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“Of course, I wont,” said Pan Zirui.

Even if Gu Ning didnt say that, he wouldnt tell anyone else.

He was different now and had become much more mature than before.

However, he still got extremely excited after hearing an affirmative answer from Gu Nings mouth.

“Miss Gu, we wont tell other people.” The staff immediately showed their attitude.

“Boss, thank you.

If it hadnt been for you, I honestly would have had no idea how to solve the problem.” Pan Zirui thanked Gu Ning.

He might be able to solve the problem, but it wouldnt have been so easy.

“Since you regard me as your boss, I will definitely help you if I can.

They wont cause you trouble again, but I dont know whether other people will do the same.

If you cant handle it, just call me,” said Gu Ning.

She helped him once, so she wouldnt mind helping him again.

Anyway they were friends, and friends should help each other.

“Thank you, boss!” Pan Zirui said.

He was deeply touched and felt very honored, because Gu Ning acknowledged him as a friend today.

“Alright, lets go to the private room now,” said Gu Ning.

She wanted to completely solve the problem involving Li Boyu today, so she decided to ask K to find out where Li Boyu was right now.

Young people normally went everywhere with their phones, so they would easily be able to find Li Boyu through the Internet.

It wasnt difficult for a highly skilled hacker at all.

Therefore, the group of them went back to the private room, and Gu Ning called K.

She told him Li Boyus number so that he could find Li Boyus location.

Hearing Gu Nings conversation with K on the phone, the others knew what she wanted to do, so they didnt bother to ask her about it.

Ten minutes later, K told Gu Ning Li Boyus location, then Gu Ning took Pan Zirui to find him.

Li Boyu loved hanging out and was a frequent visitor of a nightclub.

He usually visited it at least four days a week and that was where he was right now.

About twenty minutes later, Gu Ning and the others arrived at the nightclub.

Because Gu Ning didnt want to show up with her real face, she disguised herself as Tang Aining on their way there.

Seeing how Gu Ning disguised herself, Pan Zirui was shocked.

It was so impressive and he even thought that Gu Ning was able to do anything.

After reaching the nightclub, Gu Ning walked in with Pan Zirui, leaving Gao Yi and Qiao Ya in the car.

She didnt need too many people to solve the problem with her.

K only knew that Li Boyu was in the nightclub, but they needed to find him on their own.

With the help of her Jade Eyes, Gu Ning soon found Li Boyu.

When Gu Ning asked K to help her find where Li Boyu was, she also got K to send her a photo of Li

Boyu if it was possible.

Therefore, Gu Ning had seen Li Boyus photo and recognized him with a simple ance.

Without delay, she directly walked towards where he sat.

Pan Zirui recognized the several people who were sitting there with Li Boyu, but they werent familiar.

The moment they saw Pan Zirui, they were struck dumb for a second, especially Li Boyu.

Li Boyu was a little embarrassed, because he had secretly caused Pan Zirui trouble.

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Li Boyu didnt know that what he had done was already exposed, so he thought that it was just a coincidence that Pan Zirui came here.

However, Pan Zirui stopped in front of their table.

They did nothing, because it was very normal for acquaintances to exchange greetings.

“Oh, hi, Lord Pan, what a coincidence! Did you also come here for fun” A man smiled at Pan Zirui, then his sight fell on Gu Ning.

“Wow, you have a new girl.

Shes much prettier than the last one.” His eyes lit up at once.

He said that purposely because he was implying that Pan Zirui had a new girlfriend because she was prettier.

It happened in reality, but it sounded embarrassing and as if Pan Zirui was playing around with different beautiful girls.

It wasnt the truth, but Pan Zirui felt it was a humiliation towards Gu Ning and got angry.

Right as Pan Zirui wanted to open his mouth and deny it, Gu Ning said, sounding displeased, “We came to see Li Boyu.

Li Boyu, its something serious.

Do you want to talk right here or outside”

Hearing that, Li Boyu was surprised and suddenly had a premonition.

Did Pan Zirui figure out that he paid a bunch of hoodlums to smash the clubhouse

Although he felt it was impossible, it could happen.

However, if he listened to them and went out with them, he would seem like a coward, but if he had the talk right here, his friends would find out what he had done.

He didnt want them to know, so he decided to avoid it.

“I dont know you.

Why should I go out with you Stop bothering me, or Ill call the security guards over.” Li Boyu threatened them.

“Lord Li, I think you better be cooperative.

I prefer to deal with it in private, otherwise youll be the only one who is embarrassed if it goes public.

Do you want that to happen” Pan Zirui said meaningfully.

He was also threatening Li Boyu.

If Li Boyu was willing to pay him the compensation and apologize to him, Pan Zirui would forgive him.

After all, Li Boyu was also born in a rich family, so it might not do him any good if it became serious trouble.

Upon hearing that, Li Boyu was sure why they came here.

He felt guilty and mad.

If Pan Zirui learned it was done by him, the group of hoodlums must have betrayed him.

And f those gangsters really had betrayed him, it meant that they were caught after they failed.

They were incompetent!

Li Boyus friends glanced at Pan Zirui, then at him.

They didnt know what Pan Zirui had on Li Boyu, but since Pan Zirui angrily came to see Li Boyu, it must be something terrible.

What exactly did Li Boyu do to Pan Zirui They were full of curiosity, but couldnt ask about it right now.

Being threatened by Pan Zirui, Li Boyu felt greatly displeased, but Pan Zirui was right.

If it went public, only he would be embarrassed..


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