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Chapter 2383: What Else Can We Do

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When they were gone, Gu Ning went back to Gu Mans ward, but before she left, she gave Shu Fangyi her number and told her to call whenever she needed help.

Back in Gu Mans ward, Gu Man asked Gu Ning about everything.

Although she went back to her ward earlier, she couldnt forget what Shu Fangyi had suffered.

She felt great sympathy for the poor woman!

Gu Ning told Gu Man everything.

Although Gu Man thought it was tiring for a single mother to raise a kid alone, she supported Shu Fangyi in making that decision, because Shu Fangyi could only protect her baby by getting a divorce.

No one should accept such a bad and calculating family.

“Its not a bad thing for her to get a divorce.

She can only protect her baby by doing that.

Anyway, she can look after herself and raise her baby on her own.

There is nothing to worry about,” said Gu Man.

“Right, I know some people value boys over girls, but I can never understand why some women disdain girls like that!” a nurse said.

In fact, she was born in a family which also valued boys over girls, but she never understood that phenomenon.

Although there was a saying that people relied on their sons to support them when they got old, normally daughters took more care of the family.

It happened to the nurses family.

Her parents valued boys over girls, but only the daughter cared about her parents.

The son never bothered to pay special attention to them.

The nurse had a son and a daughter as well.

Her kids had already grown up, but her daughter cared more about her than her son.

“Well, there are many women who are suffering whether in their own family or after they marry into another family.

Women are always regarded as outsiders no matter how well they do,” said another nurse.

She had suffered the same treatment, so she was very sensitive to it and hated that phenomenon.

Tang Yunfan already hired a good lawyer, but they didnt need it right now.

They would see what Shen Liang would decide to do tomorrow.

If Shen Liang agreed to get a divorce and stopped causing trouble, they wouldnt need a lawyer.

However, if Shen Liang caused more trouble, they would contact the lawyer.

After Senior Mrs.

Shen and Shen Liang went home, they told Shen Liangs father everything.

They didnt dare to keep it a secret, because it would only get worse.

Shen Liangs father was scared when he heard what they had done.

To his surprise, his wife and son could be so evil.

He was so mad at them that he suddenly felt they were extremely strange.

He angrily criticized Senior Mrs.

Shen and Shen Liang.

Although he didnt have a strong sense of justice, he wasnt as selfish and cold-blooded as Senior Mrs.

Shen and Shen Liang.

He also wanted Shu Fangyis manor, but he wouldnt rob Shu Fangyi of it.

They were a family after all, so he thought that Shu Fangyi could be willing to help him if his company needed money.

It was impossible for him to violently steal it from her.

Therefore, Shen Liangs father didnt want Shu Fangyi to get a divorce and take the manor away, but he still agreed to it.

Shu Fangyi only wanted what belonged to her, which was very reasonable, and they couldnt take it from her.

“Honey, cant we think of another way That manor is worth over a hundred million yuan!” Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt want Shu Fangyi to leave with the manor.

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“No matter how much its worth, it has nothing to do with us.

Stop arguing about it.

If it ruins our familys reputation and business, Ill divorce you and chase you out!” Shen Liangs father snapped at Senior Mrs.


“If it hadnt been for you, it wouldnt have become such a serious problem.

You dont like girls, but we can tell Fangyi to get pregnant again after she has recovered.

If its still a girl, she can give birth to another one.

Well eventually have a boy.

Anyway, were rich enough to raise even ten kids.

I dont understand why youre so stupid to dare to break the law.”

Senior Mrs.

Shen was very unhappy when Shen Liangs father criticized her, but she didnt dare to argue with him.

Shen Liangs father was right.

It was her fault that she was so impulsive.

If she disliked girls, she could keep her distance from them.

She didnt have to send the baby girl away.

Shen Liangs father turned to him and said, “Talk with Shu Fangyi again tomorrow.

If shes determined, listen to her and get a divorce.

You should know what youve done is totally unacceptable!”

The next moment, Shen Liangs father went upstairs.

He was furious and didnt want to see Senior Mrs.


He wanted Shen Liang to keep Shu Fangyi, but he understood that it was impossible.

Shen Liangs father didnt know that Gu Ning was involved in it yet, or he would have been angrier at his stupid wife and son.

“Liang, what should we do now Should we listen to your father” Senior Mrs.

Shen asked unwillingly after her husband left.

“What else can we do now Its all your fault.

If it hadnt been for you, Shu Fangyi wouldnt have insisted on divorcing me!” Shen Liang blamed his mother for everything.

Although he was wrong too, he wouldnt have thought of sending his own daughter away if his mother hadnt brainwashed him.

Like his father said, they were rich enough to raise many kids and Shu Fangyi could give birth to more kids till there was a boy.

“I did it for you!” After being criticized by her husband, Senior Mrs.

Shen was very displeased, but now her son also blamed her for it, which only made her angrier.

She felt that nobody could understand her.

“Yes, for me, you caused it to be like this now!” Shen Liang shouted at his mother, then directly went back to his room.

He was unwilling to let Shu Fangyi leave him.

After all, Shu Fangyi was a very good wife although there wasnt much affection between them.

However, if he was being honest, he was more unwilling to lose the manor.

“You…” After being shouted at by Shen Liang, Senior Mrs.

Shen was furious.

However, she couldnt argue with her son, so she could only sit heavily on the sofa.

She swore at Shu Fangyi in her heart.

If Shu Fangyi was dead, she wouldnt be able to take the manor away.

Thinking of that, Senior Mrs.

Shen suddenly felt it might not be a bad thing if Shu Fangyi was dead, but she didnt dare to do anything to hurt Shu Fangyi now.

She knew her husbands character very well.

Her husband would do what he said.

If her husband divorced her and chased her away, she would lose everything she had now.


Jing Yunyao and Miao Jingjing went shopping with Jiang Liluo and Si Jin today and they bought many clothes.


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