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Chapter 2459: Unkind People


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Because his father was a governor, Tang Jiakai was very smart, but he wasnt mature enough yet.

Anyway, he was talented, so as long as he learned more about politics, he could reach an important position with his familys help.

It was impossible for him to do that on his own, because without connections, he probably wouldnt make great achievements in his career.

Master Tang used to be a businessman, but he had close old friends in politics, so Tang Yunhang also relied on his fathers connections to get to his current position.

Otherwise, no matter how outstanding Tang Yunhang was, he wouldnt have been promoted to his current position.

Even if he did his best, he would have only reached a position which was less important than his current position.

In addition, he still needed the Tang familys help.

After hearing Leng Shaotings and Gu Nings reply, Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai stopped talking about how much Gu Ning drank.

In fact, she didnt drink much and only sipped when she drank.

At the same time, they were also drinking with the guests.

It was Cao Wenxins wedding after all, so it was fine if they drank more.

After 8 pm, the guests left one after another.

Some businessmen who succeeded in forming a relationship with other businessmen adjourned to another place.

While some young people who successfully struck up a conversation with their target also continued to hang out together.

Gu Ning and her friends, however, followed the bride and bridegroom to their wedding suite after the banquet was over.

After that, they had some fun in the room.

Because Cao Wenxin was pregnant, no one would trick her, but the bridegroom wasnt so lucky.

‘They were close friends, so they knew what they could do and what they couldnt.

After all, they were well-bred, so they wouldnt forget their manners.

First, they ordered Xin Bei to do two hundred push-ups.

It couldnt be easier for Xin Bei, because it was what they usually do in the training.

Therefore, it was acceptable and it was also a great chance for Xin Bei to show his strength in front of Cao Wenxin.

Then after Xin Bei finished two hundred push-ups, they placed a glass of water on his back and asked him to do another hundred push-ups.

It wasnt difficult either, and Xin Bei finished perfectly.

To be honest, he really won Cao Wenxins admiration by doing that.

Cao Wenxin was professionally trained too, but she couldnt do what Xin Bei did.

It wasnt easy for her to finish even a hundred push-ups.

Looking at the admiration for him in Cao Wenxins eyes, Xin Bei was filled with happiness.

He wanted to show more of his skills in front of Cao Wenxin, so he asked of his own accord, “What else”

After that, they ordered Xin Bei to show more of his skills, making Cao Wenxin admire Xin Bei more than ever now.

They had fun for a while, before they let the newlyweds have some private time.

It was a long day for Xin Bei and Xin Bei, so they needed rest too, but, because it was a new house and wasnt completely aired yet, they went back to Huafu Hills.

However, Xin Bei had drunk a lot, so they wouldnt allow him to drive.

Therefore Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting sent them home.

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As for the other people, they either went back home or went to stay in the hotel.

Gu Ning didnt go home tonight, but Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were staying in Huafu Hills, so she and Leng Shaoting went to stay in the hotel after driving Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin home.

After walking out of Huafu Hills, Gu Ning said, “Im a little hungry.

Why dont we go have some night snacks”

“Sure, what do you want to eat” Leng Shaoting asked.

He wasnt hungry, but he was happy to go eat with Gu Ning.

“How about roasted meat” Gu Ning said.

She actually wanted to have roasted fish, but Leng Shaoting disliked fish, so she gave up seafood.

“No problem.

Where do you want to eat” Leng Shaoting asked.

“There is a night snack street not far from here.

Lets go there!” Gu Ning said.

She just wanted to have night snacks, she wasnt picky about the place.

“Great!” Leng Shaoting nodded, then stopped a taxi.

About eight minutes later, they arrived at the night snack street.

It was already 12 pm, but the night snack street was still full of activity.

After all, midnight was the best time for night snacks.

‘The night snack street was always crowded and noisy.

The food there didnt seem clean and healthy either, so normally rich heirs wouldnt come here, but Leng Shaoting was an exception.

He didnt really care about that, because he had suffered a lot of things that ordinary people couldnt accept, and had stayed in dirty, messy, and dangerous places many times before.

He had also eaten unclean food.

During their training, there was no clean, delicious food for the soldiers and all they had to eat was food they found in the wild.

Sometimes, they didnt even have water to clean the food, but they still had to eat in order to survive.

If they were starving, they wouldnt survive.

Moreover, although the night snack stores didnt seem as clean as fancy restaurants, the food was not necessarily dirty.

After all, they could see how the food was made.

Even a fancy restaurant could have food hygiene problems and might not be cleaner than the street stands.

In her previous incarnation, Gu Ning had eaten rotting meat in a fancy restaurant.

If diners wanted totally clean and healthy food, they could only eat at home.

If they dined outside, they could never have food as clean and healthy as that which they made at home.

Therefore, there was no need to care too much about that when they dined out.

Because Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting was a very beautiful couple, when they walked into the night snack street, they immediately attracted a lot of attention.

They were already used to it, so they didnt care about it, but they saw a table of six people sizing them up when they walked by a small restaurant.

Asa result, they stopped walking and sat directly across the small restaurant.

Gu Ning actually wanted to dine in the small restaurant, but there werent any available seats, so they had to eat somewhere else.

Gu Ning and Leng Shaoting just stopped there because they noticed the group of unkind people..


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