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Because Baili Zongxue saw that Gu Ning didnt expose the fact that she was also a cultivator, she knew how to work with her.

Right when Baili Zongxue stopped the magical power released by Jing Yuelan, Gu Ning attacked Jing Yuelan.

Gu Ning moved fast and hit accurately, so she easily hit Jing Yuelan.

Under the force, Jing Yuelan backed up a few steps and immediately created a distance between them.

Afterwards, the two sides stood against each other, but nobody moved.

Jing Yuelan didnt move again, because she knew that she was no match for Gu Ning and Baili Zongxue when they teamed up.

If she continued to fight against them, she would be injured.

Anyway, Gu Nings skills really impressed her.

Looking at Gu Ning, Jing Yuelan was full of surprise.

She was jealous of Gu Nings beauty and was also mad at Gu Nings cooperation with Baili Zongxue.

“Who are you Whats your name” asked Jing Yuelan.

She wanted to know more about Gu Ning.

Jing Yuelan harbored grudges, so she made up her mind to pay Gu Ning back since she got involved and even defeated her.

“Keep it in mind.

My name is Gu Ning.

If you want to pay me back, come to the Capital University.

Im studying economics.” Gu Ning beamed at Jing Yuelan, but it didnt mean that she was kind.

On the contrary, she was challenging Jing Yuelan.

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Jing Yuelan understood that very well, so she got angrier.

She didnt say anything further to Gu Ning, because she already learned what she wanted to know.

Jing Yuelan didnt doubt Gu Nings reply, because Gu Nings attitude proved everything.

There was no need for Gu Ning to lie to her.

Baili Zongxue was also aware that Jing Yuelan would pay Gu Ning back, but she said nothing.

After all, Jing Yuelan was no match for Gu Ning.

Since Jing Yuelan asked for it herself, Baili Zongxue wouldnt bother to stop her.

“Baili Zongxue, if I see you alone next time, Ill surely make you beg for my mercy.” Jing Yuelan was reluctant to give in, but she understood that she couldnt win today.

Therefore, she stopped arguing with them and directly left after threatening Baili Zongxue.

She wouldnt forgive Gu Ning either, but she didnt threaten Gu Ning, because Gu Ning was a mortal.

If she threatened a mortal, Baili Zongxue might tell on her.

It was very normal for cultivators to compete against each other, so she could threaten Baili Zongxue.

As long as no one was seriously injured, Tiandaozong wouldnt get involved.

Their families wouldnt bother to punish them either.

Therefore, Jing Yuelan and Baili Zongxue always fought against one another whenever they met.

Actually, it was not only Jing Yuelan and Baili Zongxue, there were many other cultivators who didnt get along and secretly fought against one another.

Even if someone was injured, as long as no one took it seriously, it wouldnt be a problem.

They usually made it very clear before they had a competition.

There would be a witness and evidence to prove that both sides agreed.

“Fine, then Ill tell my older brother how malicious you are!” Baili Zongxue shouted to Jing Yuelans back.

She wasnt afraid of Jing Yuelan, and she was simply unwilling to waste more time on Jing Yuelan.

Hearing that, Jing Yuelan stumbled.

She turned around and gave Baili Zongxue a glare.

Without a word, she left.

“Who is she” When Jing Yuelan was gone, Gu Ning asked.

She wanted to find out whether Jing Yuelan was a member of the Jing family.

“Shes Jing Yuelan, a member of the Jing family.

Her mother is Jing Yunchan.

Because her father married into the Jing family, she inherited her mothers surname,” said Baili Zongxue.

Gu Ning nodded.

It turned out that Jing Yuelan was really a member of the Jing family.

No wonder she was so hateful!

“Jing Yuelan is really a bad girl.

She easily gets jealous, but only dares to bully the weak.

For example, she likes my older brother, so she has done everything to stop my older brothers other admirers from approaching him.

However, she only dares to bully the girls who are weaker than her.

She dares not mess with Dongfang Ziyu.

Although Dongfang Ziyu isnt my older brothers girlfriend, they are a widely acknowledged perfect match in the cultivation world.

But there is no chemistry between them.

They simply dont hate each other.

My family and the Dongfang family are willing to form an alliance, but it still depends on them…” said Baili Zongxue, but she suddenly realized that she had gone too far.

“Oh, where did I go I was talking about Jing Yuelan, but ended up with my older brother.”

“Anyway, there are many other examples to prove that Jing Yuelan isnt a good girl.

She actually has a fiancé, but her fiancé isnt as handsome and strong as my older brother.

Her fiancés family background is also not comparable to my family.

Therefore, she keeps on bothering my older brother.

During these years, my older brother rarely comes back to the cultivation world, so she cant see him very often.

As a result, she started to bother me.

She has tried to force me to take her to see him.

I honestly dont know why she can be so shameless…” Baili Zongxue really disliked Jing Yuelan.

Unfortunately, she wasnt stronger than her, or she would teach her a lesson!


“There arent many good people in the Jing family,” said Gu Ning.

She had met several members of the Jing family till now, and each of them was very hateful.

Only Jing Yunyao and Jing Jining were pleasant to get along with.

“Right, there are only a few good people in the Jing family.

Only Junior Mr.

Jings family is upright and kind.

Their patriarchs family is the most hateful!” Baili Zongxue said, “Oh, I must tell you this.

The Jing familys patriarch actually had a daughter with his first wife.

The girls name is Jing Yunyao.

I heard Jing Yunyao was bullied by her step-mother and step-siblings ever since she was little.

She didnt get any attention from her father until she made great progress.

However, she ran away from the Jing family afterwards.

She left the cultivation world for the mortal world.

There is a rule in the cultivation world.

Cultivators cant be together with mortals.

If anyone dares to break the rule, he or she will be deprived of all their abilities as a cultivator before being chased out of the cultivation world.

But I heard Jing Yunyao was killed.

It has something to do with her father.

I dont know whether its true, but everyone is secretly saying that.

I think its highly likely to be the truth.”


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