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Chapter 2384: He Couldnt Wait

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Each of them bought three coats.

Because they were all cultivators, they didnt need thick clothing so they bought thin coats for spring and autumn.

They didnt change coats often, so three were enough.

In addition to coats, they also bought more sweaters and pants, which they often changed.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin felt they didnt need so many clothes, so they tried to stop Jing Yunyao from buying more, but Jing Yunyao insisted.

In fact, they didnt buy too many clothes, but it was their first time shopping for clothing, so it seemed that they had bought a lot.

Afterwards, Jing Yunyao took them to buy underwear, shoes, and socks.

Once they were in the underwear store, both Jiang Liluo and Si Jin flushed red and hesitated to go in.

Finally, they summoned up their courage and walked inside.

They needed to buy underwear for themselves in the future, so they had to learn how to do that.

Jiang Liluo waited outside and randomly bought some male underpants.

After walking into the lingerie shop, Jing Yunyao told Si Jin to look around and choose her favorites.

Si Jin was too shy to pick, so she quickly grabbed a few pieces.

Because the underwear Gu Ning gave her was suitable for her body, she directly picked lingerie of the same size.

Jing Yunyao understood that Si Jin was shy, so she didnt force her to shop for long.

Si Jin was a woman, so she needed to buy some things for women, like makeup, bags, jewelry and so on.

They went to Gufan for bags, and Kouzi for the makeup products.

Jing Yunyao didnt call Gu Ning when they went there even though Gu Ning could give them a discount.

Gu Ning had sent them too many things for free, so they didnt want to bother her whenever they shopped outside.

Moreover, they were willing to shop in Gu Nings stores.

It wouldnt cost them much anyway, not to mention that Jing Yunyao had a VIP card, and could get a discount of 20%.

As for jewelry, Si Jin didnt have the habit of wearing jewelry, so they didnt buy any.

By the time they had finished shopping, it was afternoon and time for dinner, so they went home.

Jiang Liluo and Si Jin were a little embarrassed to see Shangguan Yang afterwards, because they had bought so many things, but they couldnt reject Jing Yunyaos kindness.

However, when Shangguan Yang saw what they bought, he didnt think it was too much.

He even asked them whether it was enough.

And said that if it wasnt enough they could buy more, which amused Jiang Liluo and Si Jin.

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Because of that, they felt a lot more relieved.

They were spending Shangguan Yangs money, so they cared a lot about his feelings.

Shangguan Yang didnt think money was very important.

He preferred to enjoy his life, so he ate and bought whatever he liked.

If he lacked money, he would go make some.

Although Shangguan Yang only had the money that Leng Shaoting gave him, he had many valuable things with him.

He had a lot of magical pills.

He could sell a random magical pill for over a million yuan, which was enough for him to live a good life.

Shangguan Yang, personally, spent most of his money on delicious food.

He never cared about clothing.

He only needed clothes to fit him well and couldnt care less about the quality.

Cao Wenxin contacted Yu Zi last night, because she liked gowns designed by Charm and had decided to buy one at Charm.

Charm focused on designs at the beginning, but it also provided photography later on.

It hired experienced photographers, so the service wasnt cheap.

Once it started offering photography services, it attracted many more customers.

Some people who came to do a style would also take some photos if they had time.

Although it wasnt cheap, people who bought gowns at Charm were normally very rich.

Many people were interested in it, but Charm wasnt a professional photography studio.

Photography was just an additional service.

In addition, the price was very high, so ordinary people couldnt afford it.

As a result, it wasnt crowded.

When Cao Wenxin came to see Yu Zi, Yu Zi quickly arranged for a photographer to take wedding photos for them.

Because Cao Wenxin was pregnant, they didnt take photos for long in case she got tired.

They were a very beautiful couple and the photographer was professional, so each of their photos came out quite charming.

Yu Zi didnt know that Cao Wenxin was already pregnant until they met.

Premarital pregnancy wasnt an honorable thing, so Cao Wenxin didnt want to tell everyone.

In fact, it didnt take much time to take wedding photos, and they actually spent more time on their looks.

Therefore, when they finally finished, it was already 5 pm.

After taking the photos, Xin Bei and Cao Wenxin didnt leave right away, because they needed to choose their wedding clothes.

Cao Wenxin wanted Yu Zi to make her wedding gown.

They didnt have much time and Yu Zi had other orders to finish, so she couldnt design a new gown for Cao Wenxin.

She could only adjust one of her original designs for her.

After all, it took time to create a new design.

Cao Wenxin agreed on that, because she knew that they didnt have much time.

When it was time for dinner, Cao Wenxin invited Yu Zi to share a meal with them.

At this time, Yang Ziqian came to see Yu Zi, so they dined together.

Yang Ziqian felt a bit envious when he heard that Cao Wenxin was going to get married.

In fact, he couldnt wait to marry Yu Zi.

He wanted to propose to Yu Zi, but she was too busy and he didnt want to burden her.

However, it seemed that he should start to plan for their wedding, because he couldnt wait any longer.

When you met someone you wanted to spend the rest of your life with, you would care a lot about getting the marriage certificate.

With that certificate, you would become a legal couple and you could have your own kids.

Tang Yunfan went to the hospital to see Gu Man that afternoon and planned to stay with Gu Man for the night.

Therefore, he told Gu Ning to go home first after they ate.

Gu Ning didnt go back to Huafu Hills, but went to the Tang familys house by herself.


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