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“I dont care what theyve done before.

They are now working for me.

I should surely protect them,” said Gu Ning.

Although she knew that it was Gao Yi and Qiao Yas fault for betraying the head, she wouldnt hesitate to protect them after they started to work for her.

In addition, they betrayed the head simply because they were reluctant to do bad deeds any longer.

There was nothing wrong with that.

Hearing that, the head wasnt mad.

“Miss Gu, is it a no” he asked.

“Its impossible that Ill cooperate with you.

If you agree to let them go and stay away from my business, the problem will be solved today.

If not, Im afraid we will have to have a fight to decide whos the boss here,” said Gu Ning.

The head wouldnt allow her to leave without paying.

Even if Gu Ning didnt want to have any conflicts with him, he would still cause her trouble.

Gu Ning understood his plan.

She either agreed to work with him, then left here safely, or he would stop them from leaving if she refused.

However, he might not have the ability to keep them here.

“Impossible Well, it seems you have no intention to cooperate with me at all, Miss Gu.

You simply came to tell me to let these two betrayers go and stay away from your business.” The head snorted.

He wasnt surprised, but felt that Gu Ning was too confident.

She specially paid him a visit to tell him to listen to her.

Who did she think she was What place did she think she was in right now How could she come and go as she wanted Did she think she was the boss here Why were they so confident Could they really leave here later

Even though the housekeeper and the other servants couldnt interrupt now, they looked angry and began to stare at Gu Ning and the others unkindly.

“Yes,” said Gu Ning.

“Do you think its possible” the head asked mockingly.

“Its up to you.

If it doesnt work, Ill destroy this place and solve the problem completely,” said Gu Ning arrogantly.

“Youre arrogant!” The head was angered.

Gu Ning just said to his face that she was going to completely destroy his place.

The housekeeper and the other men were also angry.

Looking at Gu Ning and her people, they showed a desire to kill.

Staring at Gu Ning, the head put a lot of pressure on her, trying to threaten her, but it was useless.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin werent affected either.

Only Gao Yi and Qiao Ya were slightly affected.

“Im not only arrogant, Im also strong.

If you dont believe it, give it a try,” said Gu Ning arrogantly again.

“Great, then Ill see what you can do.

Get in here now!” The head was extremely mad.

The moment he finished speaking, six armed men came inside and pointed their guns at Gu Ning.

The housekeeper and other men in the room also took out their guns and pointed them at Gu Ning and her people.

The head knew that Gu Ning and her people didnt carry guns, because there were sensors at the gate of the manor.

If they had something they shouldnt have, they would be discovered.

Otherwise, the head wouldnt have allowed them to come in.

Facing their guns, Gu Ning and her people stayed calm.

They werent afraid at all.

If they werent cultivators, they might be in a lot of danger when so many guns were pointed at them.

However, they were cultivators.

Even if those men fired the guns, there was no need for them to avoid the bullets.

They could easily deflect the bullets back with magical energy.

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By then, only those men would be injured.

Although they pointed their guns at Gu Ning and her people, they did nothing without an order from the head.

The head frowned a little when he saw that Gu Ning and her people stayed so calm.

He knew that Gu Ning must be prepared since she dared to come to his place, but he was curious about her abilities now.

Therefore, he was slightly worried that Gu Ning might really be able to destroy his base.

However, at least on the surface, he had to stay tough.

“Miss Gu, are you sure youre going to destroy my place”

Gu Nings attitude had angered him and he couldnt wait to get rid of her, but he knew that he would suffer a great loss too if a shoot-out happened.

As the head of the killer organization, he had to keep the organization in consideration, so he still hoped that Gu Ning could agree to cooperate with them.

However, he couldnt accept the conditions she laid out.

She wanted him to let go of Gao Yi and Qiao Ya and stay away from her business.

In his eyes, if they couldnt reach cooperation, Gu Ning and her people would become a time bomb.

“Since we dared to come, were well-prepared for this.

I dont think a few guns can hurt us.

Im actually surprised by your arrangement.

I thought you would arrange for dozens of people to attack us,” said Gu Ning, looking down her nose at the head.

That was her real thought.

She indeed thought that there would be many killers in this base, so she called Jiang Liluo and Si Jin to come with her.

Although she was also a killer in the previous incarnation, she didnt belong to any killer organization.

She had only received professional training, so she knew very little about killer organizations.

“If so, there is nothing I can say now.

Fire!” The head stopped talking with Gu Ning, and gave an order to shoot.

As soon as he finished, his people shot at Gu Ning and her people.

Right at this time, from Gu Nings body, a strong magical energy was generated and formed into a barrier.

It covered all of them, but mortals couldnt see it.

As a result, in their eyes, Gu Ning and her people didnt fight back at all.

Before Gu Ning and her people came here, they had analyzed the situation in the base.

They knew how to handle it, so no one panicked now.

The head and his people were shocked when they found that Gu Ning and her people didnt hide at all.

They even felt that they might be dumb and were digging their own graves.

The next second, the bullets reached Gu Ning and her people.

However, right when they believed that Gu Ning and her people were going to be hit by the bullet, the situation completely changed.

When the bullets were only half a meter away from Gu Ning and her people, they suddenly bounced back.

This reversal was strange and unexpected, so they widened their eyes in surprise..

Unfortunately, before they could react, the six of them were hit by the rebounding bullets at the same time.


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