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Chapter 2458: I Will


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The moment he finished, thunderous applause sounded under the stage.

“Theard your loud answer.

It seems the bridegroom loves the bride deeply.” The host joked.

All the guests had the same feeling, and the Cao family felt very comforted.

“Cao Wenxin, will you take Xin Bei to be your lawful, wedded husband Will you love him, honor him, comfort him as long as you both shall live” asked the host.

“Twill,” said Cao Wenxin.

Her voice wasnt as loud as Xin Beis, but she said with determination.

As soon as she finished, loud applause again sounded from under the stage.

After that, the bride and the bridegroom put on each others rings.

“Now, you may kiss your bride,” said the host.

Xin Bei lightly kissed Cao Wenxins lips, because with so many people watching them, he couldnt give her a passionate kiss.

“And the bride, you can kiss your husband now,” said the host.

Cao Wenxin then moved over and kissed Xin Beis lips.

Afterwards, the parents of the newlyweds went on the stage.

Because Xin Bei didnt have parents, his uncle and aunt went on the stage instead.

The host explained that the bridegrooms parents passed away early, so his uncle and aunt were on the stage now.

However, when Xin Beis uncle and aunt went on the stage, many guests were surprised.

They didnt know that they were Xin Beis relatives until now.

The seniors sat down on their seats, then the bride and bridegroom served them with tea.

During this part of the ceremony, the seniors had to give the newlyweds red envelopes.

The brides parents gave a thick red envelope to the bridegroom, and vice versa.

Because it was just a part of the ceremony, Cao Wenxin and Xin Bei received the same red envelopes the seniors had already given them this morning.

After that part was finished, they stood up and the seniors gave them good wishes.

At this time, both Cao Ruihua and Tang Yunrong felt like crying, So to prevent herself from bursting into tears, Tang Yunrong didnt say many words.

Afterwards, the seniors went back to their seats under the stage.

Then the bride and bridegroom opened champagne and cut the cake to start the wedding dinner.

Cao Wenxin was pregnant, so she couldnt drink and replaced her glass of champagne with juice.

At the banquet, the guests began to drink and chat with one another.

Many people walked to drink with Gu Ning, so Gu Ning had to drink a lot, and Leng Shaoting didnt help her.

Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang were a little displeased.

They wanted to help Gu Ning, but her boyfriend was here, so if they drank for her, Leng Shaoting would be embarrassed.

Although they were dissatisfied with Leng Shaoting since he did nothing, they couldnt embarrass him publicly.

Perhaps Leng Shaoting didnt realize it was a problem, so they decided to give him a reminder.

“Shaoting, why dont you help Ningning with the drinks Shes drunk a lot,” said Tang Jiayang, sounding slightly unhappy.

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Leng Shaoting understood that they were unhappy because he didnt help Gu Ning with the drinks, but he didnt mind.

After all, they cared about Gu Ning, so he explained at once.

“Given Ningnings character, since she can drink, she wont let anyone else help her.

If she doesnt want to drink, shell just


And dont worry, she wont get drunk.

Did you forget that she has a magical medicine with her She will be fine.”

Hearing that, Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang suddenly realized that Gu Ning could protect herself with her magical medicine!

Moreover, given Gu Nings character, if she was willing to drink, she indeed didnt need help.

If she couldnt drink more, she would just stop.

Therefore, they felt a little guilty because they were dissatisfied with his behavior earlier.

Compared with Leng Shaoting, they knew too little about Gu Ning.

Gu Ning heard their conversation, so she said to them when she had a break, “Dont worry, I wont force myself to drink if I cant drink more.

I didnt drink too much, so its not a big deal.

If you dont believe me, I can give each of you a magical pill later.

I promise you will get rid of the effects of the alcohol

right away.”

“You convinced us,” said Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang.

They believed it; they just forgot earlier.

After all, they witnessed Gu Ning drinking all the time, so they were worried about her.

Anyway, since Gu Ning joined the business world, it was unavoidable for her to drink.

Not to mention that it was just the beginning, and she had to learn to handle more social events in the future.

Although they cared about Gu Ning, they could do nothing about it.

It was her choice and she couldnt give up everything just because she didnt want to drink.

It was serious business, not childrens play after all.

In fact, when Tang Jiayang joined the business world and Tang Jiakai joined politics, they would have to socialize with different people in the future.

Tang Jiayang was interested in business, while Tang Jiakai was interested in politics.

Actually, whether they had any interest or not, they were destined to become businessmen and politicians.

Tang Yunhang would retire one day, so if Tang Jiayang joined the business, but Tang Jiakai didnt join the politics, the Tang family would lose its influence after Tang Yunhang retired.

Power was always more influential than money, so the Tang family needed a member to be in a high position in politics.

Even if the member couldnt reach a position as important as Tang Yunhangs, he had to be a director or a head in order to maintain the Tang familys status.

The Tang familys status relied on Tang Yunhangs position in politics and Tang Yunfans influence in business.

At the beginning, they planned to let Tang Jiayang join the politics and Tang Jiakai could join the business, because Tang Jiayang was more stable ever since they were little.

However, Tang Jiayang had little interest in politics.

Instead, he was greatly interested in business and Tang Jiakai was unwilling to

do business and was more interested in politics.

Nevertheless, the Tang family didnt let them make the choice simply out of interest.

They needed to pass a test.

Interest couldnt represent their abilities.

Interest could only help them focus on their career.

After the test, it proved that Tang Jiayang was indeed more suitable for business and Tang Jiakai should join politics, so that was the final result.

Therefore, whenever anything happened in politics now, Tang Yunhang would tell Tang Jiakai and let him do an analysis.


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