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Chapter 2441: Stay away from Her

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Gu Ning said that not because she wanted Jiang Yutong to post it on the Internet, because it would damage Tang Jiayangs reputation to some extent.

Gu Ning said that because she believed that Jiang Yutong didnt dare to tell the truth.

She would be the only one who was criticized and judged if she did


Anyway, in case Jiang Yutong lost control of her reason, Gu Ning continued.

“Well, if you decide to post it on the Internet, you better be prepared to accept the unexpected result.

You must be mentally strong to face the criticisms and dirty words hurled at you by the Internet users.

Perhaps your family will

also be affected.

After all, youre from a rich family.

And if it affects the Tang family, I bet youll suffer a worse result.”

It wouldnt cause a sensation, but Gu Ning wanted to scare Jiang Yutong.

Jiang Yutong was a young girl who lacked experience, so she could be easily frightened.

Without surprise, Jiang Yutong looked scared once she heard Gu Nings words.

She didnt want to be criticized on the Internet.

Although she liked Tang Jiayang and didnt care that they were cousins, she knew that it was totally unacceptable in todays society.

“L…” Jiang Yutong didnt know what to say and became weak.

Those men didnt know the specific reason for their conflict, but they figured out that it must be Jiang Yutongs fault and she must have done something totally unacceptable first.

“Miss Gu, Im sorry, we didnt know the reason, so…”

“Miss Gu, Im sorry.”

Those men apologized to Gu Ning at once.

Even though they stood out due to a sense of justice, they had indeed made a mistake.

“Its fine, I know you have a sense of justice.

Thats a good thing.

Although its a misunderstanding, its understandable given that situation,” said Gu Ning.

They misunderstood them, but it proved that they had a sense of justice, so she shouldnt blame them for that.

Gu Ning didnt blame them, and they were relieved.

“How about me They just shouted at me.

I feel aggrieved now.

Who should take responsibility for that” In the car, Tang Jiakai was still displeased when he heard their conversation.

His voice wasnt loud, and only Tang Jiayang who sat next to him could hear it clearly.

“Alright, they didnt know the reason.” Tang Jiayang understood Tang Jiakais feelings, but they couldnt go out and argue with them.

“Fine!” Tang Jiakai snorted and said nothing again.

He was unhappy, but he just complained about it for a while.

He wouldnt really go out and argue with them again.

After those men apologized, Gu Ning turned to get in the car.

Jiang Yutong didnt dare to go forward anymore.

She could only watch them leave.

After that, those men also left.

They said nothing to Jiang Yutong, only giving her a glance.

“Damn Gu Ning! Damn Tang Jiakai! Do they think they can stop me from seeing Jiayang by doing that Well, I can see him the day after tomorrow.” When everyone was gone, Jiang Yutong complained loudly.

She blamed Gu Ning and Tang Jiakai for separating her from Tang Jiayang.

She had no intention

of blaming Tang Jiayang at all.

However, Tang Jiayang also didnt want her to leave with him.

Since they were gone, Jiang Yutong wouldnt stay here any longer, so she walked out alone.

She didnt call her friend to follow, but her friend still did it obediently.

“bet shell still seek chances to approach Jiayang,” said Tang Jiakai.

He didnt bother to hide his hatred for Jiang Yutong.

“There is a chance.

At Wenxins wedding, Jiang Yutong will surely show up,” said Gu Ning.

The Jiang family was the Tang familys relatives.

Wenxin was the Tang familys granddaughter-in-law, so the Jiang family would undoubtedly be invited.

“Right!” Hearing that, Tang Jiakai was in a really bad mood, but he couldnt shut Jiang Yutong out.

“We can just stay away from her at that time,” said Tang Jiayang, although he never wanted to be close to her.

“If shes as shameless as usual, well hurt her deeply.

I dont care whether she can accept it.

She is asking for it,” said Tang Jiakai.

“Right,” said Tang Jiayang.

Jiang Jiamin knew that Tang Jiayang was back, so did Jiang Minhong and Jiang Jiamin.

When they had almost arrived at the Tang familys house, Tang Jiayang received Jiang Minhongs call.

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Because they knew that Tang Jiayang needed to meet with his parents after he came back today, he didnt call Tang Jiayang out for a meal.

Instead, he asked Tang Jiayang whether he was free tonight, and mentioned that they could have a gathering at the bar.

Although they were students, they were adults too, so they could drink.

They only drank a little and wouldnt get drunk, because they didnt want accidents to happen.

Tang Jiayang agreed.

He could go out tonight, and he told them that Gu Ning was with him, so Jiang Minhong told him to come with Gu Ning.

Gu Ning accepted their invitation.

They were close relatives of Tang Jiayang and Tang Jiakai, so she should build a good relationship with them.

Jiang Jiamin was also happy to know that Gu Ning would come.

Back in the Tang familys house, it was time for lunch.

Tang Yunhang and Jiang Lihua never had lunch at home.

They normally finished eating at their workplace.

Tang Yunfan, on the other hand, needed to take care of Gu Man and their new baby, so he went home for lunch.

He would go to work again after lunch.

Although Tang Yunfan cared about Gu Man and their new baby, he couldnt stay at home the entire time.

He needed to deal with his work.

He could only spend some time with Gu Man and their new baby when he wasnt busy.

Tang Jiayang came home with gifts for Tang Jiayu.

“Te seen other new-born babies.

They are all wrinkled, but Jiayu is totally different.

He isnt wrinkled at all.

Hes so beautiful!” said Tang Jiayang.

He really liked this new younger cousin.

He didnt think it was a bad thing although he might no longer be the heir of the Tanghuang Organization.

Even though he was educated to take over the Tanghuang Organization, he had his own dream and plan.

He didnt want to work in the Tang familys company right after he graduated.

He wanted to build his own career, because he wanted to prove himself.

If he went straight to work in the Tanghuang Organization, then took it over as planned, nobody would believe that he had the ability to manage it well..


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