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Back in the city center, they went to have steak at a fancy western restaurant.


Because Han Chenglin was the guest, Chu Peihan let him decide what to eat.

Han Chenglin felt it was more romantic to have a western dinner, so he decided to have steak.


Also, there were only two of them, so if they went to have a traditional meal, it would be difficult for them to order appropriate dishes for two.

It would be a waste of food if they ordered too much, but it would be inappropriate if they only ordered three dishes.


Chu Peihan seldom talked to Han Chenglin because she didnt know what to say, but Han Chenglin was very talkative and wouldnt stop talking with Chu Peihan.


“Why dont we go to a karaoke bar tonight” asked Han Chenglin.


“There are just two of us.

Itll be boring.

I prefer to go home and play mobile games,” said Chu Peihan.


Even if they were going to do karaoke, it would only be fun when there were a lot of people.


Han Chenglin, however, wanted to have some private time with Chu Peihan, but it seemed that Chu Peihan didnt want to go do fun stuff when there were only two of them.


“Why dont you call your friends I dont know what to do after going back to the hotel.” In order to spend more time with Chu Peihan, Han Chenglin had to tell Chu Peihan to call her friends.


Chu Peihan hesitated for a second, then said, “Um, I need to ask them whether theyre free.

I have about six friends in this city, who always hang out together, unless were busy.”


“No problem,” said Han Chenglin.

He didnt care how many friends Chu Peihan had.

He simply didnt want to leave her right now.

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Without delay, Chu Peihan @(mentioned) her friends in City F in their WeChat group.

Other than Gu Ning, they were all back to City F for the vacation.


At this time, they had finished dinner, and most of them were free, so they agreed to meet up once they read Chu Peihans message.

However, only five of them could come, because An Yi and Qin Zixun were busy.


Han Chenglin booked a private room on the Internet where they would meet at 9 pm.


Since Han Chenglin invited them out, he had to arrive earlier than his guests, so at 8:30 pm, he and Chu Peihan reached the karaoke bar.


“Hey, why dont we sing a song together” Han Chenglin asked.

Before her friends came, Han Chenglin hoped that they could sing a song together first.


They could also sing a song together after Chu Peihans friends came, but it was a different feeling.

At that time, he might be ignored.


“Sure!” Chu Peihan felt bored just sitting there, so she agreed and chose a song both of them could sing.


They worked in the entertainment industry, so it was easy for them to sing.

Han Chenglin was good at acting, dancing, and singing.


Chu Peihan had many skills too.


After professional training, Han Chenglin could sing as well as the original singer, while Chu Peihan wasnt as good.


When they sang the second song, Su Anya arrived.

The moment she pushed the door open, she was struck dumb.


She heard the singing from outside the private room and thought that it was the original song, but it turned out that someone was singing.


Jesus, he was so good at singing.

He was nearly as good as the original singer!


For unprofessional people, he indeed sang as well as the original singer.

There was no big difference.


The next moment, Su Anya saw Han Chenglins face and was surprised again.

She didnt expect him to be a handsome man.


The first idea that appeared in Su Anyas mind was that he must be Chu Peihans boyfriend, so she turned to look at Chu Peihan meaningfully.


Seeing that, Chu Peihan knew that Su Anya had misunderstood.

However, she didnt know how she should explain, because she had told her friends that Han Chenglin was senior to her in their school on the phone.


Even though she had explained that to her friends, Han Chenglin invited her friends to have fun together, which meant she was very important to him.


After Su Anya came in, Han Chenglin put down the microphone at once.

Since Chu Peihans friend was here, it would be impolite if he continued to sing and said nothing.


“Hi, Im senior to Chu Peihan in our school.

My name is Han Chenglin.” Han Chenglin immediately introduced himself to Su Anya.


“Hi, Im a close friend of Chu Peihan, Su Anya.” Su Anya also introduced herself, but she felt Han Chenglins name sounded a little familiar.

However, she was afraid that she was wrong, so she didnt mention it.


Although Su Anya believed that there was a special relationship between Chu Peihan and Han Chenglin, she didnt point it out.


After a while, Mu Ke and Yu Mixi came and greeted Han Chenglin too.


They didnt know it was Han Chenglin who invited them to have fun together, so they were surprised to see him when they met.

At the same time, they also gave Chu Peihan a meaningful glance.


Anyway, they didnt tell Chu Peihan that Han Chenglin might have special feelings for her, because it was their personal affair.


After that, Hao Ran and Zhang Tianping arrived.


Han Chenglin was only two years older than them, so there was no age gap between them.

They all soon became friends, then drank and played games together.


About half an hour later, Su Anya still felt that Han Chenglins name was very familiar, so she took out her phone and looked it up on the Internet.

After reading news about Han Chenglin, she finally realized who he was.


Actually, she had watched TV shows starring Han Chenglin.

Although his role wasnt very important, she was impressed by his good looks.

She had even searched for his real name!


“Hey, Anya, what are you doing” Hao Ran sat next to Su Anya.

When he saw her staring at the screen of her phone, he asked curiously.


Hearing his voice, Su Anya came back to her senses, then handed her phone to Hao Ran.

“Read it yourself.”


“What” Hao Ran was confused.

He took Su Anyas phone and read the news, then was astonished.

The young man who was senior to Chu Peihan turned out to be a star!


It greatly surprised him.


Although it was very normal that there were stars in Chu Peihans school, he didnt expect that Chu Peihan could become friends with them.


“Chenglin, are you a star” Hao Ran asked excitedly.

Although he didnt have an idol, he still got excited since a big star was drinking with him.


Hearing that, Zhang Tianping also turned to look at Han Chenglin in surprise.


Han Chenglin was a star


“Yeah, Im an actor, but Ive only played a role in two TV shows,” said Han Chenglin.

He didnt elaborate on it, but nor did he bother to keep it a secret.

Since they found out, he was willing to admit it.


“Can we take some photos together then I must show off!” Hao Ran asked, feeling slightly embarrassed.


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