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Le Zhengyu was surprised by Gu Nings good luck.

The two men who were with Chen Mengqi didnt stay in the private room for a long time.

One of them went to book a room, and the other one pulled Chen Mengqi into the room afterwards.

This was the Qing Gangs place, and nobody would care about that.

They warned Chen Mengqis female friend to shut her mouth before they let her go.

Gu Ning and her friends left the clubhouse when it was almost 12 am.

Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were responsible for sending Chu Peihan and Yu Mixi home, while the boys took a taxi.

It was the first time that Gu Ning had been to Yu Mixis home.

Her home wasnt far away, but located in an old living area.

There was a small breakfast store at the entrance of the living area, which belonged to Yu Mixis family.

The small breakfast store was actually profitable.

If they hadnt used so much of their savings to try to cure Yu Mixi mothers disease, they would have already bought a new house.

Yu Mixi and his father were still hopeful that Yu Mixis mother could be fully recovered one day.

And they valued family greatly above a house.

Luckily, with the help of Gu Nings power, Yu Mixis mother was already fully recovered.

She was now even healthier than normal people, and was able to work right away.

Yu Mixi believed that her family would live a better and better life.

Gu Ning would sometimes put her power into Gu Man and her other family, so that they all were healthy and they looked much younger now.

On the way, Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning back to Fenghua Luxury Mansion, he intentionally drove at a low speed, because he didnt want to be apart from Gu Ning.

He was leaving for City G tomorrow, and didnt know when he would be back.

Gu Ning had the same feeling as Leng Shaoting, but she also knew that both of them needed to work.

Absence only made the heart grow fonder, and they were both working hard to build a better future.

Even then, Gu Ning still couldnt help missing him before they were even apart.

In the end, they arrived at zone G in Fenghua Luxury Mansion.

Gu Ning looked to Leng Shaoting with a resigned smile on her face.

“I know you dont want to leave, I dont either, but we all have our own things to deal with.

Its unavoidable that well be apart once in a while for a short time.

You must take good care of yourself.

Ill miss you.”

“En,” Leng Shaoting answered.

Gu Ning felt upset.

All of a sudden, Leng Shaoting approached Gu Ning, kissing her soft lips with great force, like a hungry monster finally getting delicious food.

Gu Ning understood that he was venting his reluctance to leave her, thus even though it hurt, she didnt utter a word and kissed him back.

Leng Shaoting was proud of his self-control in the past, but now he totally gave it up before Gu Ning.

Gu Ning also had the same feelings.

Therefore, Gu Ning couldnt deny that she wanted more than just a kiss, but her reason stopped her from doing so.

Leng Shaoting didnt let her go until they were both out of breath.

Seeing Gu Nings red swollen lips and flushed cheeks, Leng Shaoting was even more unwilling to leave her.

He almost pressed her to him again, but he controlled himself because he knew that it wasnt the right time.

“Ningning, does it hurt” Leng Shaoting touched Gu Nings lips and felt a little guilty.

“A little,” Gu Ning answered.

Hearing that, Leng Shaoting was slightly embarrassed and did nothing further.

After a while, the two finally separated.

The two men had made love to Chen Mengqi for an entire night.

When she woke up the next day, she was all black and blue, and was alone.

The two men were already gone.

Although Chen Mengqi had accidentally drugged herself, she knew what had happened before she had passed out and what had happened to her now.

She immediately burst into tears.

She hated them so much.

Why Why they had done that to her She knew that it was her fault for trying to scheme against Le Zhengyu, but it was only because she loved him deeply.

Since he was fine, why did he have to humiliate her

Chen Mengqi had several ex-boyfriends, and was not a virgin, but this time she felt quite disgusted.

It was the most humiliating night that she had even been through.

She set herself to get revenge in the future.

It was impossible for her to approach Le Zhengyu after this in the future.

However, since she couldnt win Le Zhengyu, she wouldnt let An Qian be with him either.

And since Le Zhengyu humiliated her like this, she would let An Qian taste the same feelings.

Thinking of that, Chen Mengqi stopped crying.

Her face looked horrible with tear marks and her eyes were full of hatred now.

Leng Shaoting left at 9 am the next morning.

Gu Ning didnt send him off, and he left alone, but they had met earlier when Leng Shaoting drove Gu Ning to her school.

They were unwilling to leave each other even though they should be apart.

If they hadnt been in public, they would have had a long kiss once more.

When Gu Ning came to the playground, her friends had already finished the morning training and were having a rest.

It was the first time that Gu Ning had been late, so Chu Peihan and others immediately made fun of her.

“Boss, its so unusual that youre so late!” Hao Ran said.

“Bosss boyfriend is leaving today, and they must seize every second to be together!” Chu Peihan made eyes at Gu Ning.

“Well, poor us.

Were all single and could only run to spend the time!” Qin Zixun sighed.

“I think that freedom is much more precious than love!” Mu Ke said, as if he would choose freedom over love.


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