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Chapter 2481 Will They Succeed

When the soldiers and policemen saw only six people coming to help them, they were very disappointed.

However, the rescue team was sent over by their leader, so they couldnt complain about it.

Xu Jinchen and the others were in camouflage without emblems on their shoulders.

They normally wore camouflage when they were training or carrying out tasks, and they didnt put on emblems, since if they did a task with emblems on, other people would know who they were, while only senior officials were allowed to know about it.

Jing Yunyao was wearing a casual suit, but because Jing Yunyao was the head of their team, nobody dared to slight her.

Besides, the leader of their military region brought them here, and was very polite to them.

After they came near, a group of soldiers stepped ahead and gave their leader a respectful salute.

“Regimental commander!” The next moment, they also saluted Xu Jinchen and the others.

Xu Jinchen and the others did the same back.

“Senior Colonel Xu, Ill leave this to you.” The leader said to Xu Jinchen.

Although the leader only knew a little about Xu Jinchens team, he was aware that they were a top corps.

Soldiers from a top corps couldnt be weak, because they had to finish highly dangerous tasks.

However, it was a special task this time, so this leader was very worried.

Anyway, he still had hope that Xu Jinchens team could handle it.

When other people heard what the leader called Xu Jinchen, they were all surprised.

What Hes a senior colonel Jesus, he looks so young! A senior colonel is even a rank higher than their leader.

In that case, he must be an important figure.

However, no matter what, they still had the same worries as their leader.

Even though Xu Jinchen was an important figure, it was a special task this time, so they had to be careful.

“Regimental Commander Liu, its our job.

Well do our best.

Now, please tell us whats happening,” said Xu Jinchen.

A soldier moved a step forward, and said, “Two people are injured.

Three are trapped in the grave.

We dont know whether theyre still alive.

We didnt see anyone when we went in before we ran into zombies.

Unfortunately, the zombies are too strong.

We were no match for them, and so we had to run away.

There are several tunnels in there, so it is easy to get lost.”

Although they were soldiers, they were still scared when such a horrifying thing happened.

“Alright, we dont have time to waste.

We need to go in right now,” said Xu Jinchen.

“Sure,” said Regimental Commander Liu.

He guided them to the entrance of the hole, then removed the stuff that blocked it.

Before they went in, Jing Yunyao said, “Well go in first.

You can wait outside.

In case the zombies leave through other grave tunnels, prepare some torches.

Put them slightly in the mouth of the grave.

Zombies are afraid of fire.

They wont come closer once they see the fire.”

“No problem,” said Regimental Commander Liu.

Even though he didnt know Jing Yunyao, since Xu Jinchen and the others all listened to her, he did the same thing.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyao and the others went in.

Someone asked Regimental Commander Liu, “Regimental Commander Liu, do you think theyll succeed”

“No idea, but I hope they can succeed, or itll cause serious trouble,” said Regimental Commander Liu.

“Alright, do what that lady told us to do right now,” said Regimental Commander Liu, then they moved at once.

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Jing Yunyao took Xu Jinchen and the others to the grave simply because she didnt want other people to think that she got rid of the zombies alone.

She didnt want to cause any trouble.

In fact, she didnt need help from Xu Jinchen or the others.

They just went into the grave with her.

Jing Yunyao didnt have Gu Nings Jade Eyes, but her senses were very acute and she could sense stuff within fifty meters around her.

Therefore, Jing Yunyao could sense whether it was humans or zombies in front of her.

After they had walked about a dozen meters, she sensed where the zombies were.

This ancient grave wasnt small, and occupied a piece of land within fifty meters.

Because there was still a distance between them, zombies couldnt sense their existence.

Zombies couldnt see, but they had a very good sense of smell.

As long as humans breathed, they could smell them.

However, if there were walls and they breathed lightly, the zombies wouldnt be able to smell them.

Otherwise, the zombies could notice them ten meters away.

Jing Yunyao and the others didnt bother to hide.

Instead, they directly swaggered inside.

Because Jing Yunyao knew the direction, she chose the right way and quickly reached the grave chamber.

When they got close, the zombies smelt them, so the zombies roared angrily in the quiet grave.

Jing Yunyao had also figured out where those people hid, so she told Xu Jinchen and the others to save them later.

She could deal with the zombies alone.

Everyone agreed, because they all knew that Jing Yunyao had superpowers.

She was even better than Leng Shaoting, so she was capable of dealing with the zombies alone.

As a result, they listened to Jing Yunyao and walked in another direction after getting into the grave chamber.

The zombies immediately attacked them once they showed up, so Jing Yunyao went straight to fight against them.


Before the two zombies could touch Jing Yunyao, they were hit by a strong force, then hit a wall three meters away before falling to the ground.

At this moment, Xu Jinchen hadnt left the grave chamber and gone into another tunnel yet, so he was stunned when he witnessed the scene.

Jing Yunyao didnt touch the zombies at all!

However, she had superpowers, so it was understandable.

After that, Xu Jinchen went on to rescue the other people.

The zombies couldnt feel pain, so they could still move even though they were injured.

Even knives and guns couldnt hurt the zombies.

The weakest zombies couldnt be easily hurt by weapons from the human world.

At least, an ordinary person could barely hurt a common zombie with a machete.

The zombies moved very fast.

Although they could only jump due to their stiff joints, they jumped fast.


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