet, so they still needed chances to put their knowledge into practice.

Gu Ning left for the siheyuan from her company at 11 am and shared a meal with Shangguan Yang before going to the cultivation world.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin had lunch at the company and would go back after they got off work this afternoon.

Because there was a long distance between the city center and the southern district, and neither Jiang Liluo nor Si Jin could drive now, they took the subway to work.

Gu Ning had told them to learn how to buy tickets, so she believed that they could handle it.

If they still didnt know how to buy tickets, they could ask passers-by about it.

There were many helpful people nowadays.

Back in the siheyuan, Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing were absent.

Gu Ning thought that they must have gone to the flower shop.

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Therefore, after finishing the meal with Shangguan Yang, Gu Ning disguised herself for Qing He, then she drove Shangguan Yangs car to Qianling Mountain.

She used Shangguan Yangs car, instead of hers, because she didnt want anyone to find out who she was.

Only Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang would go to the cultivation world this time, so Gu Ning drove.

At Qianling Mountain, Gu Ning showed her quality as a cultivator.

After parking the car, the two of them took the road towards the cultivation world.

At the boundary at the foot of the mountain, they met Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua by accident.

Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua were very surprised to see them, but they also heard that they had built a house in the cultivation world.

Accordingly, it was quite normal that they came in and out of the cultivation world.

They respected Shangguan Yang, so they greeted him first.

“Nice to see you, Senior Shangguan.

Im Dongfang Ziyu.”

“Nice to see you, Senior Shangguan, Im Wu Shunhua.”

“Nice to see you too!” Shangguan Yang nodded.

He seemed a little arrogant in front of outsiders, and was only nice to his people.

Afterwards, Shangguan Yang continued to walk ahead, followed by Gu Ning.

As juniors, Dongfang Ziyu and Wu Shunhua couldnt leave right away.

They could only go when Shangguan Yang was gone.

When Gu Ning left, Dongfang Ziyu gave her a glance.

She didnt recognize Gu Ning, but noticed that Gu Ning had already reached the Heartbeat Stage! Gu Ning was only in the Mixture Stage at their last meeting!

Dongfang Ziyu had to admit that she was jealous of Gu Nings rapid progress.

Why couldnt she have such good luck and become Shangguan Yangs disciple

Although it mainly depended on their talent to cultivate, the masters abilities were also very important.

Dongfang Ziyu was well-known for her talent in the cultivation world, and had a good master, but her master was barely comparable to Shangguan Yang.

If Shangguan Yang could be her master, she would be able to break through the Golden Core Stage to the Yuan Ying Period!

Even if she couldnt make that much progress, it wouldnt be difficult for her to reach the peak of the Golden Core Stage.

After all, there was a huge gap between the two stages.

Gu Ning could feel that Dongfang Ziyu glanced at her, but she didnt care.

Dongfang Ziyu didnt speak again until Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang were far away.

“I didnt expect Qing He to reach the Heartbeat Stage within such a short time.

I think she should be in the middle stage or at the peak now.”

There was obvious envy and jealousy in her tone.

Even though she was still at a higher level than Qing He, she couldnt help getting jealous of Qing Hes rapid progress.

In that situation, Qing He would surpass her within a few years.

“What The Heartbeat Stage” Wu Shunhua was shocked.

Because he was in the early stage of the Heartbeat Stage, he didnt notice it.

He didnt sense the difference in Gu Nings current level, because the lower the level a cultivator was at, the weaker his or her senses were.

Only cultivators who were at levels above the Golden Core Stage could feel other cultivators levels.

“Really It has only been a short time, and yet she is already in the Heartbeat Stage Shes even either in the middle stage or at the peak Its unbelievable!” Wu Shunhua felt envious too.

He had stayed in the early stage of the Heartbeat Stage for years and couldnt get any better.

He knew that he didnt have much talent, but he also dreamed about becoming a top cultivator.

Unfortunately, no matter how he tried, he still made slow progress.

Actually, there werent many cultivators at Wu Shunhuas age in the early stage of the Heartbeat Stage.

His talent and level werent common in the cultivation world.

There were only a few cultivators who were born with great talent.

Once Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning reached the foot of the mountain, Shangguan Yang took out his magical sword and directly carried Gu Ning to the entrance of the cultivation world.

After they entered the cultivation world, they still rode the magical sword till the center.

There werent many cultivators who could fly with a sword in the cultivation world, so they immediately attracted a lot of attention along the way.

Many cultivators had heard of Shangguan Yang, but not many had met him in reality.

Only members of the major families and the participants had shown up at the kung fu competition last time.

Not many ordinary citizens went there, so they didnt know Shangguan Yang.

Because they rarely saw the elders of Tiandaozong, they thought that Shangguan Yang might be an elder.

Anyway, they didnt recognize him, so no one greeted him.

After Shangguan Yang and Gu Ning arrived at the center, they went straight to see their house.

It was their first visit and they actually didnt know where it was, but Gu Ning had seen photos of it, so she quickly found it with the help of her Jade Eyes.

Since they were in the cultivation world, they should naturally go to see Jing Jining, but they didnt know where the Jing family was.

Even if they knew where it was, they couldnt go to see Jing Jining at the Jing familys house.

They were unwilling to meet other members of the Jing family, so Gu Ning and Shangguan Yang went to their residence first, then they would invite Jing Jining over.

Before they went inside, they met several disciples from Tiandaozong.

As soon as they saw Shangguan Yang, they walked towards them.

“Nice to see you, Senior Shangguan.

Im Yang Ping, a disciple from Tiandaozong.”


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