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“Really” Guo Hao was excited too.

“Miss Gu, how long will it take to fully cure my legs,” K asked with alacrity.

“Well do the treatment three times in alternate weeks.

Your muscles will recover the first time, and your joints will heal the second time.

The third time, youll be able to walk,” Gu Ning said.

“Am I dreaming” Ks body trembled slightly in surprise.

It was too good to be true for him.

“Youre not,” Gu Ning said with confidence.

“Very well, I trust you, and Ill work for you for a year,” K said.

“Great!” Although Gu Ning was confident that K would agree, she was finally relieved to get his affirmative answer.

K reached out his hand to shake Gu Nings, “Its very nice meeting you.”

Then, Gu Ning inserted her power into Ks legs again to recover his muscles.

Ks legs regained its feeling, which made K and Guo Hao feel extremely excited.

However, the joints in Ks legs were still badly damaged, so he couldnt walk for now.

After the first treatment, Gu Ning said, “I need your help right now, but I dont think that it is a good place to discuss it here.

Im starving right now.

Why dont we talk on the way to the restaurant”

She hadnt eaten in a long time.

“Sure, lets go now!” K agreed.

Then Guo Hao pushed Ks wheelchair followed by Gu Ning, heading outside.

They had to tell the doctor first before leaving.

However, just as they left the patient room, Jiang Bowen met them face to face and stopped them.

“Hi, youre finally awake.

Where are you going now” Jiang Bowen asked Gu Ning.

“Nice to meet you, Mayor Jiang.

Im fine now, and Im going to tell my doctor before I leave with my friends,” Gu Ning replied.

She behaved calmly in front of Jiang Bowen.

“Youre leaving” Jiang Bowen was surprised that this young girl asked for nothing after what she had done.

“Nevertheless, youve done a great thing! We havent reward you yet,” Jiang Bowen said.

He scrutinized Gu Ning to see whether she was truly modest.

Gu Ning smiled and said, “Mayor Jiang, I did it out of my own willingness, and I wont ask for any reward.

However, I only hope that Ive saved an honest and upright official.”

“Very well, youre very kind and modest.

I admire you!” Jiang Bowen complimented her plainly.

“However, youve made a great achievement, and you deserve the reward.

Well, how about this.

I can fulfill a wish of you, as long as its legal.

If you encounter any trouble in the future, you can turn to me for help,” Jiang Bowen said, handing his name card to Gu Ning.

“That would be so great,” Gu Ning didnt reject, and took the name card.

“Mayor Jiang, please do not expose me in this accident.

I dont want to be involved in unnecessary trouble.”

This car accident was an attempt at murder.

If the killer knew that she ruined his plan, he wouldnt let her get away with it.

Jiang Bowen was also aware of it, so he agreed to protect Gu Ning.

“Dont worry.

Ill handle it,” Jiang Bowen said to Gu Ning.

“Thanks,” Gu Ning said.

After that, they said good-bye to Jiang Bowen.

“Mayor, I think that she probably wanted your favor more than a reward,” Jiang Bowens secretary said behind him after Gu Ning was gone.

Jiang Bowen had the same thought, but he didnt care, “She saved the vice governors life.

And my favor is nothing compared to that.”

Indeed, Xiao Changchuns life was much more important than a little favor.

If Xiao Changchun had been killed in the car accident, a powerful group in the politics would have lost an essential figure.

Jiang Bowen added then, “She didnt ask for my favor on her own initiative.

I think shes an honest girl, and accepted my favor just because she didnt want to turn me down.”

In addition, he only promised to fulfill a legal wish for her.

Even if she really turned to him for help one day in the future, he believed that it wouldnt be difficult for him to solve it.

His secretary agreed with him.

They were politicians and it was necessary to be careful.

“You had to have done that on purpose!” Even K had the same thought about Gu Ning.

The mayor owed her a favor, which was of great use in the future.

“Its not important.

He proposed it himself, and why cant I take it” Gu Ning said.

“Well, Im surprised that you asked for nothing after you saved an important figures life,” K admired Gu Ning for what she had done.

He probably couldnt be so altruistic himself.

“I dont need their support right now, so I didnt ask for anything.

However, I needed your help, so I offered to cure your legs for a reason,” Gu Ning said.

K was stunned.

Gu Ning had rescued Xiao Changchun for nothing, but asked him to work for her for a year.

K felt a little displeased, but he was even willing to work for her for two years as long as she could cure his legs.

In the VIP patient room, Jiang Bowen reported his talk with Gu Ning to Xiao Changchun.

Xiao Changchun also believed that Gu Ning was a good girl who took Jiang Bowens name card just because she didnt want to reject his kindness.

And it was Jiang Bowen who promised to help her in the future.

Xiao Changchun had a good impression of Gu Ning after this accident.

She had saved his life after all!

On the way to Quanlin Resort, Gu Ning told K that she planned to investigate Hongyun Real Estate in City G, and she didnt hide her grudge with Hongyun.

K was astonished after that.

“How old are you now You must be younger than 20, and you have already started running a business Its unbelievable!” K said with amazement.

K was an ace hacker, but he didnt know how to run a company at all, so he admired Gu Ning.

“No problem.

Ill send the materials to you once I find some,” K said..


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