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Chapter 2455: Shes Finally Gone


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“Fine, go home now.

Ill tell the chauffeur to drive you home.” Junior Mrs.

Jiang agreed with Jiang Yutong.

At least, no trouble would be caused.

“Sure,” said Jiang Yutong, then her mother took her out.

When they walked by Tang Yunrong, Junior Mrs.

Jiang excused themselves.

She said that Jiang Yutong had a headache and needed to go home.

Hearing that, Tang Yunrong gave a glance at Jiang Yutongs uncomfortable face.

She didnt think much about it.

After expressing her concer, she let them leave.

Gu Ning and the others stood outside, so they saw Junior Mrs.

Jiang walk Jiang Yutong away.

They also heard their conversation with Tang Yunrong.

They knew that Jiang Yutong didnt leave because she had a headache.

She just argued with them, so she couldnt stay here any longer and went back home.

Nevertheless it was good news for them!


Shes finally gone,” said Tang Jiakai with satisfaction.

He hated seeing Jiang Yutong, If they werent in a public place, he would have sworn at her.

Upon thinking that Jiang Yutong had fallen in love with Tang Jiayang, he felt disgusted.

If she only admired Tang Jiayang, it wouldnt be disgusting, but she wouldnt stop bothering him, which was unacceptable.

Anyway, they couldnt accept it.

“What has she done Why do you hate her so much” Zi Beiying asked curiously.

“Shes always acting, and a little crazy.

If you get along with her, you might be hurled blame at any time,” said Gu Ning.

Even though Zi Beiying asked her that question, she couldnt tell her that Jiang Yutong fell in love with Tang Jiayang.

After all, the fewer people who knew about it, the better it was.

Besides, there were so many people around them.

If she said it aloud, other people would hear it and Tang Jiayang would be embarrassed!

Tang Jiayang didnt want more people to know about it.

Although he did nothing and he disliked Jiang Yutong, he would still feel humiliated if other people learned about it.

Therefore, he was anxious when Zi Beiying asked about it.

He was worried that his friends might blurt the truth out.

He didnt feel

relieved until Gu Ning gave an explanation.

Zi Beiying nodded, and stopped asking about it.

Gu Ning and the others only stayed there for a short while, but many guests had already come to chat with Gu Ning, not because Gu Ning was Tang Yunfans daughter.

She was much younger than them, so they wouldnt bother to greet her first.

They went to chat with Gu Ning because she was the chairman of the Shengning Organization.

She was now a star in the business world, and the most successful entrepreneur among them.

Therefore, whether they were envious or jealous of Gu Ning, they respected her.

Because Gu Ning was with many of her friends, those businessmen didnt chat with her for too long.

They simply had a brief chat with her, then went inside.

If they had a long talk with Gu Ning at this moment, they would be gauche.

Those who knew Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai also politely greeted them.

People who were aware that Leng Shaoting was Gu Nings fiancé gave him a smile, but they didnt know his background.

Only a few were aware of that.

Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang also attracted a lot of attention from many girls, but none of them dared to come to talk with them because there were too many people around them.

Those who came to chat with them were all familiar faces.

All of them belonged to high society, so they werent strangers.

However, they were only familiar with each other, and it didnt mean they were close.

After all, people in high society gathered together for benefits.

They all wanted to climb up the social ladder on other peoples coattails.

Therefore, usually there werent sincere friends in their circle.

It was very normal that they got what they wanted through connections.

As long as no one deliberately hurt the others, they would stay in the circle.

As a result, whether they were familiar or not, Tang Jiakai and Tang Jiayang gave them a polite reply.

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Yu Zi also came today.

She sent Cao Wenxin a luxurious and delicate gown.

She paid for the materials this gown was made of, and didnt use the money of their company.

Although Gu Ning didnt care about that, Yu Zi had her principles.

In addition, Yu Zi didnt spend her work hours making this gift for Cao Wenxin.

She spent three days and nights on it and she finished it at her home.

Cao Wenxin was pregnant and couldnt put on the gown right now, but she would put it away.

After she gave birth to the baby, she could wear it then.

Anyway, the gown would be popular for years.

All the gowns made by Yu Zi were very beautiful, so Cao Wenxin loved the gift.

Because Yu Zi had become a new star in the fashion industry, she enjoyed as much fame as a B-list actress and wasnt only known in the design industry.

Therefore, when those rich ladies and wives saw Yu Zi, they all smiled at her.

It wasnt easy to buy a gown designed by Yu Zi now, and they had to wait for at least half a year.

Actually, Yu Zi only needed to finish four gowns during the half year.

It was time-consuming and energy-consuming to design and make a gown.

Moreover, Yu Zi did all the work on her own.

Custom-made gowns were all unique, and Charm wouldnt make a second piece.

If there was a second piece, it had to be fake.

Some gowns produced by Charm were also designed by Yu Zi, but they werent unique.

However, they were limited, because they would lose their value if there were too many of them.

Yu Zi always did the work by herself.

Although she had many customers, she didnt take all the orders at a time.

She only took orders that she could finish within half a year.

If she took too many orders, it might damage her reputation if she couldnt finish all of them.

The competition was always strong in every industry, so if she made any mistakes, she could lose customers.

Ever since Charm was established, it had been through a lot, but its general manager handled all the trouble very well..


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