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Jing Yaorong went to a suburb near the capital.

He got down at a mountain with no one around, then he went to take a taxi by the roadside.

Before the taxi came, he had found the address of the Leng familys house.

However, it wasnt detailed, so he only knew the rough area.

After he got in the taxi, he told the driver an address that was near the area.

He decided to slowly search for the Leng familys house when he arrived.

The area the Leng family lived in was full of rich and powerful people.

It was a large area, so it wouldnt be easy for Jing Yaorong to find the Leng familys house.

He hoped that he would have good luck and see members of the Leng family.

Because there were photos and introductions of senior officials on the Internet, Jing Yaorong had seen pictures of Master Leng, Leng Yuanqian, and Leng Yuanhan.

Therefore, he should be able to recognize them if he saw them.

Their address definitely wasnt listed, but some Internet users had some clues, so Jing Yaorong learned about the area the Leng family lived in with the help of the clues.

In fact, the addresses of many senior officials, rich people, and celebrities were already exposed on the Internet.

Jing Yaorong didnt think it was very likely for him to see members of the Leng family, because it was very late now.

The Leng family should be asleep.

As a result, after walking around this area, Jing Yaorong still had no idea where the Leng familys house was.

He couldnt search each of the houses!

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In addition, when he walked by those houses, he didnt feel any cultivators, which meant Jing Yunyao couldnt be in the Leng familys house even if the Leng family really lived here.

Jing Yaorong couldnt find Jing Yunyao, so he left after a while.

The capital was a very large city, and he couldnt finish the tour within a short time.

However, he didnt want anyone to know that he had visited here, so he thought that he should leave early.

Back in the Jing familys house, Jing Yaorong didnt go back to his room.

Instead, he directly went to his study, then sat there alone, thinking about something quietly.

Although he said that he had confidence, he was a little worried.

After all, Jing Yunyao was at a totally different level now.

That night, Gu Ning told Jing Yunyao that she had become an extra member of the Red Flame now, and she could join the Red Flame in carrying out tasks publicly in the future.

As a cultivator, it was unavoidable for her to deal with monsters and ghosts, so Jing Yunyao didnt think it was a bad thing.

Actually, it was good news.

The other major families couldnt wait to have something on Leng Shaoting.

If what had happened to her last time happened again, it could become a serious problem.

Leng Shaoting could handle the report, but she didnt want to damage his reputation.

Leng Shaoting worked so hard and had done a lot for their country.

He shouldnt bear the blame just because other people were jealous of him.

“Great, in that case, we dont need to be worried that someone will report us again.

But youre still a student.

You also have a company to manage.

I hope you can still pay more attention to your own life.

We can handle the tasks, and there wont be a problem.

If we need you, well let you know.

Dont be too busy,” said Jing Yunyao.

Although she could help Leng Shaoting deal with all the problems, she didnt think Gu Nings involvement was meaningless.

In fact, Gu Ning was of great help for the Red Flame.

They didnt work as a team every time they did a task.

In other words, they normally worked separately, so none of them knew which of them would encounter danger.

Accordingly, when they worked separately, there must be a strong leader in each smaller team, so that they would be safe.

Otherwise, if a smaller team without a cultivator encountered monsters and ghosts, all the teammates would be in great danger.

Only when there were monsters and ghosts would Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao join the Red Flame.

If it was a normal task, the Red Flame would deal with it by themselves.

“Sure, I know,” said Gu Ning.

She understood that Jing Yunyao cared about her.

Gu Ning didnt need to join them in every task, and she simply wanted to do tasks along with them.

Since she was Leng Shaotings subordinate now, she needed to listen to his orders.

She could only make decisions on her own when she ran in to monsters and ghosts alone.

The shooting of Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower would begin at 10:28 am.

So because Gu Ning was free, she decided to go there.

Before she set off, she called Chu Peihan and planned to drive her there.

However, because the way to Qianling Mountain didnt go through Haicheng District, she could only meet Chu Peihan at an appointed place.

Gu Ning called Chu Peihan at 8 am.

At that time, Chu Peihan had just packed up and was ready to go out.

Once Chu Peihan received Gu Nings call, she went out and took a taxi to meet Gu Ning.

About twenty minutes later, Chu Peihan arrived, and waited for seven more minutes till Gu Ning came.

Because Gu Ning came from the city center, she spent more time on the road.

Although Shi Xiaoyue also played a role in Life After Life, Legend of Demon Flower, it wasnt an important role.

She didnt need to attend the launching ceremony.

If she wanted to join the activity, she could go, but she was on her period today, so she preferred to stay at home.

After Gu Ning met Chu Peihan, they went to Qianling Mountain together.

However, Gu Ning soon noticed that Chu Peihan wasnt right today.

Normally, Chu Peihan was very talkative whenever she met Gu Ning, but today she barely said anything.

Besides, she looked upset.

“Whats wrong Are you in a bad mood” Gu Ning asked.

“Nothing,” said Chu Peihan.

She didnt deliberately keep it a secret from Gu Ning, but she honestly had no idea how to put it.

“Stop lying to my face.

There must be something wrong.

If youre willing to tell me, we can talk about it.

If not, I wont insist,” said Gu Ning.

They were close, but Gu Ning respected Chu Peihan and wouldnt force Chu Peihan to tell her what she didnt want to say.

Sometimes, Gu Ning might force Chu Peihan when the situation got serious, but normally Chu Peihan only needed care.


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