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Chapter 2470 Why Do I Lose All the Time

Because it was the New Year festival, except for Gu Man who was pregnant, everyone drank a little, including Tang Haifeng.

Tang Haifeng was old and shouldnt drink, but he was healthy, so it wouldnt be a problem if he had a few cups.

Even if he really felt uncomfortable, Gu Ning could help him.

They had complete confidence in the effect of Gu Nings medicine, since all of the members of the Tang family stayed in good health due to her power crystals.

Gu Ning left a bottle of power crystals in the Tang familys house, but they wouldnt take the pills every day.

Normally, they would put a power crystal into the soup and would share it to keep themselves strong.

Otherwise, their bodies wouldnt be able to absorb the magical power and it might harm them.

If they had a minor disease like a cold, there was no need for them to take the power crystal.

They could just take medicines produced by Colaine instead.

There was also magical power in them after all, and they had no harmful side effects.

Only when they suffered from serious diseases would they directly take power crystals.

That New Year festival, Leng Shaoting took Jing Yunyao back to the Leng familys house while Shangguan Yang, Jiang Liluo, and Si Jin stayed in the siheyuan.

Leng Shaoting had invited them to celebrate the festival with the Leng family, but Shangguan Yang felt it might be bothersome if so many of them went.

They might also be nervous, so he preferred to stay in the siheyuan.

However, if Shangguan Yang was alone, he would have gone with Leng Shaoting.


Therefore, Leng Shaoting didnt insist.

They could share a meal with them the next morning, and they would go to visit the Tang family in City B together.

Xin Bei celebrated the festival with the Cao family this year.

Because Xin Bei didnt have parents or his own home, the Cao family told him to stay in their house if they felt lonely in the future.

“Do you need some soup to get rid of the effect of the alcohol” asked Jiang Lihua after they finished the meal.

Although none of them had drunk a lot, they were a little drunk, so in case they were uncomfortable, Jiang Lihua asked that question.

“No need, if we get rid of the effect of the alcohol, itll be meaningless to have drunk together earlier,” said Tang Yunhang.

They drank to celebrate the New Year festival, and they didnt want to ruin the atmosphere.

“Alright!” Since Tang Yunhang said that Jiang Lihua didnt continue, anyway, she actually agreed with him.

“Lets play cards now!” Tang Jiakai said to Tang Jiayang and Gu Ning.

The Tang family had no interest in gambling, but they gambled for fun when they were free.

“Sure, but dont cry if you lose later,” said Gu Ning, but she wouldnt use her Jade Eyes when she played with her family.

Upon hearing that, Tang Jiakai suddenly realized that Gu Ning was extremely talented at gambling.

“Cant you be nice to me” He looked upset.

“Its gambling! It wont be fun if Ningning deliberately lets you win.

You cant take advantage of her.” Tang Haifeng rolled his eyes at Tang Jiakai.

He thought it would be unfair if Gu Ning was forced to let Tang Jiakai win.

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“Ningning is too talented.

If I play with her, I will never win,” said Tang Jiakai and felt aggrieved.

Given Gu Nings abilities, it was impossible for him to take advantage of her.

He had witnessed how Gu Ning defeated her competition in the games.

It was crazy!

Tang Jiayang had heard about it from Tang Jiakai, and he also believed it, but he wasnt afraid of playing with Gu Ning.

They were family after all, so he didnt care about the result.

“Come on, Im not as talented as you think!” Gu Ning felt a little embarrassed and rubbed her nose.

If she didnt use her Jade Eyes, she would be much less skilled.

However, she couldnt tell them that she had a super power.

“If you cant afford to lose, you shouldnt take part in the game.

If were going to gamble, everyone should do his or her best,” said Tang Haifeng.

“Who said I cant afford to lose” Tang Jiakai retorted.

He was unwilling to be regarded as a coward.

as u

“Lets gamble now! Everyone should do his or her best!” said Tang Jiakai.

Anyway, it wasnt embarrassing if he lost to Gu Ning.

After that, Tang Jiakai, Tang Jiayang and Gu Ning began to play cards.

Gu Ning didnt use her Jade Eyes, so she didnt win every time, but she had good luck, and won many times.

Tang Jiayang didnt lose a lot.

Tang Jiakai, however, lost a lot of money.

They didnt bet much money, and the bet was several yuan in each round, but Tang Jiakai still lost over three hundred yuan after playing for an hour.

“Why do I lose all the time” Tang Jiakai was unhappy.

He thought that Tang Jiayang would also lose like him, but he was disappointed.

He was the only one who never won once, so he lost his balance.

“You have bad luck and skills,” said Tang Jiayang

“How is it possible!” Tang Jiakai snorted, but it was true that he had bad luck and because he rarely played cards, he wasnt good at it.

“Ningning has very good luck and skills,” said Tang Haifeng as he enjoyed watching them playing cards.

Although Gu Ning won most of the time, Tang Haifeng frowned every time she lost.

When she won, Tang Haifengs eyes lit up at once.

Obviously, he didnt want her to lose.

“Grandpa, its not fair.

I noticed that your eyes lit up when Ningning won, but you frowned when she lost.

Did you expect us to lose” Tang Jiakai complained, even though he wasnt really angry.

“If you can, win once! If youre as skilled as Ningning, my eyes will also light up for you,” said Tang Haifeng.

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai didnt know what to say.

He clearly knew that he was hardly comparable to Gu Ning.

After they played for another half an hour, Tang Jiayang lost some money too, but Tang Jiakai still couldnt win once.

It consumed his patience so he decided to quit.

It wasnt about the money, he just disliked losing all the time.

After 12 am, they received many messages of good wishes.

Leng Shaoting also called Gu Ning and wished her all the best.

Because it was the New Year festival, Leng Shaoting understood that Gu Ning would receive countless calls, so he didnt talk to her for long, but he let her know that they would come to visit the Tang family tomorrow afternoon.

Gu Nings phone didnt become quiet again until 1 am.

After that, she went to bed.


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