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Chapter 2477 Where Are Your Manners

The others pretended that they didnt see Gu Nings actions, which was a silent agreement.

“Ningning, were family.

You dont need to bring so many gifts with you when youre coming back home!” Master Leng said, but he was actually very happy to receive a gift.

“Its the New Year festival, and I dont often bring gifts when Im here,” said Gu Ning with a smile.

Most importantly, she wanted them to know that she cared about them.

“Its too expensive!” Master Leng said.

He loved the gift, but he didnt want Gu Ning to spend too much money on it.

“What Grandpa Leng, dont you like it” Gu Ning suddenly looked upset.

She understood that her grandfather didnt want her to waste money, but she couldnt care less about it since she decided to send them gifts.

“Of course I like it.

Alright, Ningning, thank you very much for your gift.” Master Leng stopped arguing with Gu Ning.

He didnt want her to think that he disliked her gift.

Since Gu Ning prepared gifts for them, they had also prepared red envelopes for her.

“Grandpa Leng, my mother just gave birth to my younger brother and my father needs to stay at home to take care of her.

So they didnt come to visit you in person.

Please dont mind,” said Gu Ning.

Although Tang Haifeng had already apologized to Master Leng on the phone, Gu Ning felt that it was necessary to do it again when she saw Master Leng.

“Its not a problem at all! Im not an unreasonable old man,” said Master Leng.

“Ha-ha, I know.

Grandpa Leng, youre the best!” Gu Ning laughed, and Master Leng also beamed.

Because it was nearly 6 pm when Gu Ning and the others arrived, they soon had dinner.

Except for Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia who didnt have an appetite, everyone enjoyed it very much.

Watching them sharing happiness, Jiang Shuyuan and Leng Shaojia were very sad.

Therefore, they quickly left the dining table when they finished.

However, nobody cared about them, and instead continued to enjoy the meal.

Master Leng drank a little today.

Because it was the New Year festival, no one stopped him.

They only told him not to drink too much.

However, Master Leng was unhappy about that.

“Tang can drink as much as he likes.

Why do you stop me from drinking when I just had the fourth glass Do you think Im worse than Tang”

Tang was Tang Haifeng.

When they exchanged good wishes on the phone yesterday, Tang Haifeng told Master Leng how much he had drunk.

Master Leng only had a few cups, so he was unhappy when his family stopped him from drinking more.

“Were worried about your health!” said Leng Yuanzhen resignedly.

Tang Haifeng drank more than Master Leng because he was younger.

“Im strong! I dont drink normally, but its the New Year festival.

Cant I enjoy myself by drinking more today” Master Leng said in annoyance, as if he was treated unfairly.

When people got old, they behaved like kids.

Even though Master Leng used to be a tough soldier and a leader of high status, he was like a little boy now.

He just wanted to enjoy his life.

Seeing that, Leng Yuanzhen said nothing, and only put on a resigned face.

“Its fine.

Grandpa, you can drink more.

After you finish drinking, Ill give you a pill to help you get rid of the effects of the alcohol.” Leng Shaoting was unwilling to upset Master Leng.

“Thats wonderful!” With Leng Shaotings support, Master Leng seemed satisfied.

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In that case, nobody stopped him again.

After all, it wasnt a big deal if he drank a few more cups.

The cup was small, and Master Leng had a nutritious drink which wasnt strong, so it wouldnt do much harm to his body.

Afterwards, Master Leng drank three cups more, then stopped.

Although Master Leng was a little reluctant, he didnt want to worry his family, so he didnt insist this time.

After dinner, Leng Shaoting took out a power crystal and poured a glass of water.

He put the pill into the water, then handed it to Master Leng.

A glass was enough to help Master Leng get rid of the effects of the alcohol.

If he directly took a power crystal, it would hurt his body if he couldnt absorb it.

Leng Shaoting also shared the magical water with the others.

They just enjoyed themselves by drinking together, so it would be meaningless if they got rid of the effect of the alcohol right away, but they felt uncomfortable under the effects.

Therefore, each of them had a glass of the magical water.

Once they drank the magical water, they felt much better.

Master Leng persuaded them to stay in the Leng familys house tonight.

Because they usually left right after having dinner, Master Leng felt lonely to some extent.

As a result, he did his best to keep them for a night this time.

Gu Ning, Leng Shaoting, and Jing Yunyao agreed to stay in the Leng familys house for a night.

Jing Yunyao slept in her room, while Gu Ning slept in Leng Shaotings room and Leng Shaoting went to sleep in another room.

However, it was still early, so they chatted in the living room, watching TV.

Leng Yuanqian needed to deal with something, so he went to his study.

Leng Shaoming stayed with other people in the living room.

As soon as Leng Yuanqian went to his study with the gift Gu Ning sent him, Jiang Shuyuan came over.

She wanted to throw away the gift, but Leng Yuanqian stopped her.

“Are you crazy” Leng Yuanqian snapped at her.

“I dont want to see her stuff! And she deliberately ignored me and Shaojia.

She humiliated us in public!” Jiang Shuyuan complained angrily.

She couldnt get over it.

“Would you take it if she gave you a gift” Leng Yuanqian asked.

“Of course not, Ill never take her stuff!” Jiang Shuyuan said disdainfully without hesitation.

“So, you meant to embarrass her, but she embarrassed you first.

By the way, I dont think she has to prepare a gift for you.

And if she really had a gift for you, it would be rude if you refused to accept it.

Where are you manners, Shuyuan” Leng Yuanqian was angry.

He couldnt stand Jiang Shuyuans unreasonable behavior.

“I…” Jiang Shuyuan was struck dumb and didnt know what to say all of a sudden, because Leng Yuanqians words made sense.

However, she was just mad at Gu Ning!


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