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“So Are you going to pay me the money or not” Seeing Li Boyu remaining silent, Pan Zirui lost his patience.

“I didnt smash your clubhouse.

Why should I pay the money Why dont you turn to them for compensation” Li Boyu said, refusing to pay.

It was impossible for him to pay the compensation since he didnt have that much money.

If he had that much money, he would have gone abroad for fun.

“All of you should pay me.

You hired them to smash my club.

If I paid someone to kill you, could I just get away with it” Pan Zirui was annoyed.

Li Boyu was the mastermind so he should take responsibility.

It was the law, not just his opinion.

If the mastermind wasnt punished, Pan Zirui could hire a killer to kill Li Boyu without paying for it either!

“You…” Li Boyu didnt know what to say all of a sudden.

At the same time, he was also angry at the way Pan Zirui talked to him.


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