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This man had a relationship with Gu Ning

All of a sudden, the man realized that he had made an impulsive decision.

Gu Ning wasnt someone he could mess with.

If she wanted to pay him back for her friend…

“So, what do you want to do next” Gu Ning asked.

“It depends on him,” said Tang Jiakai.

Afterwards, he turned to ask the man, “What Do you want to continue to fight me If not, I need to buy some steamed cakes.

Ive waited in line for so long, and its my turn now.

But I need to tell you that Zhuang Zixuan and I are just schoolmates.

Thats all.”

Although Tang Jiakai was a little displeased after the drama, it didnt affect his appetite.

He rarely visited the City God Temple, so he couldnt miss the delicious food.

In addition, if the man stopped bothering him, he wouldnt waste more time arguing with him.

Because of Gu Nings appearance, the man was slightly scared.

Besides, he couldnt defeat Tang Jiakai, let alone Gu Ning.

Therefore, the man felt that he would be the one who was injured if he continued to fight with them, so he was reluctant to waste more time here.

Although he was really upset after Tang Jiakai punched him twice, Tang Jiakai made it very clear that he and Zhuang Zixuan were just schoolmates.

In that case, there was indeed nothing special between them.

Perhaps it was Zhuang Zixuan who was admiring Tang Jiakai from afar.

Thinking of that, the man felt it was possible.

As a result, he would be embarrassed if he continued to fight with Tang Jiakai, so he had to swallow his anger in the end.

He lost interest in the steamed cake as well.

After giving a snort, he directly turned around and left.

Seeing that, Zhuang Zixuan immediately chased after him.

If it was possible, she didnt want their romantic relationship to end like that.

As for Tang Jiakai, she had dreamed about becoming his girlfriend, but she clearly knew it was impossible.

When both of them were gone, Tang Jiakai went to buy steamed cake.

He bought two steamed cakes for him and Gu Ning, then they went back.

Zhuang Zixuan followed her boyfriend, but didnt dare to be close to him.

She was unwilling to quarrel with him publicly, since it would be humiliating.

Her boyfriend was aware that she was following him, but he said nothing till they reached the parking lot.

“Do you like that man” he asked all of a sudden.

On the way, Zhuang Zixuan was prepared to explain it to her boyfriend, so she wasnt guilty when her boyfriend asked her about that.

“I dont.

Were just schoolmates.

I was scared of him, so I subconsciously let go of your arm when I saw him.

I didnt mean to hurt you.”

“Ridiculous! Youre scared of him Why” Her boyfriend sneered.

He didnt believe a word she said.

“Because I swore at him back when I didnt know his family background.

Ive been afraid that hell pay me back after finding out about his family background,” said Zhuang Zixuan.

“What family background” Upon hearing that, Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend became serious.

He somehow had a bad feeling, because he felt that man might have been born in an influential family.

His family was much better than Zhuang Zixuans, so that mans family couldnt be ordinary if Zhuang Zixuan was scared of that man.

“Hes the heir of the Tang family, the richest family in City B,” said Zhuang Zixuan.

“What” Hearing that, her boyfriend was shocked.

The heir of the Tang family, the richest family in City B In that case, that man should be Gu Nings cousin!

“Why didnt you tell me” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend angrily criticized her.

“You didnt give me a chance! I tried to stop you twice, but you only got angrier and angrier.” Zhuang Zixuan shouted.

She was aggrieved too.

Her boyfriend shut his mouth at once.

It was true.

Zhuang Zixuan had tried to stop him twice, but he misunderstood her and thought that she was defending that man.

Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend was a chauvinist, but he wasnt stupid, so he had no reason to blame her right now.

“Alright, alright, Im sorry, I thought you were defending him!” Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend apologized to her.

It was his fault after all, and he almost offended members of the Tang family.

If it hadnt been for Gu Nings sudden appearance, he might have made a terrible mistake!

“I said there is nothing special between me and him, but you refused to believe it.

If Tang Jiakai was injured today, youd surely have to pay a high price for it,” said Zhuang Zixuan in an aggrieved tone.

“I got mad because I care about you.

I thought that there is something special between you and him.

I didnt know that youve offended him before,” said Zhuang Zixuans boyfriend.

He started losing his patience.

Although he admitted that it was his fault, he was still displeased that Zhuang Zixuan continued to blame him for it.

Zhuang Zixuan knew his temper very well, so she stopped right away.

She understood that he would only get angry if she continued to blame him, which wasnt good for their relationship.

When Zhuang Zixuan stopped, her boyfriend also calmed down.

He held Zhuang Zixuans hand and got in his car.

“Lets go to my place today.

I have a gift for you.”

“Great!” Hearing that, Zhuang Zixuan felt much better.

He was quick-tempered and domineering, but he was also very generous.

Zhuang Zixuan seemed to be restrained and as if she had little interest in money, but she was actually extremely vain.

She was born in a rich family, but her family valued boys above girls, so she couldnt spend as much money as she wanted.

In fact, if she had everything, she wouldnt be so attracted to famous international brands.

Zhuang Zixuan had dated her boyfriend for a while, and they had sex after they got together for a week.

It wasnt her first time sleeping in her boyfriends apartment, so it was very normal.

After Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai came back to meet their friends, they didnt tell them about what had just happened.

Instead, they enjoyed the steamed cakes together, then walked away.

Because the Tang family arranged for Gu Qing and Gu Qinxiang to stay in their house, they directly returned to the Tang familys house, while Jiang Jiamin and the others were driven back to the Jiang familys house by their chauffeur.

Zhao Fulin was sent back to the Zhao family along the way.

Lin Mingxuans parents came to see him later.

The two men who abducted him admitted to their crime.

They confessed that they were paid to kidnap Lin Mingxuan.


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