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Chapter 2475 Secure a Leading Position over Leng Shaoting

However, he had been absent for eighteen years of Gu Nings life, so he had no right to interfere in her personal affairs.

That was the reason why he let Gu Ning make decisions on her own.

Gu Ning was an independent and smart girl, so she could take good care of herself.

When she met Leng Shaoting, she knew she had found her Mr.


However, because Leng Shaotings job was very dangerous, Tang Yunfan was worried that he might lose his life one day in the future if any accidents happened.

In that case, Gu Ning would be…

Tang Yunfan shook his head.

He didnt want any accidents to happen to Leng Shaoting, but he cared too much about Gu Ning.

Anyway, no matter how worried he was, he wouldnt say it aloud, because he would always wish them the best.

Tang Yunfan was a little unhappy after Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning got formally engaged, so he kept on drinking with Leng Shaoting tonight.

It seemed that he was determined to get Leng Shaoting drunk.

Actually, Tang Yunfan rarely drank, especially at business events, because many people schemed against him.

The competition was always strong in business, and there were countless women who aimed to have a sexual relationship with him.

Before he married Gu Man, he had been single for years, so many women wanted to become Mrs.


He had been the target of many women, but luckily he could drink a lot, so normally he could stay clear-headed till the end.

Leng Shaoting could see that Tang Yunfan was unhappy.

He didnt understand why, but it didnt matter.


And it was not only Leng Shaoting, the others could also see that Tang Yunfan was deliberately making Leng Shaoting drink more.

In addition to several junior members, all the senior members were aware that Tang Yunfan was unhappy because Gu Ning was going to marry Leng Shaoting.

As a result, he deliberately made the meal difficult for Leng Shaoting.

In fact, it was understandable.

Tang Yunfan just learned that Gu Ning was his biological daughter, and yet he already lost her to another man.

He must feel that his treasure was stolen.

He would worry that Leng Shaoting might treat Gu Ning badly and his beloved daughter might live an unhappy life.

Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang, however, didnt understand it, so they exchanged a glance, but they said nothing about it around the dining table.

Leng Shaoting didnt know what he should do.

Should he defeat Tang Yunfan or not

If he defeated Tang Yunfan at drinking, would Tang Yunfan be mad at him And if he lost, would Tang Yufan be disappointed

Leng Shaoting hesitated to make the decision, so he turned to Gu Ning for her opinion when Tang Yunfan wasnt paying attention to him.

Receiving the glance from Leng Shaoting, Gu Ning understood his hesitation.

However, she had no idea what he should do.

One of them was her fiancé, while the other was her father.

She didnt know whom she should side with.

In fact, Gu Ning knew that Tang Yunfan wouldnt be disappointed if Leng Shaoting lost at drinking, because Tang Yunfan simply wanted to vent his unhappiness.

It wasnt a big deal!

“Dont drink too much.

Its not good for your health,” said Tang Haifeng all of a sudden.

He understood Tang Yunfans intention, but it was meaningless to split hairs after their engagement was settled.

“Well, Im just happy to see Shaoting.

Its the New Year festival.

We must drink to celebrate it!” said Tang Yunfan.

He seemed to be really happy to meet Leng Shaoting, and he refused to admit that he was making the meal difficult for Leng Shaoting.

Tang Yunfan understood that other people could see his intentions, but he wouldnt change his mind.

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At this moment, he was an unhappy father who needed to vent his negative feelings! Moreover, they were just drinking, not fighting.

“Grandpa Tang, its fine.


Tang is right.

Its the New Year festival.

We must drink to celebrate it.

Im also very happy to share dinner with you all.


Tang, Mrs.

Tang, I want to thank you for raising such a good girl like Ningning.

I feel so blessed that I could meet and marry her.

I promise Ill do my best to take care of her for the rest of my life.

I know its too early to say that, but time will prove it.

Now, lets have a toast!” Leng Shaoting said honestly, then downed the wine in his glass.

Hearing that, everyone was surprised by his sincerity, especially Gu Ning, Jing Yunyao, and Gu Man.

Among them, they spent the longest time with Leng Shaoting, so they knew that he wasnt good at speaking.

Therefore, the short speech he just gave totally impressed them.

In addition, Gu Ning was touched.

Although Leng Shaoting had said sweet nothings to her many times before, it was always simple, but it was different today, so she was deeply touched.

Tang Yunfan was also impressed by Leng Shaotings words, so he gave up on picking on Leng Shaoting.

“Great, we trust you, but it takes time to prove it.

I know youre also the love of your parents.

As parents, we only want you to live a happy life,” said Tang Yunfan and downed the wine in his glass too.

Because Gu Man couldnt drink, she had a mouthful of juice.

Leng Shaoting gave the speech to both of them, so she should drink along.

Afterwards, Tang Yunfan stopped making the meal difficult for Leng Shaoting.

Everyone understood that he was touched by Leng Shaotings speech.

Leng Shaoting gave the short speech sincerely and didnt care whether he would lose at drinking with Tang Yunfan.

If Tang Yunfan got drunk, he would act drunk as well.

In that case, Tang Yunfan wouldnt be embarrassed.


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