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Therefore, no matter how reluctant Li Boyu was, he had to go out with Pan Zirui and Gu Ning.

However, he decided to deny it.

He didnt think that they could force him to admit it.

He had that idea, because he didnt know that those gangsters had a voice recording of their call.

“Fine, its too noisy here.

Lets go out and have a talk.

I need to know what exactly you want to talk about with me.” For the sake of his face, Li Boyu agreed to go out with them, but he still said that on purpose to make it seem as if he wasnt wrong and it was Pan Ziruis fault.

From the very beginning, everyone knew that he must have done something terrible to Pan Zirui for Pan Zirui to confront him now, but the others were all his friends, so none of them said anything.

Even if he was wrong, they would still side with him.

Moreover, because of Li Boyus family background, they had to maintain a good relationship with him in order to please him.


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