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Chapter 2506: Stir Things up Translator: Henyee Translations  Editor: Henyee Translations 

Cui Enyi, her agent and assistant also noticed what was happening.

They turned to look at Gu Ning, but there were too many people in between them, so they couldnt see Gu Ning clearly.

“Whats going on over there” Cui Enyi frowned unhappily.

“Let me see,” her assistant said and immediately walked over.

“Im sorry, were late.

Please let us pass, thanks!” Gu Ning said again while everyone was stunned.

She wasnt mad at all.

Hearing that, the crowd subconsciously split and a passage appeared before Cui Enyi came over.

The next moment, Cui Enyi saw Leng Shaoting and the others.

She ignored the others and directly focused on Leng Shaoting.

She could barely take her eyes off him.

Cui Enyi never had much interest in handsome men, because rarely could men attract her attention, but she was attracted to Leng Shaoting at this moment.

In addition, her heart pounded fast.

This man was extraordinarily handsome!

When the crowd split, Gu Ning and the others walked over.

They didnt bother to give Cui Enyi a glance, because she was just a stranger and wasnt important at all. 

Cui Enyi, however, stared straight at Leng Shaoting, but he paid no attention to her.

Instead, he didnt hesitate to walk away from her, which annoyed Cui Enyi.

She was always confident in her appearance, because even those men she was interested in couldnt ignore her.

Unfortunately, they only held her interest, but couldnt win her heart.

On the other hand, this man in front of her made her heart skip a beat.

However, Leng Shaoting didnt bother to give her a glance, and she felt insulted.

Anyway, they were strangers, so she couldnt say anything, but she was reluctant to miss such an extraordinarily handsome man.

Therefore, Cui Enyi left her fans aside and said that she had to go too.

At this time, everyone focused on Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning, so they cared

little about Cui Enyi now.

Even though she was leaving, not many people felt upset.

The girls were all staring straight at Leng Shaotings back, seizing every second to appreciate him.

He was too handsome to be ignored!

They wondered whether the man was a star.

If he wasnt a star, he had to be a

rich heir, or he wouldnt be able to use the exclusive passage.

Only people with power and wealth could use this passage, because they were going to take a private jet.

Whether he was a star or a rich heir, the girls started dreaming about him.

They were curious to know who the girl next to him was.

Was she his younger sister or girlfriend Either way, they all wished that they could be the girl and walk together with him.

Seeing that most people began to focus on Leng Shaoting and ignored her, Cui

Enyi frowned with displeasure.

However, it was the man who she was

interested in that stole her limelight, so she wasnt too angry.

Cui Enyi immediately caught up with Leng Shaoting and the others.

She already left her fans, who had to stand outside.

They couldnt get in.

“Sir, have we met before You look familiar.” Cui Enyi tried to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting.

She used the old-fashion way, because she couldnt think of a better way at this moment.

Leng Shaoting paid no attention to her, but Gu Ning said, “Miss, thats too old -fashioned, and hes my fiancé.

I dont think its polite for you to try to strike up a conversation with my fiancé.”

Gu Ning said this in a flat tone, but she wasnt mad, because it happened very often.

She didnt think it was a big deal and she wouldnt get mad just because some girl wanted to strike up a conversation with Leng Shaoting.

She wasnt that petty.

If the girl had manners and stopped, Gu Ning wouldnt bother to argue with them, but if the girl refused to leave, Gu Ning would change her attitude.

Upon hearing that Gu Ning was the mans fiancée, Cui Enyi was extremely disappointed.

To her surprise, this man was already engaged.

At the same time, because Gu Ning spoke, Cui Enyi noticed her.

She felt even more sour, because Gu Ning was stunning.

Although Cui Enyi believed that she was a great beauty and not many girls were comparable to her, she was still willing to admit that some girls were prettier than her.

As a result, Cui Enyi got jealous, but she didnt show it on the surface.

Cui Enyi felt jealous, but she still composed herself, then she smiled at Gu Ning.

“Miss, please dont get me wrong.

I just felt that this gentleman looks familiar.

I thought wed met before, so I came up to say hi.”

She didnt want to be embarrassed, so she gave an explanation.

However, she was unwilling to give up right now, because she was jealous of Gu Ning.

So she

wanted to embarrass Gu Ning instead.

“Miss, youre getting emotional here.

Are you worried that your fiancé will be stolen”

It sounded as if she had no interest in Leng Shaoting, but that was just an act.

“Miss, what belongs to you is yours, and no other woman can steal it.

If it isnt yours, no matter how careful youre, itll still leave you.”

She was mocking Gu Ning for being not confident.

Besides, she also implied that Gu Nings fiancé didnt love her very much, otherwise she wouldnt feel so Insecure.

“And, I think you better learn to protect your mans face outside.

For example, I was asking the gentleman, but you argued before he said anything.

Thats not the right way…”

She was trying to stir things up between Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting.

Men cared a lot about their dignity, so she felt that Leng Shaoting would be mad at Gu Ning for embarrassing him in public..


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