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Chapter 2465 Dont Tell Other People


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“What is it” Even though Gu Ning said that she had already solved the problem, Qi Tianlin still asked about it.

“Its not important.

Alright, I need to deal with something else now.

Ill call you if I need you later,” said Gu Ning.

Before Qi Tianlin said anything again, she directly hung up.

Obviously, Gu Ning had no intention of telling Qi Tianlin about what had happened, because she didnt bother to punish those gangsters.

Qi Tianlin was a little mad that Gu Ning hung up on him, but he didnt call her back since she said that she didnt need his help right now.

Afterwards, Gu Ning turned to ask the bunch of gangsters, “How much money did Li Boyu give you to smash this club”

“Two hundred thousand yuan.”

“Do you still have the money” Gu Ning asked.

“Yeah…” The leading gangster didnt know what Gu Ning wanted to do, but he still answered honestly.

“Great, let me be honest with you, your head just called me.

If you dont believe it, I can call him back and put it on speaker, so you can hear his voice.

I planned to let him

deal with it, but you have good luck today.

I failed to get through to him earlier, so I had to come here to see you in person.

Since you told me who paid you to do this, I

wont punish you seriously, and I didnt tell your head about it either.

You should know your heads temper.

If he learns about your deeds, youll only get a more severe


“Im not a cruel person.

Now, if you can give me the two hundred thousand yuan, I can let you go.

I dont really want your money, but this clubhouse has lost over a million

yuan because of you.

Its already very generous of me to ask you for only two hundred thousand yuan.

Ill ask Li Boyu for the rest of the money.

Tell me the place and time

that you made the deal with him.

I also need evidence.

Do you agree with the above” said Gu Ning.

In fact, she was sure that they wouldnt disagree, since if they didnt

agree, they would suffer a worse end.

Although Gu Ning had injured them, they were still alive.

They just couldnt get back to their feet for the time being, but they would be fine after a week of recovery.

However, if they disagreed, Gu Ning would injure them more seriously.

“Of course, of course!”

The bunch of gangsters werent dumb, so they agreed at once.

They didnt doubt Gu Nings words, and believed that the caller was their head.

If they dared to doubt Gu Nings words, Gu Ning would immediately call their head back and tell him about what they had done.

In that case, they would suffer a worse


Although they had done many bad deeds before and had no standard, they couldnt mess up.

If they messed up, they would be punished.

When Pan Zirui and the staff by him heard Gu Nings words, they were shocked.

What The person who just called Gu Ning was the head of the Kirin Gang It was unbelievable!

nowing that, Pan Zirui admired Gu Ning more than ever now.

Because he used to be a good-for-nothing playboy and had behaved the same way as a gangster, he didnt have a bad impression of illegal gangs.

Instead, he thought they

were very cool.

Therefore, Pan Zirui didnt think it was bad that Gu Ning had a relationship with the head of the Kirin Gang.

On the contrary, he was impressed by her.

n the old days, he often hung out with a bunch of hoodlums.

Even though those hoodlums had no influence in the Kirin Gang, he felt it was very cool when he hung out

with them.

Afterwards, those hoodlums left City B, because City B wasnt the headquarters of the Kirin Gang.

Therefore, the majority of the Kirin Gang in City B did legal businesses.

ot many of them were involved in illegal activities.

Moreover, they often traveled to different cities.

an Ziruis staff disliked illegal gangs, but it didnt damage their good impression of Gu Ning when they learned that she had a relationship with the head of the Kirin Gang.


wasnt a big deal, because she wasnt a member of the Kirin Gang.

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n addition, the problem was solved and they could continue to work safely precisely because Gu Ning had a relationship with the head of the Kirin Gang.

The leading gangster tolerated the pain all over his body and took out a card at once.

“Here, there is two hundred thousand yuan in it.

It doesnt need a password.”

Gu Ning didnt doubt it and directly took the card.

They wouldnt dare to lie to her.

After taking the card, she told Pan Zirui to transfer the money right now, in case any accidents happened.

Then the leading gangster told Gu Ning where and when they made the deal with Li Boyu.

He also gave her their call recording.

It was a habit.

No matter who paid them to do anything, they would make a recording.

Gu Ning let Pan Zirui hear the recording to see whether it was Li Boyus voice.

Pan Zirui wasnt familiar with Li Boyu, but they had met many times before, so he could recognize his voice.

After hearing the recording, Pan Zirui was sure that it was Li Boyu.

The leading gangster told Gu Ning the whole story and even gave her the phone number of one of them.

If Gu Ning needed them, she could contact them.

After Pan Zirui got the money, Gu Ning told the bunch of gangsters to leave.

They were injured, but they were still able to walk.

Unfortunately, they couldnt drive now, but

Gu Ning didnt care about them.

They had to solve the problem on their own.

Gu Ning didnt tell them to call Li Boyu over right away, because she knew that he wouldnt come.

Besides, he would hide if he learned that he was already exposed.

As a result, Gu Ning decided to go see him in person.

“Boss, do you really have a relationship with the head of the Kirin Gang” Pan Zirui asked when the bunch of gangsters were gone.

Although Gu Ning said so, he still wanted

to make sure.

“Yeah.” Gu Ning nodded.

She didnt bother to hide it, but she didnt want Pan Zirui to tell more people.

“Just keep it among us.

Dont tell other people.”

Saying that, Gu Ning turned to give a glance at Pan Ziruis staff in the club.

She was also talking to them..


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