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Chapter 2381: We Should Divorce!

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She didnt understand it either.

Senior Mrs.

Shen was also a female.

How could she disdain other females Moreover, it was Junior Mrs.

Shens daughter, not hers.

Mothers-in-law nowadays were difficult to get along with!

Just as Gu Ning said to Senior Mrs.

Shen, Senior Mrs.

Shens mother should have strangled her to death when she was born.

In fact, she felt that all the women who hated girls shouldnt live a good life even if they werent killed.

“Lets go in now.” Gu Ning said to Shu Fangyi, “Your mother-in-law just called your husband.

We can come out after he comes.”

Hearing that, Shu Fangyi wasnt surprised.

Her husband should be present.

Even if Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt call him, she would do it.

Upon thinking of Shen Liang, Shu Fangyi felt hurt.

Although there was no love between them, they used to like and care about each other.

In fact, if they had a divorce because Shen Liang cheated on her, she wouldnt be too sad, but her mother-in-law wanted to send her baby away.

It was completely unacceptable!

“Lets go in now,” Shu Fangyi said to the caregiver.

After that, they walked into the ward.

Gu Ning closed the door and shut Senior Mrs.

Shen and the others outside.

Senior Mrs.

Shen was furious, but she didnt dare to do anything right now.

She could only wait outside till Shen Liang came.

She immediately called Shen Liang and wanted to tell him that the girl turned out to be a member of the Tang family.

Unfortunately, the line was busy and she couldnt get through to him.

When they were in the ward, Gu Ning told Shu Fangyi that she had heard Senior Mrs.

Shens conversation with Shen Liang on the phone.

Shen Liang was unwilling to have a divorce because he wanted her manor.

Hearing that, Shu Fangyi felt it was ridiculously funny.

“He doesnt want to divorce I dont think its up to him.

I wont allow anyone to hurt my baby!”

If they didnt hurt her daughter even if they disliked her daughter, Shu Fangyi wouldnt have made up her mind to get a divorce.

Given her ability, she could raise her daughter properly by herself.

She could get pregnant again, not because she wanted to have a son, but because she was just willing to do more for their family.

However, they disliked her daughter and even hurt her daughter, which was totally unacceptable.

Even though they apologized and wouldnt hurt her daughter again, she couldnt forgive them.

What had already happened was reality, and apologies couldnt make it up.

Seeing Shu Fangyis reaction, Gu Ning was sure that she really wanted to divorce her husband.

After Senior Mrs.

Shen tried a few times, she finally got through to Shen Liang.

Shen Liang arrived at the hospital with five strong gangsters who were good at fighting.

Since the girl was unusually strong, he needed gangsters to help him deal with her.

When Shen Liang received his mothers call and learned that the girl was Miss Tang, he was totally shocked.

In that case, he shouldnt mess with her.

The Shen family couldnt bear the result if the Tang family was angered.

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Nevertheless, he was unwilling to divorce Shu Fangyi now, and Miss Tang couldnt do anything about it as long as Shu Fangyi forgave him.

Shen Liang believed that Shu Fangyi wouldnt divorce him.

He could hurl the blame on his mother and make a promise that he would protect her and their daughter in the future.

In order to give the baby an intact family, he bet that Shu Fangyi wouldnt insist on getting a divorce.

It seemed that he didnt know Shu Fangyi very well, or he wouldnt be so ridiculously confident.

Shen Liang brought his men to the ward and met Senior Mrs.


“Theyre in the ward, including Miss Tang,” said Senior Mrs.


“You can stay outside.

Ill go talk with Shu Fangyi,” said Shen Liang.

After that, Shen Liang went to knock on the door.

It was soon opened and Gu Ning showed up.

Although Shen Liang didnt know Gu Ning, only a caregiver, Shu Fangyi, and Miss Tang were in the ward.

The caregiver obviously wouldnt be Miss Tang, so this girl who opened the door for him must be Miss Tang.

However, Gu Ning was too beautiful, so Shen Liang was stunned the moment he saw her.

“Hi, are you Miss Tang” Shen Liang asked to make sure of it.

“Yes, I am,” said Gu Ning and moved aside to let Shen Liang in.

“Miss Tang, nice to see you.

Im Shu Fangyis husband.

Can I have a private talk with her” Shen Liang said.

He was a little displeased that Gu Ning stood in his way, but he had to curb his anger.

“Come on in.” Gu Ning invited Shen Liang to come inside, but she didnt seem willing to leave.

Seeing that, Shen Liang frowned and said, “Miss Tang, can you leave for a while”

“Sorry, this is Shu Fangyis ward, and she wants me to stay,” said Gu Ning.

Since she said that, Shen Liang didnt insist.

No matter how unhappy he was, he dared not chase Gu Ning out.

He didnt want to mess with her.

In case Shen Liang argued with Shu Fangyi and woke the baby up, the caregiver took the baby to the guest room for a rest.

Shu Fangyi looked cold when Shen Liang stepped inside.

She didnt bother to give him a glance, and directly said, “I think we should divorce.”

Because Shen Liang was aware that Shu Fangyi wanted to divorce him, he wasnt surprised and only showed sadness on his face.

“Honey, I know what my mom did this time is really unacceptable, but I wasnt there.

Its my moms fault.

I should apologize to you on behalf of her.

Please, for the sake of the baby, we cant divorce.

If you dont want to see my mom, we can move out.

I promise I wont let anyone hurt you and our daughter again, alright”

Since he didnt want Shu Fangyi to divorce him, he would keep the baby.

It was easy for him to raise a kid anyway.

Shen Liang seemed serious and sincere, but he actually had his own purpose.

“Really” Shu Fangyi sneered because Shen Liang was hypocritical..


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