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Chapter 2398: Just a Meal

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Chu Peihan understood that Han Chenglin was their target when they came to talk to her.

Because although they talked to her, they were staring at Han Chenglin the entire time.

Chu Peihan gave Han Chenglin a cold glance.

Whenever she was with him, she would always encounter trouble.

Han Chenglin felt he was innocent, because he had done nothing wrong!

Even though Chu Peihan understood that they targeted Han Chenglin, she had to be polite since they greeted her, so she said in a flat voice, “Hi, what a coincidence!”

“Is this your boyfriend” one girl asked.

She was the Deputy Class Leader of their class, Liu Lufei.

Upon thinking that such a handsome man might be Chu Peihans boyfriend, Liu Lufei and the other girls got jealous.

Why could Chu Peihan have a powerful family and a handsome boyfriend Moreover, given the mans clothes and his watch which was from an international brand, he must be rich too.

“Yeah, Im Peihans boyfriend,” said Han Chenglin before Chu Peihan opened her mouth.

He didnt mean to embarrass Chu Peihan at this moment, although he wanted to see her reaction after he said that.

In fact, he could see what Liu Lufei wanted to do.

If he didnt say that he was Chu Peihans boyfriend, Liu Lufei would start to strike up a conversation with him, and he didnt want to waste time on her! Therefore, he directly said that he was Chu Peihans boyfriend to keep the girl away.

Chu Peihan, however, gave Han Chenglin a glare.

Since when did he become her boyfriend

She understood that Han Chenglin purposely said that to Liu Lufei because he was Liu Lufeis target.

If she denied it, Liu Lufei would certainly strike up a conversation with Han Chenglin.

Therefore, Han Chenglin simply wanted to keep his distance from Liu Lufei.

Chu Peihan was a little displeased, but didnt deny it.

She didnt care whether Liu Lufei misunderstood their relationship.

Anyway, she could kick Han Chenglin away after she got a real boyfriend.

Han Chenglin didnt miss Chu Peihans reaction.

Although she disliked what he said, she didnt deny it, which meant she didnt hate him.

It wasnt very satisfying, but it wasnt too bad.

Perhaps he was losing his patience.

Hearing Han Chenglins reply, Liu Lufei and the other girls were disappointed, but they werent surprised because they had thought that they might be a couple.

“Alright, we have to leave now.

Enjoy yourself.” Han Chenglin then ignored the girls and left holding Chu Peihans hand.

Chu Peihan struggled a little in vain before she eventually accepted it.

In fact, if Chu Peihan really wanted to get rid of him, it was impossible for Han Chenglin to hold her hand.

After all, compared with Chu Peihan, Han Chenglin was too weak.

Chu Peihan gave up simply because she didnt want Liu Lufei to laugh at her.

She just agreed that Han Chenglin was her boyfriend, so she couldnt get rid of him right now.

“Well, since we have met and its time for dinner, why dont we sit together” Liu Lufei suddenly stopped them.

Although she knew that the man was Chu Peihans boyfriend and she didnt dare to do anything to him, she still wanted to know more about such a handsome man.

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“Sorry, we already have an appointment, and were not familiar enough to share a meal,” said Chu Peihan in a flat voice.

Afterwards, she left Liu Lufei behind and quickly walked away with Han Chenglin.

They were indeed unfamiliar, so Chu Peihan didnt hesitate to embarrass her.

Liu Lufei was furious.

She knew that Chu Peihan did it deliberately, but she couldnt do anything about it because she didnt dare to anger Chu Peihan.

If Chu Peihan was angered, she might be beaten.

“Chu Peihan is as arrogant as always.

I think shell cause herself trouble sooner or later if she doesnt change,” said Girl A.

She only dared to bad-mouth Chu Peihan now that Chu Peihan was far away.

“Right, I wonder whether shell be arrogant when shes amongst kids of wealth and power.

If she annoys those trust fund kids, she might be punished seriously,” said Girl B.

Although Chu Peihan was born in an influential family, her family only had influence in City F.

It meant nothing after she went to the capital.

“I bet she has already been punished many times,” said Girl A.

She wasnt sure of it, but she hoped that it had happened to Chu Peihan.

“Did you forget that Chu Peihan and Gu Ning are close friends Gu Ning has unbelievable connections.

Chu Peihan will be fine unless she offends someone who has a very high status,” said Liu Lufei.

She had heard a lot about Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Girl A and Girl B closed their mouths.

They almost forgot that!

Chu Peihan held Han Chenglins hand so he felt very excited, although he knew it was just an act.

When they had walked far away, Chu Peihan let Han Chenglin go at once.

Han Chenglin felt upset, but didnt show his feelings, nor did he say anything.

Chu Peihan felt it was weird when she held Han Chenglins hand.

She didnt hate it, but her heart was pounding.

However, Chu Peihan composed herself, because she didnt want Han Chenglin to know what she was thinking.

It would be embarrassing.

“There is always trouble when Im with you.” Chu Peihan complained.

“Well, how about this Ill buy a meal for you this afternoon to make it up to you,” said Han Chenglin.

He asked Chu Peihan out to see her, so he had no intention of asking her to buy him a meal.

“You came to my city.

I should pay the bill.

Its just a meal.

I can afford it,” said Chu Peihan.

She couldnt forget her manners.

“Fine, you can buy me a meal this afternoon, and Ill buy you a meal after I finish my work tomorrow.” Han Chenglin stopped arguing with Chu Peihan, and instead directly used that excuse to ask her out again tomorrow.

“Sure!” Chu Peihan didnt think further about it.

She thought it was acceptable, so she agreed.

When Chu Peihan wasnt paying attention to him, Han Chenglin put on a satisfied smile.

After that, they got in the car and left.


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