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Chapter 2494 Not Afraid

Seeing that, Liu and Jing Bingjie subconsciously moved a few steps backwards.

Jing Yunyao was too aggressive, and they were really afraid that she would beat them.

“Dont you dare!” Jing Bingjie angrily criticized her.

“Its my fault that I attacked her, but its not wrong.

And you injured me.

Can you hurt other people randomly just because youre at a high level”

“So” Jing Yunyao didnt feel guilty at all, even though what Jing Bingjie said was true.

Jing Yunyao had emotions, and she wasnt always reasonable.

If they had been other cultivators, she wouldnt have injured them.

Instead, she would only stop them.


Glaring at Jing Yunyao, Liu and Jing Bingjie were speechless.

It was so annoying when they could do nothing to someone they hated.

Jing Yunyao was too arrogant, but they still wanted to know more about her.

Both Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming could see that Jing Yunyao held hostility towards the two women, so she deliberately made things difficult for them.

Zhan Zhiyin had that feeling though not because she knew that Jing Yunyao held a long-standing grudge against the Jing family.

She didnt know that Jing Yunyaos surname was Jing, because Jing Yunyao always used the name Yunyao.

So everyone thought that her surname was Yun.

However, when they talked about the Jing family, Zhan Zhiyin could feel that Jing Yunyao hated the Jing family.

Because Yunyao appeared mad once they brought up the Jing family and even showed disdain for the Jing family, it couldnt be more obvious that they had a terrible relationship.

Leng Shaoming didnt hear anything about the cultivation world or cultivators, but he heard the Jing family name.

Therefore, he believed that they must have a relationship with Jing Yunyao.

And given Jing Yunyaos attitude, they couldnt have a good relationship.

There must be unknown grudges between Jing Yunyao and the Jing family.

Whether or not there was a grudge between Jing Yunyao and the Jing family, they didnt think it was wrong that Jing Yunyao made things difficult for Liu and Jing Bingjie.

They werent sanctimonious, and the two women wanted to hurt Zhan Zhiyin first.

If it hadnt been for Jing Yunyao, they might have been injured.

As a result, even though Jing Yunyao was very aggressive to the two women, they didnt think it was wrong.

“Youre not afraid of the Jing family, but how about the cultivation world” uttered Liu in anger.

“Im not afraid!” said Jing Yunyao determinedly.


Liu and Jing Bingjie had no idea what they should or could say right now, because Jing Yunyao seemed afraid of nothing.

“Ill count down from three.

If you still refuse to leave, dont blame me for injuring you again.

Im serious.” Jing Yunyao lost her patience and threatened them.

If it were Jing Yunchan who stood before her today, she wouldnt even bother to waste time on arguing.

She would directly start a fight.


Liu and Jing Bingjie stared at Jing Yunyao in shock.

“Three, two…” Jing Yunyao counted.

“Fine, lets go!”

When Jing Yunyao counted down to two, Liu pulled Jing Bingjie walking away.

Before that, she gave Jing Yunyao an angry glare.

If she could kill with her eyes, Jing Yunyao would have already been dead.

They realized that they could do nothing to Jing Yunyao and that if they refused to leave, Jing Yunyao would really injure them again.

They werent dumb, so they chose to leave.

If there was another chance, they would come back then.

After Liu and Jing Bingjie walked away, Leng Shaoming thanked Jing Yunyao at once.

“Thank you so much, Aunt Yunyao!”

Facing Jing Yunyao, Leng Shaoming was a little guilty.

Although he had never actually hurt her and Leng Shaoting, he never liked them and even refused to treat them as his family.

Therefore, he felt guilty for the thoughts he used to have about them.

Leng Shaoting and Jing Yunyao were aware that he didnt like them, but they still stood out for him when he was in danger.

It only filled Leng Shaoming with more guilt.

“Aunt Yunyao, thank you for your help.” Zhan Zhiyin thanked Jing Yunyao as well.

If it hadnt been for Jing Yunyao, she could have been killed.

She didnt have much confidence in herself, and she might have lost.

It was very dangerous.

“Alright, you should go home now,” said Jing Yunyao.

She didnt care whether they thanked her or not.

They were family after all.

At least, she treated them as her family.

Even though Leng Shaoming never got along with her and Leng Shaoting, all of them were members of the Leng family.

And as a senior, she didnt think she should care much about Leng Shaomings negative feelings for her.

“Sure,” said Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming.

After what had just happened, they lost interest in walking around.

“See you again,” said Zhan Zhiyin and Leng Shaoming.

Jing Yunyao nodded, then they left.

Jing Yunyao was still slightly worried about their safety, so she followed them for a distance.

When she was sure that the two cultivators wouldnt appear again, she turned to walk back to the siheyuan.

Neither Zhan Zhiyin nor Leng Shaoming talked about what just happened.

Although Leng Shaoming was very curious to know why the two women wanted to hurt Zhan Zhiyin, it was her personal affair.

However, if he said nothing, it would seem that he didnt care about her.

Therefore, Leng Shaoming reminded Zhan Zhiyin to be more careful.

If the two women cause her trouble again, she could call him.

Feeling Leng Shaomings concern, Zhan Zhiyin was touched.

She also understood that Leng Shaoming respected her and so didnt ask about the two women.

In fact, even if Leng Shaoming asked about them, she wouldnt tell him the truth.

She could only lie to him, so she hoped that he wouldnt ask.

After running into Liu and Jing Bingjie, Jing Yunyao was in a bad mood.

When she saw them, she remembered the Jing family and her mood was affected.

Anyway, she thought of Leng Shaoting then and stopped focusing on the Jing family.

She wondered what Leng Shaoting was doing now; whether he had successfully broken into the next level; was he in danger

With Shangguan Yangs help, Leng Shaoting should be safe, but she was his mother.

It was hard for her not to worry about his safety.


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