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Chapter 2457: Miss Han Likes Manager Xu


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Therefore, Han Sitong took the name card Xu Jinlin handed to her, then put on a perfunctory smile.


After that, she gave Xu Jinlin her name card.

“Manager Xu, this is mine.”

No matter what attitude Xu Jinlin had, since he handed her a name card, she should give him hers, or it would be embarrassing.

Given her status, it was impossible that she would embarrass him.

Xu Jinlin took Han Sitongs name card.

He wouldnt keep it and would instead give it to his secretary later.

Whatever Han Sitongs purpose was, they were in the same circle, so it was necessary to stay polite.

A businessman next to them saw through Han Sitong, so he deliberately asked Xu Jinlin, “Manager Xu, I heard that youve been engaged for a while.

When is your wedding Can I be invited”

He said that in order to embarrass Han Sitong, because he disliked her.

Although there was no conflict between them, she had humiliated his nephew, so he didnt get along with her.

His nephew had pursued Han Sitong before, but Han Sitong rejected his nephew and even said that his nephew was an ugly frog that didnt deserve her who was a beautiful swan.

His nephews family wasnt comparable to Han Sitongs, but his nephew was a very outstanding young man.

The point was that she humiliated his nephew after rejecting him, which was really unkind.

Upon hearing his words, Han Sitong was surprised.

Xu Jinlin was already engaged

After being surprised, she was greatly disappointed.

If he was already engaged, she would have no chance.

“This summer I think.

We havent settled the exact date yet.

After its settled, youll surely be invited, Chairman Cai,” said Xu Jinlin.

“Thats wonderful!” Chairman Cai laughed.

“Well, I think the wedding is about to begin.

I need to go back to my seat now,” said Xu Jinlin.

“Sure, please,” said Chairman Cai, then Xu Jinlin turned around and walked away.

Once he was gone, Han Sitong snorted with mixed emotions.

Although this was only her second meeting with Xu Jinlin, she had a very good impression of him.

Most importantly, such a perfect man as he was, he was every womans Mr.


Unfortunately, he was already engaged.

“Miss Han, I bet you like Manager Xu very much, but hes already engaged,” said Chairman Cai meaningfully, then left without delay.

Han Sitong didnt know that Chairman Cai was the uncle of the admirer she had humiliated before.

So she could see that he did it on purpose, but she didnt know why.

However, she didnt bother to figure it out.

“Jinlin, youre too popular.

Wherever you go, there are your admirers.” After Xu Jinlin came to his seat, An Yan joked with him.

Xu Jinlin said nothing, and just rolled his eyes at An Yan.

Didnt An Yan know why he was so popular

“Hes the general manager and the heir of the Jinlin Organization.

If hes an ordinary man, I dont think he would still have so many admirers,” said Ji Wenbu.

It was very realistic that women were only attracted to Xu Jinlins background.

“Youre right.

Nowadays everyone is very realistic,” said An Yan.

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‘When it was almost 6 pm, the bride and bridegroom came in and went to get ready for the ceremony.

Ten minutes before the wedding, the emcee, host, lighting engineer, sound engineer, supervisor, etc.

were all in place.

Four minutes before the wedding, the bridegroom waited by the stage, while the bride stood at the entrance of the wedding hall.

Two minutes before the wedding, the wedding song was played, and the next moment, the bride and the bridegroom walked out.

The bridegroom came from the stage, while the bride took her fathers hand and walked towards the stage.

At this moment, Cao Ruihua, a strong, tough man, suddenly felt like crying.

Even though he knew that his daughter would still live with them after she got married, his daughter was married to another man.

He felt that his adorable daughter now belonged to another man, so it was hard for him not to

feel sad.

Tang Yunrong, who sat under the stage, cried too.

At the same time, she also felt happy for Cao Wenxin, because Cao Wenxin married her love.

As parents, they just wanted their kid to live a happy life.

The bride and bridegroom walked to the designated position and met under the limelight.

The bridegroom presented the most beautiful flowers to the bride with his own hands.

The bridegroom then assured the brides father that he would treat his daughter well, before the brides father handed the bride into the hands of the bridegroom.

After saying a few sentences, the brides father left.

Watching Cao Ruihuas back, Cao Wenxin burst into tears.

Although she could still live with her parents after she got married, it was totally different now.

Before she got married, the Cao family was her own family, but now she needed to start a new family.

Besides, for most daughters, they became guests to their families after they were married.

The Cao family wouldnt treat Cao Wenxin as a guest after she was married, but the situation was different.

She couldnt take the Cao familys stuff without feeling guilty now.

In that case, even if she still lived with her parents afterwards, she couldnt ask her parents to buy stuff for her.

She would have to pay the bills on her own.

Cao Wenxin felt sad, not because she couldnt ask her parents to give her everything in the future.

She wasnt a person without any gratitude.

She just felt that she grew up now and had to leave her parents and start a new family with her husband.

After the two returned to the stage, the host gave a speech.

Ladies and gentlemen, friends and families, welcome!

Today is the wedding of this loving couple.

Stand by each other, be in each others arms no matter in happiness or in tears.

Stand by each other, when the cold rain starts to fall and your hearts are filled with fears.

Stand by each other, when youre too old to chew.

So love your love, thats all we pray for.

With all the blessings, may happiness be with you all the way.

Now, the bride and the bridegroom shall exchange the rings.

Hearing that, Cao Wenwei stepped up with the rings.

The host said something again, then came to the key moment.

“Xin Bei, will you take Cao Wenxin to be your lawful, wedded wife Will you love her, honor her, comfort her as long as you both shall live” asked the host.

“T will!” said Xin Bei loudly and without hesitation.

He couldnt wait to spend the rest of his life with Cao Wenxin..


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