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Chapter 2503 Luckily, You Came

They went to the front yard later, but still failed to see Jiang Liluo.

At this moment, Si Jin became even more anxious.

“Is he injured”

“I dont think so.

Lets try to find him separately.

If we still cant find him within ten minutes, well go back and turn to our master for help.” Gu Ning comforted her.

However, she wasnt sure whether they could find Jing Liluo.

If they couldnt find him in ten minutes, they would turn to Shangguan Yang for help.

She just hoped that Jiang Liluo would be fine.

“Sure,” said Si Jin.

After that, she left Gu Ning and the monster fox also went in another direction.

Because the magical power was thick around the Kunlun Sects place, cultivators could be hidden by it.

Therefore, Gu Ning needed to be closer to feel other cultivators around her.

When ten minutes almost passed, Gu Ning finally sensed an evil cultivator.

Instantly, she realized that Jiang Liluo had encountered an evil cultivator.

Without delay, Gu Ning rushed over.

When she had nearly reached them, she saw Jiang Liluo fighting against a man in a black robe.

Obviously, Jiang Liluo was at a disadvantage, but the man in a black robe couldnt hurt Jiang Liluo yet.

Therefore Gu Ning rapidly ran over and joined the fight at once.

Before Gu Ning came, Jiang Liluo was worried that he might not be able to defeat the evil cultivator, but he relaxed the moment he saw Gu Ning

The man in the black robe didnt think that Gu Ning was at a high level, so he didnt take her seriously.

However, the moment he fought against Gu Ning, he was amazed.

Gu Ning wasnt at a very high level, but she had unbelievable explosive power, so the man in a black robe immediately became alert.

“A-Are you the girl named Gu Ning” asked the man in a black robe all of a sudden after staring at Gu Ning for a long while.

At the beginning, he only felt that she looked familiar, but wasnt sure of it, because he believed that Gu Ning was only an ordinary person.

Unexpectedly, she turned out to be a cultivator, so he needed to make sure of it.

“Yes.” Gu Ning admitted it after the man recognized her.

Since the man met her, he wouldnt let her go.

Although Jiang Liluo alone couldnt defeat this evil cultivator and Gu Ning might not be able to do it either, it would be a different matter when they teamed up.

Once Gu Ning teamed up with Jiang Liluo, they became much stronger, so they soon held the advantage.

“Well, Im surprised by your explosive power.” The evil cultivator was astonished.

This was the first time that he had ever seen a cultivator who was stronger than her level.

“Thank you for your compliment,” said Gu Ning.

The evil cultivator snorted.

He wasnt complimenting her, but it wasnt wrong that she took his words as a compliment.

No matter who and how strong they were, once a good cultivator ran into an evil cultivator, there would be a battle.

Only one could survive.

Therefore, even though the evil cultivator was at a disadvantage for the time being, he still did his best to fight against Gu Ning and Jiang Liluo.

Otherwise, he would be killed.

Ten minutes later, Si Jin went back to the place they just stood, but she didnt see Gu Ning.

She wondered whether Gu Ning had found Jiang Liluo.

Jiang Liluo might really be in trouble so Gu Ning went to help him, so she was absent.

Thinking of that, Si Jin didnt go to see Shangguan Yang, but ran towards where Gu Ning left.

With the help of Qinggong, she quickly saw Gu Ning and the others.

Although it was rugged terrain over the Kunlun Mountain, she had a broader view of things by standing at a high place.

Therefore, from her high position, Si Jin saw Gu Ning and the others from afar.

Once she saw Gu Ning and Jiang Liluo in a fight against the evil cultivator, she saw that she had guessed correctly.

Jiang Liluo had encountered an evil cultivator, so wasnt able to come back punctually.

Si Jin immediately went to them.

When the evil cultivator saw another cultivator at a high level, he finally felt that the situation had become really dangerous.

It was a little difficult for him to defeat Gu Ning and Jiang Liluo, but he could still fight.

However, if another cultivator joined in the fight, he would be caught.

As a result, the evil cultivator wanted to run away when Si Jin came over.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

In fact, even if Si Jin didnt come, it would still be hard for him to run away from Gu Ning and Jiang Liluo.

Once Si Jin joined in the fight, the evil cultivator was soon pushed back.

The evil cultivator didnt beg for their mercy, because he knew that it was meaningless after he ran into good cultivators.

He could only summon up his courage and struggle to survive.

In the end, the evil cultivator was beaten by Gu Ning and the others.

His energy center was broken by Gu Ning and he took his last breath the next second.

“Im so lucky that you came to help me, or I would have lost my life,” said Jiang Liluo after killing the evil cultivator, feeling slightly scared.

Jiang Liluo was scared, not because he was a coward, but because no one was willing to die.

When he was in mortal danger, he was filled with horror.

“You told us that youd come back in half an hour, but you were still absent after forty minutes, so we were worried that you might have run into evil cultivators or monsters, and so we came to look for you.

Luckily, Gu Ning found you, or it would have been a disaster.” Si Jin felt lucky too.

If Gu Ning hadnt found Jiang Liluo, Jing Liluo might really have been killed.

And if Jiang Liluo was dead, she would commit suicide, because he was the only reason why she still wanted to live in this world.

“Anyway, nobodys hurt, but I think we better go out in two in the future.

It wont be so dangerous,” said Gu Ning.

“Right!” Jiang Liluo and Si Jin agreed.

They had to be careful.

After that, they returned to the back of the mountain.

Before they arrived, Shangguan Yang went out of the tower, but he saw nobody.

He slightly frowned.

Didnt they cook here earlier Why couldnt he see anyone Besides, the food was ready, but they werent eating.

They didnt call him out for the meal either.

If he didnt come out to see whether the food was ready, he wouldnt know that they were gone.

Shangguan Yang didnt think that they might have encountered danger, so he wasnt anxious.

After a glance at the food, his mouth was watering.

He wondered whether he should eat a little first, or wait till they got back.


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