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Exactly, it\'s free being single! I don\'t like being in a serious relationship, Chu Peihan said.

All of a sudden, an idea dawned on Chu Peihan.

She asked Gu Ning, Tell us, to what extent have you and our brother-in-law\'s relationship developed Holding hands, kissing, or…

Chu Peihan didn\'t continue, but it was clear what she was going to say.

Gu Ning felt a little uneasy.

She didn\'t think that it was appropriate to tell them that, but she didn\'t want them to get her wrong, so she said, We just kissed.

How did it feel Chu Peihan asked with curiosity.

Find a man and try it yourself! Gu Ning teased.

I won\'t do that! Chu Peihan said.

When it was almost 12 pm, Gu Ning received a message from Leng Shaoting.

He was in the capital now.

Zhou Zhenghong called Gu Ning at noon.

He told her that there had been a little trouble that happened in Jade Beauty Jewelry store, but that he had already solved it.

A woman came to their store this morning and claimed that she had bought a fake jade bracelet in Jade Beauty Jewelry, but she forgot that all the jewelry sold in Jade Beauty Jewelry\'s store had a unique mark on it, thus Zhou Zhenghong immediately knew that the woman was lying.

The woman later admitted that it was Shao Ping who sent her.

Zhou Zhenghong wasn\'t sure whether Shao Ping was really behind it, and he needed time to find out the truth.

Although there was a long-standing grudge between Shao Ping and him, it was possible that other jewelry businessmen used Shao Ping\'s name to cause him trouble.

Therefore, he called the police and handed the woman to them.

Jade Beauty Jewelry store was working well, so Gu Ning wasn\'t worried about it.

Also, the exams were around the corner.

Gu Ning needed to pay more attention to studying now in order to keep her top position in the grade, so that she could easily ask for a leave in the future.

She was afraid that she would frequently be absent from school the next semester.

Besides, those who hated Gu Ning all suddenly stayed quiet.

It was probably because of what had happened to Gu Xiaoxiao and Chen Ziyao.

Qin Zheng seldom met Gu Ning, but he wanted to talk to her every time he saw her.

However, Gu Ning was always with Hao Ran and the others, so he didn\'t dare to go near.

Zhang Yiming and Fu Mingliang also stopped bad-mouthing Gu Ning.

They were acting like complete strangers now.

Gu Ning flew to City D that weekend to give K the treatment.

Gu Ning cured him completely this time, because she would be busy during the vacation after the exams, and she wouldn\'t have time to go to City D again.

After the treatment, K was already able to walk, and he didn\'t care that Gu Ning had told him that he needed to get the treatment three times.

He could walk now, and there was no reason for him not to believe Gu Ning.

K had also gotten a bunch of Hongyun Real Estate\'s dirty secrets for Gu Ning.

To Gu Ning\'s surprise, Hongyun Real Estate had done a lot of illegal things, like bribery of government officials, forced demolitions without compensation, tax evasion of nearly five hundred million yuan, construction work cuts and so forth.

Besides, two important officials were involved.

They were the vice Mayor Liu Shikun and the director of the Roads and Traffic Authority, Wei Chengguan.

The materials that K handed to Gu Ning was evidence of their crimes.

They had both accepted bribery in regards to many properties, and each of them even had two mistresses.

K also sent Gu Ning the addresses and amorous photos of their mistresses.

What shocked Gu Ning the most was that they were involved in a homicide too.

Once the materials were exposed, Liu Shikun and Wei Chengguan would be thrown into jail without a doubt.

In that case, if Gu Ning wanted to get revenge on Hongyun; Liu Shikun and Wei Chengguan would be affected as well.

It wasn\'t an easy thing for Gu Ning who was just a common citizen to unseat them.

Liu Shikun had to have the support from someone more influential.

If Gu Ning reported it according to the procedure, she would be stopped before she even began.

It wasn\'t a small deal that she could easily handle.

Thus the most efficient way was to hand the evidence to a powerful man who was able and willing to unseat Liu Shikun.

The best choice had to be Yan Zhenglin.

Yan Zhenglin and Liu Shikun served for two different groups in politics, and they were more than willing to unseat each other.

Liu Shikun had been hiding his dirty secrets really well, so Yan Zhenglin failed to get any solid proof on him.

Gu Ning made it a long-term plan.

She planned to acquire Hongyun Real Estate and expand Shenghua Real Estate by doing so in the future.

The registered value of the assets of Hongyun Real Estate was about five billion yuan, excluding liquid funds and other things.

Among them were immovable property which included hotels and shopping malls, which were worth about three billion yuan.

Once their dirty secrets were exposed, its stock price would dramatically decrease and no other companies or groups would be willing to cooperate with it.

Its final value would be two billion yuan at the most.

A project of two billion yuan was a huge deal to Gu Ning right now, and she couldn\'t afford it.

Therefore, she planned to discuss with Yan Zhenglin about Hongyun Real Estate after she came back from Province Y.

On the way from the airport to Fenghua Luxury Mansion after Gu Ning flew back to City F, a picture flashed before Gu Ning\'s eyes.

In an abandoned warehouse, several men surrounded An Qian and were about to assault her sexually.

An Qian struggled and shouted, but no one helped her.

On the other side, Chen Mengqi laughed evilly and seemed satisfied.

Gu Ning sensed that something had to be wrong.

Chen Mengqi was going to revenge herself on An Qian!

Gu Ning knew the location of the warehouse from the picture, and she immediately told the taxi driver to change the direction and go there.

Luckily, the warehouse wasn\'t far away, but it took at least five minutes to get there from the airport.

At the same time, a car stopped outside of an abandoned warehouse.

The door was pushed open, and four men jumped out of it.

One of them carried An Qian who was obviously unconscious from the car, walking into the warehouse and closed its gate.

In the warehouse, Chen Mengqi was already waiting for them.

She looked evil and was pleased when they brought An Qian inside.

Chen Mengqi walked over to An Qian who was put on the ground.

She looked at An Qian condescendingly.

Wake her up.

I want her to feel this happening while she is conscious.

Without delay, a man opened a bottle of water pouring it straight on An Qian\'s face.

Before long, An Qian reacted.

When An Qian finally regained consciousness and saw the four men with Chen Mengqi, she was astonished and scared, What are you planning to do

An Qian tried to stand up in vain.

Well, well, of course I\'m going to let you taste the feeling of being f*cked by several men together, Chen Mengqi sneered, and her eyes were full of deep hatred.


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