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It wasnt unusual that a boss sent his secretary home, but Gu Ning had a sense that the relationship between Gu Qinxiang and his secretary wasnt simple.

However, Gu Ning had no intention to investigate it any further.

Although she didnt get along well with Gu Qinxiangs family, she had her moral standards.

However, she did hope that Lin Lijuan found it out herself, and that it would be interesting.

Gu Ning went back home when it was almost 9 pm.

Leng Shaoting sent Gu Ning to the outside of G zone.

The two had a long kiss again, and Leng Shaoting was turned on once more.

He was badly in need of a cold bath to clear his mind right now.

Thus after Gu Ning disappeared from his sight, Leng Shaoting ran to Xu Jinchens place and had a cold bath.

He felt much better afterwards.

During the following days, Gu Ning dined with Leng Shaoting at noon and in the afternoon.

Chu Peihan and others complained a lot about that, because Gu Ning didnt have time to train them now.

Gu Ning thought for a while.

Maybe it was the right time to introduce Leng Shaoting to them, so she invited them to have a meal together on Wednesday afternoon.

Knowing that they were going to meet their bosss boyfriend, everyone was excited.

The minute the last class was over, Chu Peihan ran to the fourth classroom, but they hadnt finished yet.

Chu Peihan loudly said to the teacher, “Hi, Mr.

Zhang, the time is over!”

The teacher had planned to delay the class for two minutes longer, but Chu Peihan interrupted him.

He glared at Chu Peihan, but Chu Peihan didnt care at all.

Gu Ning didnt know what to say.

After that, a group of them walked towards the outside.

Chu Peihan and Hao Ran also urged them to be quick.

They couldnt wait to meet their bosss boyfriend.

“Oh, boss, which one of you is better at fighting” Hao Ran suddenly thought of that question.

“Oh! How could I forget! Your boyfriend is a military officer, so he must be really good at fighting! By the way, is your boyfriend a normal soldier or from the Special Forces If hes from the Special Forces, it would be so cool!” Chu Peihan said.

And the rest all looked at Gu Ning for the answer.

“He serves in the Special Forces, and hes better than me,” Gu Ning said with pride.

“Wow! Boss, you finally met someone who is better than you!” Qin Zixun said with excitement.

“I lost the last time when I was in the competition with Situ Ye too,” Gu Ning said.

“I think it was even,” Zhang Tianping said.

Outsiders couldnt tell the difference.

“Situ Ye is better than our boss at skills, but he lost from the perspective of experience, because Situ is older and more experienced than our boss.

However, he wasnt able to control the game and limit our boss, which was no different than a failure.” Chu Peihan made her comment plainly.

Undeniably, Chu Peihan told the truth.

“Peihans right.

That is to say our boss won anyway,” Mu Ke said.

Everyone nodded.

“It sounds right, but in a real situation or battle, no matter if youre better at skills or experience, the point is to win.

And we only competed for five minutes, which cant prove anything.

I can only tell you that I had already tried my best, and thats it.” Gu Ning wasnt defending Situ Ye, nor denying what Chu Peihan had just said.

She just believed that there was only one winner in a competition, no matter why you won.

Everyone agreed with Gu Ning and soon dropped the topic.

When they got outside, the girls took Hao Rans car, while the boys took a taxi.

They all went to the Youyi Restaurant together.

Gu Ning had already told Leng Shaoting that they were going to meet her friends, so he booked a private room beforehand.

Under the guidance of a waiter, they went to the private room, and knocked on its door.

“Come on in, please.” Leng Shaotings voice sounded from inside.

Then, Gu Ning followed by the others walked in.

Leng Shaoting immediately stood up to welcome them, but his sight fell on Gu Ning first as usual.

Everyone was stunned when Leng Shaoting appeared in their sight.

The man was tall and strong.

The air conditioner was on in the room, so he had taken off his coat and was wearing a tight black sweater, which accentuated his charming body very well.

He also had outstanding features which composed a perfect face.

Facing everyones surprise, Leng Shaoting didnt show any dislike at all, but he wasnt used to being the center of everyones focus.

“Come over and have a seat!” Gu Ning opened her mouth and interrupted them.

Chu Peihan suddenly said, “Nice to meet you, brother-in-law.”

Both Leng Shaoting and Gu Ning were shocked, but the man was satisfied with the title.

He knew that they all admired Gu Ning and respected her as their boss as well as the eldest sister.

Since he was Gu Nings boyfriend, it wasnt wrong that they called him brother-in-law.

Gu Ning, on the other hand, felt a little uneasy.

“Nice to meet you, brother-in-law,” Hao Ran and the others said with one accord.

“Nice to meet you too,” Leng Shaoting replied.

Although he said it airily, nobody thought that he was being arrogant.

Leng Shaoting was a man of few words, and wasnt good at making jokes, but he wasnt arrogant either.

He respected everyone equally.

Gu Ning, at the same time, had already told her friends about Leng Shaotings personality.

Although he looked cold and quiet, he was reliable.

Therefore, everyone was mentally prepared.

However, Leng Shaoting had the air of a king in their eyes, and so they behaved somewhat carefully before him.

After the greeting, they were all seated.

Gu Ning took off her coat, and Leng Shaoting immediately helped her hang it up.

A waiter came insider, and Gu Ning let her friends order first.

“Help yourself please.”

“Of course! Since the meal is on our brother-in-law, we wont be shy!” Chu Peihan said.


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