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Chapter 2491 Shocked After the Investigation

Although the Yuan family had already arranged for people to do an investigation about it, they did the same thing.

If they could find out before the Yuan family, it would become their credit.

Because Du Zhenghan was also in Wei Lingfengs office along with Yunyao and the others today, the Rong family and the Chang family believed that it must be the Yuan family who released the news that Yunyao had returned.

They werent dumb, so they easily figured out the purpose.

The Yuan family simply wanted to use them against the Leng family, but they werent idiots.

Although they didnt want Yunyao to be alive, they were clearly aware of her abilities.

No matter how they disliked her, they wouldnt attack her without thorough preparation.

Besides, it wasnt them who were determined to replace the Leng family, so there was no need for them to stand out at this moment.

Even though the Rong family and the Chang family were unaware of the zombie at the beginning, it only took them a short time to learn about it.

Because the news about the zombies wasnt kept a secret properly, many people had already heard about it.

After their investigation, they were shocked.

They couldnt believe that zombies really existed.

In addition, Yunyao joined the Red Flame in dealing with the zombies this time, and she solved the problem perfectly.

Although the task was assigned to the Red Flame, Yunyao played an important role during this task.

If they guessed correctly, it was Yunyao who solved the problem this time.

Otherwise, the Red Flame wouldnt turn to an outsider for help.

Besides, it wasnt allowed according to the rules.

However, if they had their leaders permission, it would be fine.

Therefore, since Yunyao had already met Wei Lingfeng, Wei Lingfeng must be aware of it.

In other words, Wei Lingfeng allowed Yunyao to join the Red Flame for the task.

As a result, they didnt think it was a problem that she joined the Red Flame this time.

And they had no intention of picking on her.

Du Zhenghan was also in the office.

He was sent over by the Yuan family, but Yunyao wasnt punished in the end.

In that case, there was no need for them to seek unnecessary trouble.

They were aware of the zombies right now, but they also knew that it was highly confidential.

They didnt dare to spread it abroad, or they would need to take responsibility for it.

Therefore, only the senior members of the Rong family and the Chang family were aware of the news.

They didnt tell other members about it, because they werent sure whether the other members could keep it a secret.

After all, it was too shocking.

The Rong family didnt even tell Rong Jue.

Although those major families were unhappy to know that Yunyao appeared again, they werent that afraid of her.

If they had an opportunity to make things difficult for her, they wouldnt hesitate to do that.

The Leng family had been the top family for too long, ans they thought there should be a new president too.

Because Jiang Shuyuan was told that it was Jing Yunyao who made Leng Yuanqian take her to the hospital for a medical check, she felt embarrassed when she met Jing Yunyao again and she also became kinder than before.

However, it was impossible for her to be sincerely nice to Jing Yunyao.

After having the meal, Master Leng called Leng Yuanqian, Leng Yuanzhen, and Jing Yunyao to his study.

Wei Lingfeng told them not to tell more people about the zombies, but Du Zhenghan was also in the office, which meant the Yuan family was aware of it.

In that case, he couldnt keep Leng Yuanqian and Leng Yuanzhen in the dark any longer.

Besides, since Yunyaos identity was exposed, the Rong family and the Chang family would know sooner or later.

They would surely conduct an investigation and they would find out that Jing Yunyao had joined the Red Flame for the task.

By then, they would know about the zombies.

Therefore, it was impossible to stop the news of the zombies from spreading, but it would stop after enough people knew it.

Although those major families never got along with each other and always schemed against one another, they wouldnt harm their countrys benefits.

Accordingly, they would only let important members of their families know about the news.

They wouldnt tell everyone.

When Leng Yuanqian and Leng Yuanzhen heard that zombies really existed, they were as shocked as everyone else.

Moreover, Jing Yunyao had joined in this task and successfully destroyed zombies.

Because they were too shocked, it took them a long while to come back to their senses.

Master Leng told them about the zombies, but didnt tell them that Jing Yunyao was a cultivator.

It had to be kept a secret.

“Keep it among us.

Dont tell other people.

And dont cause unnecessary trouble,” said Master Leng seriously.

“Sure,” said Leng Yuanqian and Leng Yuanzhen.

Even if Master Leng didnt say that, they still knew that it was highly confidential.

It was very strange and it would certainly cause chaos if it went public.

After that, Jing Yunyao left.

The Leng family wanted her to stay, because it was late, but Jing Yunyao didnt want to leave Miao Jingjing alone in the house, so she insisted on going back.

Therefore, the Leng family didnt insist and let the chauffeur send her back.

They knew that Miao Jingjing was Jing Yunyaos friend, and business partner.

They also lived together, which was a good thing.

When Jing Yunyao was gone, Leng Yuanqian and Leng Yuanzhen went to their studies as well.

They needed a quiet place to digest the shocking news.

Right after Leng Yuanqian got back to his study, Jiang Shuyuan followed him inside.

She looked displeased and asked, “What were you talking about in your fathers study earlier Why could Jing Yunyao go with you, but I


Because the Leng family learned that Yunyaos surname was actually Jing, they started to call her Jing Yunyao.

Jiang Shuyuans hatred towards Jing Yunyao went away a lot, but she was still jealous of her.


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