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Chapter 2378: Do You Think I Can Do Nothing

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“You…” Senior Mrs.

Shen was mad when Gu Ning disdained her.

“Very well, lets see!”

Without delay, she took out her phone and made a call.

Gu Ning stared at Junior Mrs.

Shen, then asked, “What do you plan to do now”

Junior Mrs.

Shen looked sad.

“Ill get a divorce.

Its my baby.

Ill raise her by myself.”

Gu Ning actually wanted to know Junior Mrs.

Shens attitude.

If it was just Senior Mrs.

Shens idea and had nothing to do with Junior Mrs.

Shens husband, there was no need for Junior Mrs.

Shen to get a divorce.

However, it seemed that Junior Mrs.

Shens husband also valued boys over girls so Junior Mrs.

Shen chose to get a divorce.

“You can leave, but dont ever try to take the manor back,” said Senior Mrs.

Shen in a hurry.

It was a very expensive manor, and she wouldnt allow Junior Mrs.

Shen to take it back.

“Its my familys property.

Why cant I take it back” Junior Mrs.

Shen shouted angrily.

Given the current situation, she didnt need to please Senior Mrs.

Shen any longer.

After all, Senior Mrs.

Shen wanted her new-born daughter to die.

She hated Senor Mrs.

Shen to death now!

In the past, she tolerated Senior Mrs.

Shens temper for their familys harmony, but it didnt mean that she would grin and bear it.

The way Senior Mrs.

Shen treated her new-born daughter really hurt her deeply.

“Shu Fangyi, the manor is your dowry, and it belongs to our family now,” said Senior Mrs.

Shen in a domineering tone.

Shu Fangyi was the name of Junior Mrs.


“It was mine before I got married.

It belongs to me.

Even if I marry into your family, the manor has nothing to do with the Shen family.

Dont forget that Im not your daughter-in-law yet according to the law! Although my fathers gone, you cant bully me as you want.

I can sue you!” said Shu Fangyi.

Because Shu Fangyis father had already passed away and her mother was in bad health, Senior Mrs.

Shen always disdained and slighted her.

She had no support behind her.

Normally, Senior Mrs.

Shen only hurled verbal abuse at Shu Fangyi and wouldnt really torture her.

Shu Fangyis husband, Shen Liang, treated her without much affection, but she accepted it for the baby.

In fact, she was aware that both Senior Mrs.

Shen and Shen Liang valued boys over girls.

Once they learned that it was a girl baby, Senior Mrs.

Shen told her to have an abortion.

Shen Liang agreed, but she refused.

Afterwards, Shen Liangs father, Shu Fangyis father-in-law, stood out and stopped them, so the baby was kept.

Shen Liangs father also wanted a grandson, but he disagreed on having the girl baby aborted.

Anyway, Shu Fangyi could deliver again.

Therefore, Shu Fangyi didnt have an abortion.

Unexpectedly, Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt want the girl baby and insisted on sending it away.

She even said that Shen Liang agreed.

Therefore, Shu Fangyi decided to get a divorce.

If Shen Liang had treated her well and stood out for her, she wouldnt divorce him.

If it had nothing to do with him, they could just keep their distance from Senior Mrs.


Unfortunately, even her husband was unwilling to protect her.

“Dont try to scare me with the law.

Its the dowry, and it belongs to us now.” Senior Mrs.

Shen didnt take Shu Fangyis words seriously at all.

She knew little about the law, and was extremely selfish, so she believed it was hers.

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“Lets go and see!” Shu Fangyi argued.

No matter what, she wouldnt allow them to steal the manor from her.

The property deed of the manor belonged to her.

She didnt believe that they had the ability to transfer it to their name.

As long as they didnt have her signature, it would still be illegal even if they stole the manor from her through connections.

“Dont keep me waiting!” Senior Mrs.

Shen snorted.

“May I help” Gu Ning asked.

Shu Fangyi showed worries.

“The Shen family is a major family in City B.

I dont want to drag you into trouble.”

Although the manor was hers and they couldnt get the property right without her consent, she was worried that they would play dirty tricks.

“Do you think I dare to help you without any influence The Shen family is barely comparable to me.

I promise you can keep your own property and youll get paid for what youve suffered,” said Gu Ning.

She couldnt care less about the Shen family.

Hearing that, Shu Fangyi realized that Gu Ning must be an important figure.

“No way! We wont give her a cent,” said Senior Mrs.

Shen furiously.

She refused to return the manor, so it was impossible for her to pay compensation.

“Oh, and its none of your business, so you better not get involved.”

Senior Mrs.

Shen was afraid that Gu Ning was more influential than the Shen family, so she didnt want Gu Ning to be involved.

“If you dont want me to be involved, after the divorce, she should get back what belongs to her and the compensation paid by the Shen family,” said Gu Ning.

She definitely knew that Senior Mrs.

Shen wouldnt agree, so she was just making fun of her.

“Impossible!” Without surprise, Senior Mrs.

Shen got angrier.

It was impossible for her to agree on that.

“Miss, please help me hire a good lawyer.

Ill be very grateful for your help,” said Shu Fangyi.

She didnt lack money to hire a good lawyer, but she couldnt find one by herself.

First, she didnt have power or influence, while the Shen family was much more influential than her, so it was hard for her to find a good lawyer who was willing to help her against the Shen family.

Shu Fangyi felt very lucky that she ran into a young girl who had a strong sense of justice, or she honestly would have had no idea what to do today.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

She didnt need Shu Fangyi to thank her.

She simply hated them bullying a weak woman and a new-born baby like that.

After that, Gu Ning handed the baby to the doctor.

At this moment, the baby was totally fine, but it still needed a medical check to set Shu Fangyis mind at rest.

“You can take the baby to have a medical check now, but dont let anyone take it away except for the mother.”

Although the doctor was displeased with Gu Nings attitude, she didnt dare to allow anyone else to take the baby away because she was unwilling to be dragged into trouble.

Senior Mrs..

Shen wanted to steal the baby, but she could barely move now, let alone steal it.


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