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Chapter 2445: I Was Looking at the Girl next to Her


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Zhang Yannis voice was loud, so other people around the table also heard her.

However, because of the music in the bar, other tables didnt hear them.

Jiang Zes friends immediately turned to look at Jiang Ze in confusion.

Where did he look

Because when they turned to look at Jiang Ze, Jiang Ze had just withdrawn his gaze, they didnt know what had happened.

Although they were curious about it, they felt it was the couples personal affair.

The girl who also knew that Zhao Fulin was in the bar understood that he must be looking at Zhao Fulin when she heard Zhang Yannis question.

However, she didnt ask Zhang Yanni where Zhao Fulin sat, so she had no idea where Zhao Fulin was right now.

When Jiang Ze heard Zhang Yannis angry question, he realized that he shouldnt stare at Zhao Fulin every now and then since he was noticed by Zhang Yanni.

He knew that he shouldnt do that, but he felt embarrassed that Zhang Yanni pointed it out in public and was slightly upset.

Therefore, he didnt reply to her, but lifted his glass to drink with their friends.

Filled with displeasure, Zhang Yanni kept on questioning Jiang Ze.

“Im asking you.

Why didnt you answer my question”

“Keep your voice down! I just gave a glance.

So what” Jiang Ze said angrily.

Although he indeed stared at Zhao Fulin, he didnt think it was a big deal.

“You…” Zhang Yanni was mad and felt even more aggrieved.

“You cant move your eyes away from her.

How could you shout at me”

“Why do you think I was looking at her I was looking at the girl next to her,” said Jiang Ze.

The girl next to Zhao Fulin was Gu Ning.

At the beginning, he was indeed watching Zhao Fulin, but he started to stare at Gu Ning afterwards.

With a glance, he recognized that she was the girl who had saved Zhao Fulins life last time.

After staring at her for a while, he figured out that she was Gu Ning.

He was surprised, so he didnt move his gaze from Gu Ning.

Unexpectedly, it was Gu Ning who rescued Zhao Fulin and they were friends now.

Jiang Ze was full of regrets.

If he was together with Zhao Fulin, he could climb up the social ladder through the Zhao family and meet Gu Ning!

It would only be good for his future.

Since Zhao Fulin sat with Gu Ning, the other people around their table should also have a high status.

Thinking of that, Jiang Ze felt he really had bad luck having lost Zhao Fulin.

“What You…” Zhang Yanni was even more displeased when she heard that her boyfriend was looking at another girl.

“Enough! Couldnt you let me finish Dont be ridiculous.

Its a public place.

I dont want to be embarrassed.” Jiang Ze snapped at Zhang Yanni.

Actually, he blamed Zhang Yanni for separating him and Zhao Fulin.

If it werent for Zhang Yanni, he wouldnt have rejected Zhao Fulin and lost the chance to join high society.

Therefore, he hated Zhang Yanni more than ever now!

However, he still had reason.

He had already lost Zhao Fulin and didnt have a better choice than Zhang Yanni now, so he had to keep her.

Jiang Zes voice wasnt loud in the music, but the table next to them heard him this time and gave them a glance.

However, the next moment, they withdrew their gaze.

After all, it was a couples argument and had nothing to do with them.

Although there was a table between them and Gu Ning, Gu Ning could still hear their conversation.

She didnt do it on purpose, but she had a very good hearing.

Therefore, she realized that Jiang Ze was talking about her and she bet that he must have recognized her.

Anyway, she had no interest.

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Zhang Yanni shut her mouth right after Jiang Ze snapped at her.

Her anger went away a little as well, because she knew that Jiang Ze said it for a reason.

However, she didnt know what the reason was, so she was still mad.

Jiang Ze would please Zhang Yanni sometimes, but he wouldnt do it all the time because he was a bit of a male chauvinist.

He wouldnt allow his girlfriend to embarrass him like that publicly.

“Dont you recognize the girl next to Zhao Fulin” Jiang Ze asked.

The others were a little confused, because they didnt know what they were talking about.

“Isnt she the girl who rescued Zhao Fulin last time” Zhang Yanni said.

She recognized the girl next to Zhao Fulin, and was extremely jealous of her beauty.

Did Jiang Ze fall in love with her

Thinking of that, Zhang Yanni became alert at once.

However, before she said anything again, Jiang Ze spoke.

“If so, I wouldnt watch her.

Dont you know shes the most popular celebrity on the Internet this year Shes the chairman of the Shengning Organization, Gu Ning,” said Jiang Ze.


Hearing that, all the people around the table were astonished.

They had heard of Gu Ning, but none of them had seen her before in person.

Although they had seen her photos, they failed to recognize her, because not everyone had a good memory and could match the person with her photos.

At the same time, they tured to look around and asked Jiang Ze, “Where is Gu Ning”

Because Gu Ning was very famous and had a lot of achievements, they all admired her.

So when they heard that Gu Ning was also in the bar, they were extremely excited.

“Shes at the table next to the table near us,” said Jiang Ze.

Hearing that, they all tuned to look at the table next to the table near them, then they saw Gu Ning.

Gu Ning heard their conversation and knew that they were looking at her, but she had her head lowered and was talking with her friends, so she didnt see them.

Because Jiang Ze told them it was Gu Ning, they immediately recognized her.

“Jesus, its really Gu Ning! Shes much prettier than her photos.

I didnt know that Zhao Fulin has a relationship with Gu Ning!” The girl who knew that Zhao Fulin was also here was very surprised, as were the other people.

They didnt expect Zhao Fulin to have a relationship with Gu Ning.

None of them was aware of Zhao Fulins real family background, and they didnt know that Jiang Ze rejected Zhao Fulin because he thought that she was born in a common family.

If they learned about Zhao Fulins real family background, they would feel sorry for Jiang Ze.

At this moment, Zhang Yanni was shocked and became even more jealous of Zhao Fulin.

To her astonishment, the girl turned out to be Gu Ning..


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