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At 8 am, Gu Ning and the others finished breakfast at the siheyuan, then Gu Ning took Jiang Liluo and Si Jin to her company.

Although they were offered a job directly by Gu Ning, they needed to be qualified to join the staff.

They needed to convince other people that they were hired by Gu Ning, instead of just getting a job due to their relationship with her.

After arriving at her company, Gu Ning took them to a training room.

Normally, when the bodyguards didnt need to go out and do a task, they went to work according to the schedule, then trained in the training room.

They went to work at 9 am, and got off work at 6 pm.

When Gu Ning and the others arrived at the company, it was nearly 9 am.

Even though they only needed to go to work at 9 am, they normally came earlier, arriving at about 8:30 am.

They would put on their training uniform, then go to the training room.

At the moment, there were about seventy bodyguards in Gu Nings security company.

They were divided into five groups.

Each group leader was a professional killer hired by Gu Ning.

In addition, among the seventy bodyguards, about a dozen were women.

There was no gender limit for this job, and sometimes women were even more suitable to carry out tasks.

However, it was a fact that there were more men than women in this industry.

Although they normally trained in the training room at the company, they would have field training once a week.

After all, the space in the company was limited and they couldnt cause too much noise, because it would affect other staffs work.

Ba Tianyang was the chief coach for Gu Nings security company.

Speaking of Ba Tianyang, it was necessary to mention Song Manni.

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Their romantic relationship was finally public.

In other words, they were formally together.

Ba Tianyang didnt care that Song Manni had been divorced before, and Song Manni didnt mind that Ba Tianyang used to be a killer.

Ba Tianyang honestly told Song Manni that he used to be a killer.

Song Manni was very surprised at the beginning, and it wasnt easy for her to accept.

However, after they got along with each other for a long time, Song Manni felt that Ba Tianyang was really a good man and she gradually fell in love with him.

In addition, since he was no longer a professional killer, he had changed.

And he was picked by Gu Ning, so he couldnt be a bad person.

Anyway, everyone had a history.

No one was perfect, and she didnt think that she had the right to ask for a better man.

She felt protected being with Ba Tianyang, not because he was strong, but because he was protective of her.

He really cared about her.

At this time, bodyguards without tasks came to the training room for their daily routine.

Ba Tianyang and the other group leaders were also present.

There were dozens of bodyguards in the security company.

About a half went out to do tasks, while about a dozen were on a vacation.

Some just finished a task and would be free for a few days, while some had a holiday.

Because they didnt have weekends and they could only be off work for a day in a week, they rested in turns.

Therefore, there were only two dozen bodyguards in the company at the moment.

However, no matter how many were there, they still needed to train.

When Gu Ning walked in with Jiang Liluo and Si Jin, everyone greeted her.

After that, Gu Ning explained why she brought them here.

“Now, let me introduce you, this is Jiang Liluo, and this is Si Jin.

Both of them are the new bodyguards hired by me.

Theyve never worked in this industry before, so they know very little about it, but theyre excellent at fighting.

In order to prove that, you can challenge them as you want,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, they exchanged a glance.

Since Jing Liluo and Si Jin were picked by Gu Ning, they believed that they were qualified, but they were excited to challenge them.

One man stood out and said, “Chairman Gu, I want to challenge Mr.


He had a very good attitude, and didnt want to provoke Jiang Liluo.

He simply wanted to make sure of his proficiency.

“No problem.” Jiang Liluo agreed, then stepped forward.

After that, they got ready to spar.

Jiang Liluo didnt use his magical energy, because Gu Ning had reminded him to control himself when he was fighting with mortals.

Only when the mortal was an extremely bad person could he kill them, though he should do his best not to kill.

Although Jiang Liluo didnt use his magical energy, he was still much stronger than the man, so he easily defeated the bodyguard in a minute or so.

Seeing that, everyone was shocked.

It was amazing!

The bodyguard who challenged Jiang Liluo was better than most of his colleagues, but he still failed in about a minute.

“I lost.

Youre really unbelievable.

You have my respect,” said the bodyguard.

He accepted the result, because he knew that there were people who were better than him.

He didnt feel mad when he was defeated.

Other people stepped ahead to challenge Jiang Liluo, but all of them failed, so no one went to challenge him again.

However, Si Jin was left standing there, so a female bodyguard stood out and said, “I think Ill challenge Miss Si.”

“Sure,” said Si Jin and walked ahead.

Once they were ready, the fight competition began.

The female bodyguard was as strong as the male bodyguard, while Si Jin was at the same level as Jiang Liluo, so the spar was over in about a minute too.

This time, they were all convinced that Jing Liluo and Si Jin were qualified bodyguards.

“So Anyone want to challenge them again” asked Gu Ning.

No one answered, which meant that nobody wanted to challenge them again.

“Great, from now on, youll work together.

I hope you can get along well,” said Gu Ning.

“Yes, maam!” They replied loudly.

Afterwards, Gu Ning called Ba Tianyang to have a private talk in her office, because she planned to let Jiang Liluo and Si Jin join Ba Tianyangs group.

Gu Ning told Ba Tianyang to train them first.

If there was a task, he could arrange for someone to take them to carry out the task.

However, if there were any dangerous tasks, he could assign the tasks to Jiang Liluo and Si Jin.

Gu Ning said that, not because she didnt care about their safety, but because they were the best bodyguards in her security company.

Once they took action, it would be nearly impossible for them to fail.

Ba Tianyang had absolute trust in Gu Ning, so he agreed.

After that, Jiang Liluo and Si Jin stayed in the company for training, while Gu Ning went to her office.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were quick learners.

Ba Tianyang only needed to teach them once, so they quickly got familiar with the rules.

It surprised Ba Tianyang and he even wondered whether they had worked as bodyguards before.


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