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Chapter 2393: Treat You

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It was nearly 7:30 pm when they reached the hospital, so Tang Yunfan took them to have a meal after they had been at the hospital for about twenty minutes.

Although they were relatives, Jiang Xu and Gu Qinyang still felt nervous when they faced Tang Yunfan.

Tang Yunfan was very kind to them, but they couldnt relax.

After all, Tang Yunfan had a very high status.

There was a large gap between their statuses, so it was hard for them to be at ease.

The Huangdeng Hotel wasnt far away from the hospital, so Tang Yunfan took them to have a meal there.

Because Gu Ning would drive them to Huafu Hills where they were going to stay after having the meal, she went with them.

There were two nurses who were taking care of Gu Man, and Tang Yunfan would go back later.

Knowing that Tang Yunfan was coming, the hotel manager waited in the hall with great respect.

As soon as Tang Yunfan showed up, he walked forward to welcome him.

However, before he could talk to Tang Yunfan, someone interrupted.

“Oh, isnt it Gu Qinyang”

It was a man who sounded acidic.

Hearing his voice, everyone turned to look at him and saw a fat, middle-aged man.

There were two other men along with him, but Gu Ning didnt know any of them.

He used to be Gu Qinyangs classmate and he was a director of a certain bureau in a second-tier city now.

He was comparatively more successful than their other classmates, so he kept a high profile.

Wherever he went, he put on airs.

However, he only dared to bully the weak.

He didnt recognize Tang Yunfan, or he wouldnt have been so arrogant!

Although Tang Yunfan was a businessman, common officials didnt dare to slight him.

Gu Qinyang was unhappy to see the man, but he still politely greeted him.

“Hi, Yang Mingzhi!”

Upon hearing the way Gu Qinyang greeted him, Yang Mingzhi was displeased and criticized.

“Gu Qinyang, how could you call me by my full name Im a director after all.

I think you should call me Director Yang when were outside.

I know youre an ordinary public servant.”

Hearing that, both Tang Yunfan and Gu Ning slightly raised their eyebrows.

They disliked Yang Mingzhis behavior, but said nothing about it.

“Fine, fine, fine, its my fault.

Please forgive me, Director Yang.” Even if Gu Qinyang was angry, he still did what Yang MIngzhi wanted him to do.

“Alright, I have to go now.”

“Wait a second.

Were going to have fun in a clubhouse.

Why dont you join us Were old classmates after all.

Its rare for us to meet,” said Yang Mingzhi.

“Sorry, I came with my relatives,” said Gu Qinyang.

Yang Mingzhi didnt notice Tang Yunfan and Jiang Xu until this moment, but he thought they werent important.

“They can go with us.”

“No need, we have to deal with something later.” Gu Qinyang turned him down again.

Given their relationship, it was unnecessary for them to hang out together.

Besides, Gu Qinyang understood that Yang Mingzhi invited him to dine together simply to make him pay the bill.

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Although Yang Mingzhi didnt lack money, he was mean and greedy.

He would never pay the bill on his own if it was possible.

“Gu Qinyang, what do you mean We rarely meet.

Shouldnt you treat me You should know that I have a relationship with your leader,” said Yang Mingzhi.

Obviously, he was implying that Gu Qinyang should buy him a meal.

If Gu Qinyang didnt do that, he would stack the deck against him.

Tang Yunfan and the others were surprised by Yang Mingzhis words.

How could he be so shameless He just threatened Gu Qingyang in public!

“Treat you” Tang Yunfan couldnt stand it any longer.

He wouldnt allow other people to bully his brother-in-law right in front of him.

“What treatment do you want” Tang Yunfan asked.

Due to his high status, Tang Yunfan had an air of authority.

Although he didnt show his anger, Yang Mingzhi already felt stressed.

Looking at Tang Yunfan, Yang Mingzhi began to guess who he was, but he didnt think that Gu Qinyang would have a relationship with important figures.bTherefore, Yang Mingzhi did his best to calm down and answer.

“Isnt it obvious enough Sir, I think you should improve your comprehension.”

“You…” The hotel manager opened his mouth when Yang Mingzhi was so rude to Tang Yunfan, but Tang Yunfan stopped him at once.

“Surely I know what youre implying, but Im just surprised.

Ive never seen such a shameless person like you before.

How could you force other people to pay your bills with your power Didnt you hear that he needs to deal with something later How dare you threaten him Do you think youre really somebody” Tang Yunfan said.

He was very straightforward and loud, so he attracted a lot of attention from other people.

Other people all turned to look at Yang Mingzhi disdainfully.

Yang Mingzhi felt very embarrassed.

He didnt expect Tang Yunfan to humiliate him and make his intention public.

However, he didnt realize that he actually asked for it himself.

He couldnt blame Tang Yunfan.

One could only earn respect by himself.

“You…” Yang Mingzhi was mad and immediately put on airs.

“What do you think you are then How dare you talk to me like that I was talking to Gu Qinyang.

Its none of your business.”

“Gu Qinyangs my brother-in-law, so it has something to do with me.

As for who I am, Im surely more influential than you,” said Tang Yunfan.

“You…” Yang Mingzhi was angrier.

“Gu Qinyang, youre aware of my position.

How could you let him talk to me like that” Yang Mingzhi turned to scold Gu Qinyang again.

He still had no idea how important Tang Yunfan was.

He refused to believe that Gu Qinyang could have a relationship with any important figures.

He believed that Tang Yunfan treated him badly only because Tang Yunfan didnt know his position.

“Your position Ridiculous.” Gu Qinyang snorted and said nothing further.

Compared with Tang Yunfan, Yang Mingzhi was merely a nobody! However, he didnt say it aloud, because he wasnt sure whether he should.

If he said it aloud, he felt that he would be the same kind of person as Yang Mingzhi..

Both of them trying to bully other people with power.


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