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“Exactly, let me take a video of them, then upload it onto our schools forum.


A boy took out his phone, and was ready to shoot.

But before he started, Gu Ning and Mu Ke stopped.

“Why stop Go on! Im about to shoot,” the boy raised his voice with anxiety.

Gu Ning looked at the boy coldly.

She walked towards him, “Well, why dont you have a try and fight with me”

If the boy took a video of them and put it on their schools forum, everyone would know it.

Gu Ning didnt want to get into trouble.

The boy was frightened, then immediately rejected, “No, no, I dont think theres a need for that…”

Then he stepped back far away in case Gu Ning would hit him like the boy on the ground.

Once Gu Ning and Mu Ke stopped fighting, the onlookers dispersed gradually.

“Hey, boss, youre much more powerful than I thought you would be.

I am right.” Mu Ke was in great pain now, but he struggled to ran to Gu Ning.

He looked so excited, like he was the master of kung fu, instead of Gu Ning.

Gu Ning smiled back, but she felt upset in her heart.

Compared with ordinary people, she was quite good, but compared with herself, Gu Ning knew she was still weak.

She was merely as good as herself in the last incarnation.

“How are you now” Yu Mixi asked Mu Ke with worry.

She knew Mu Ke suffered a lot from the beating by Gu Ning, but couldnt help asking when he put on a casual face.

“Im absolutely in pain, but its quite normal.

You learn and improve from the pain!” Mu Ke replied.

He enjoyed it so much.

At this moment, Gu Ning said to Yu Mixi seriously, “Mixi, its never easy to learn kung fu.

If you really want to be a master, you must be prepared for continuous pain and injuries.

Besides, you need to be determined as well.

To train yourself like a fighter may help you to protect yourself in the future, but its all up to you whether you want to learn or not.”

Yu Mixi wasnt born in a rich family.

She had been doing labor work to support her family when she was a little girl.

Pain was her friend to some extent.

Like what Gu Ning had said, it might be of great help in the future to train yourself like a fighter.

Especially for a girl, knowing how to protect yourself was a great advantage.

Thus Yu Mixi didnt give up.

She accepted the training with courage.

Yu Mixi had to learn from the very beginning because she know nothing about kung fu.

Gu Ning didnt demand Yu Mixi that she should run to school from her home every morning.

It was dangerous.

She asked Yu Mixi to arrive at school earlier, then began to run.

At the beginning, Gu Ning wasnt very strict with Yu Mixi.

She allowed Yu Mixi to practice according to her ability.

Qin Zheng somehow heard of the news that Mu Ke had invited Gu Ning to dine with him.

In the evening class, Qin Zheng asked Mu Ke, “I heard that youve bought Gu Ning a meal.


Qin Zheng honestly didnt know why he would ask Mu Ke.

Since he had already broken up with Gu Ning, it was none of his business that Gu Ning had her meal with whom.

But Qin Zheng couldnt control himself.

“Nothing, I just met her on a road, then bought her a meal,” Mu Ke didnt tell Qin Zheng everything.

Qin Zheng apparently wasnt satisfied with the answer.

He couldnt help but criticize Mu Ke, “Since when youve been so familiar with Gu Ning and didnt fill me in”

Mu Ke was irritated by Qin Zhengs criticism, “Qin Zheng, whats wrong with you Shes not your girlfriend any longer.

Why cant I have a meal with her”

Though Mu Ke and Qin Zheng spent lots of time together.

They werent close.

Mu Ke didnt care to argue with Qin Zheng.

Moreover, Gu Ning now had an important position in Mu Kes heart.

He would stand up for Gu Ning without doubt.

“You…” Qin Zheng was slightly mad, but he soon realized it was none of his business, so he closed his mouth.

It was half past nine.

The evening class was over.

Those students who were from a rich family would be picked up by a car, while the rest would take a taxi or a bus.

Gu Ning, on the contrary, wouldnt take a taxi, or a bus.

She ran.

Although the district where Gu Ning lived was under reconstruction and unsafe, Gu Ning wasnt afraid at all.

It wasnt the first time that she went back home alone at night.

She had never been in danger before.

However, tonight was different.

A black van ceased in front of Gu Ning at short notice.

Three young men got off from the car, and went straight to Gu Ning.

Every man had tattoos around their arms.

They seemed like hoodlums.

“Youre Gu Ning, right” The head of the three asked with certainty.

“Who sent you” Gu Ning wasnt scared, but inquired calmly.

Though she had no idea who was behind them, she knew they must be sent by Shao Feifei or Chen Ziyao.

“Dont you know whom youve had bad blood with” another man mocked.

“Too many to remember.” Gu Ning said.

Now, the three hoodlums noticed Gu Ning had remained calm all the time.

She wasnt terrified at all.

They felt shamed, but were curious at the same time.

“Gee, what a brave girl! Now I know why you dared to have bad blood with the daughter from the Shao Family.” This time, the hoodlum directly revealed the people behind them.

It was Shao Feifei.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised neither.

“Then, so what” Gu Ning asked airily.

“She wants us to rape you, then post the video on the Internet.” The hoodlum told Gu Ning everything.

He didnt care whether Gu Ning knew it or not, because they were going to do it anyway.


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