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Actors from other entertainment companies didnt welcome Chu Peihan, not because there was a grudge between them, but because Chu Peihan was Gu Nings friend.

They believed that Chu Peihan relied on Gu Ning to get the role.

Because the role was very pleasant and impressive, many actresses competed for it.

However, since they failed to get the role, they turned to other roles.

Several actresses who were good at acting successfully got a role in the drama.

Only actors from Fenghua Entertainment were aware of Chu Peihans acting skills and Lu Zhans emphasis on fairness.

So they knew that Chu Peihan won the role using her abilities, not her relationship with Gu Ning.

“Peihan, Im so envious of you.

You came here along with Goddess Gu.

Everyone knows that you two are friends.

Youre so lucky that you have a close friend whos a successful businesswoman.

You can easily get such an important role.” Once Chu Peihan walked over, an actress approached and talked to her.

The actress seemed naive and kind on the surface, but her words were really harsh.

If she was really a naive girl, she might be a little dumb seeing as she said something like that publicly.

However, if she acted naive, she would seem calculating.

In Chu Peihans eyes, the actress was simply a calculating girl.

Although the girl was only twenty-four years old, she wasnt new.

In fact, she had joined this industry for five years.

She couldnt be that naive.

The entertainment industry was extremely complicated.

Whoever joined it would become complicated too within two or three years.

There were naive or dumb people, but they couldnt easily be seen.

The actress was good at acting, but it was an act after all.

No one, especially staff in the entertainment industry, would be fooled by her.

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Chu Peihan wasnt mad, not because she was tolerant, but because she didnt bother to pay much attention to the unimportant girl.

In fact, she slighted the girl.

With a vague smile, Chu Peihan said, “Luyun, I relied on my own abilities instead of my connections to get the role of Xiao Qi.

Please dont cause misunderstandings by saying that.

Anyway, Director Lu enjoys a good reputation in this industry.

We all know what kind of person Director Lu is.”

Because Lin Luyun joined the entertainment industry earlier than Chu Peihan and was older, Chu Peihan talked to her politely.

It was a rule in this industry.

Even if they were competitors, or even enemies, they had to be polite to each other, at least in front of other people.

Upon hearing Chu Peihans reply, Lin Luyun panicked a little.

She thought that Chu Peihan was a girl without much social experience, but unexpectedly Chu Peihan was much smarter than she thought and easily saw through her.

Lin Luyun was reluctant to admit what Chu Peihan just said, so she acted innocent and explained.

“Peihan, dont get me wrong.

I didnt mean that.

I believe that you relied on your own abilities to get this role, I just heard a rumor that you were selected because of your connections.

I was confused.

Please dont be mad at me.”

Chu Peihan was Gu Nings friend, and even Lu Zhan approved of her, so Lin Luyun didnt dare to offend Chu Peihan.

She only said that to Chu Peihan because she was jealous, but Chu Peihan clearly wasnt easy to bully!

“Oh, can you tell me who told you that rumor” Chu Peihan didnt believe a word Lin Luyun just said, so she asked her meaningfully.

Staring at Chu Peihans expression, Lin Luyun understood that Chu Peihan didnt believe her.

However, she still continued to act innocent.

“I heard some people talking about it a few days ago, but I cant remember who started the rumor.”

“Luyun, you joined the entertainment industry years ago.

You shouldnt be so innocent.

I dont think you should believe whatever other people say without proof.

It wont do you any good if you spread the rumor.” Chu Peihan deliberately reminded Lin Luyun to be careful.

Since it was just because Lin Luyun was jealous of her, Chu Peihan didnt bother to make it a serious issue.

“Youre right.

Thanks.” Lin Luyun was angry from the humiliation, but she had to be nice on the surface.

In the argument against Chu Peihan, Lin Luyun had totally failed.

Even though they talked in a low voice, several people around them still heard their conversation, but none of them got involved.

However, they secretly disdained Lin Luyun.

Whether Chu Peihan got the role through her abilities or connections, Lin Luyun shouldnt make it public.

Even if Chu Peihan won the role using her connections, it was undeniable that she was good at acting.

In addition, her appearance was very suitable for Xiao Qi.

Chu Peihan was like a tomboy, but she had a very gentle look when she was quiet.

Therefore, strangers might think that she was easy to bully.

Only people who knew her well wouldnt be deceived by her appearance.

Su Tongnuo didnt hear what they were talking about, but she could see that it wasnt a pleasant conversation.

She also knew that Lin Luyun wasnt as innocent as she seemed on the surface.

Lin Luyun must have verbally attacked Chu Peihan.

When Chu Peihan walked over, Su Tongnuo asked her with concern, “Are you alright”

“Im fine.

Do I seem affected Im not easy to bully.” Chu Peihan smiled.

Knowing that Chu Peihan was fine, Su Tongnuo was relieved.

She agreed that Chu Peihan wasnt easy to bully.

Su Tongnuo and Chu Peihan had exchanged phone numbers, and they sometimes chatted with each other, so they had a good relationship.

Accordingly, Su Tongnuo cared about Chu Peihan, and wasnt just gossiping.

On the other side, Gu Ning was talking with Lu Zhan and some other guests who came to the launching ceremony of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower.

After a while, she walked over to chat with Su Tongnuo, Han Lengxuan, and Bai Lin.

When it was twenty minutes away from the ceremony, Qiao Hanchen arrived.

Everyone was ready ten minutes later, so at the appointed time, a host went on the stage to make a speech.


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