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Chapter 2479 Visit the Xu Family

After the meal, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya went home.

Because it was the New Year festival, Leng Shaoting could have off as long as he wanted if he didnt have any tasks to do.

Therefore, they decided to go to Kunlun Mountain tomorrow and they would come back a week later.

Leng Shaoting felt that he was about to advance to the next level, so he needed to cultivate at the Kunlun Mountain.

As a result, he booked plane tickets and left with the others that night.

In the group, there were Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning, Shangguan Yang, Jiang Liluo, and Si Jin.

Jing Yunyao was left to take care of the house.

Moreover, Leng Shaoting was worried that his team might need him when he was absent, so Jing Yunyao could help his comrades.

Jing Yunyao was worried about Leng Shaotings safety, but she believed that Shangguan Yang could protect him well.

In addition, Leng Shaoting needed her to help him.

Otherwise, Leng Shaoting would blame himself if any accidents happened during his absence.

Accordingly, Jing Yunyao listened to Leng Shaotings arrangement and stayed.

Leng Shaoting then called Xu Jinchen and told him that he would be absent for a week.

If they needed help, they could turn to his mother.

Jing Yunyao used to be a top soldier in the army and she had finished dangerous tasks many times before, so Xu Jinchen didnt doubt her abilities.

In fact, Xu Jinchen was aware that Jing Yunyao was also a person with superpowers.

Even though Leng Shaoting was absent, she could help them too.

The Red Flame was an independent team, and Leng Shaoting was their head.

Therefore, it didnt break the rules if Jing Yunyao joined them.

Because Leng Shaoting wouldnt leave until tomorrow afternoon, Xu Jinchen invited him to have lunch with the Xu family.

He also told Leng Shaoting to come with Gu Ning and Jing Yunyao.

Otherwise the New Year festival would be over when Leng Shaoting came back.

Senior Mrs.

Xu had called Jing Yunyao earlier and invited her to have a meal with the Xu family, but Jing Yunyao wasnt free, so she didnt go.

Now Xu Jinchen invited them again, and Leng Shaoting agreed, so Jing Yunyao went along.

Therefore, at 10 am the next day, Leng Shaoting and the others prepared gifts before visiting the Xu family.

They told Shangguan Yang to wait till they were back, then they would set off together.

They needed to arrive at City Ge at night so there was no need for them to get there early.

If it was still bright, it would be inconvenient for them to climb up Kunlun Mountain.

They didnt want other people to see them after all.

When Leng Shaoting and the others came, the Xu family welcomed them with open arms.

Zi Beiying and Wen Siyi were also there.

Zi Beiying spent the New Year festival with the Xu family and didnt go home.

Originally, she was unwilling to do that.

After all, Xu Jinchen and she were just boyfriend and girlfriend now, so it was a little inappropriate if she spent the New Year festival with the Xu family.

However, Xu Jinchen and Senior Mrs.

Xu kept on inviting her to come over, so she agreed in the end.

Even though she was a little nervous in the Xu familys house, everyone was very nice to her.

Once the festival was over, she would go home.

Because Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning would visit them today, Xu Jinchen brought her over.

The Zi family didnt think it was a bad thing that Zi Beiying spent the New Year festival with the Xu family.

They were open-minded, so they accepted it even though Zi Beiying was just Xu Jinchens girlfriend right now.

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The Xu family also accepted that.

The Zi family had a very good impression of Xu Jinchen and wanted him to join them.

Therefore, they didnt complain about it at all when Zi Beiying was absent these days.

They missed her, but they could have a video call and would be relieved as long as they knew that Zi Beiying was living a good life.

It was Zi Beiyings second meeting with Wen Siyi.

One of them was an extrovert, while the other was an introvert.

Because both of them were straightforward and werent calculating, they got along very well.

Even though most in-laws competed against each other publicly or secretly, some in-laws could get along well.

Normally, in-laws treated each other as enemies because they were treated unfairly in the family, but Senior Mrs.

Xu treated them fairly, so they lived in harmony.

In addition, she really appreciated her two future daughter-in-laws, so she was willing to be nice to them.

Most importantly, Senior Mrs.

Xu was a great mother-in-law.

No matter who had conflicts in their family, she would do her best to solve the problem instead of making it worse.

Zi Beiying got together with Xu Jinchen and Wen Siyi fell in love with Xu Jinlin because there was love between them.

They didnt care about the Xu familys properties, so there was no need for them to compete against each other.

Once they found out that they were the same kind of people, they could easily live in harmony.

Because Leng Shaoting needed to deal with something after the meal, nobody forced him to drink.

Anyway it was morning so it wasnt suitable for drinking.

Also alcohol was harmful for their health, so the Xu family didnt drink.

They were family after all, and there was no guests to treat.

After eating, they sat together and chatted for a while, then Leng Shaoting and the others left.

He needed to deal with something that afternoon, so the Xu family didnt ask him to stay.

Gu Ning and the others left the Xu familys house and went back to the siheyuan, then directly went to the airport.

There were many of them, so they drove two cars.

Stone and Jing Yunyao drove them to the airport.

When Shangguan Yang and the others were gone these next few days, Stone and Lao Zhang could have a vacation with a pay.

Leng Shaoting arranged for a private jet for them, which was more convenient.

They didnt need to wait for too long.

When there were no passenger planes, they could take off.

Before they left, Gu Ning told Gao Yi and Qiao Ya to turn to Jing Yunyao for help if they encountered any trouble.

She also told Chen Cangyi that he could turn to He Qiming for help if the company ran into any problems.

If he felt he was in danger, Gao Yi and Qiao Ya could protect him.

Because Chen Cangyi didnt know Jing Yunyao, Gu Ning left him to Gao Yi and Qiao Ya.

If Gao Yi and Qiao Ya couldnt handle it, they could ask Jing Yunyao for help.

Nobody wanted accidents to happen, but they could never be too careful.

When Gu Nings phone couldnt receive the signal, the calls would be automatically transferred to Qiao Yas phone and Qiao Ya would help her deal with it.


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