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Chapter 2377: Who Told You to Save the Cheap Girl

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“You little bi*ch! How dare you do that!” Mrs.

Shen glared at Gu Ning as if she was going to tear Gu Ning to pieces.

Facing her glare, Gu Ning wasnt affected at all.

Because they were arguing, Gu Man couldnt hear what they were talking about from a distance.

If she heard how Mrs.

Shen called Gu Ning, she would surely be furious.

The female doctor soon calmed down and said again, “Miss Gu, even though its our fault that we failed to stop the baby from falling, you should give it back to us.

We must give it a medical check and treatment as soon as possible.

Otherwise, well call the police, because you deliberately stopped us from saving the baby.”

Hearing that, the babys mother was scared.

Although she didnt think that Gu Ning was stopping them from saving the baby on purpose, she was still worried about her babys safety.

Most importantly, her baby needed to be treated right away.

“Miss, please, give my baby to the doctor.” She begged.

“Ridiculous! Its just a cheap girl.

Its better that shes dead!” Once they finished, Mrs.

Shen shouted at them.

She was unwilling to let the doctor save the baby.

She was frightened earlier when the baby fell to the ground, but now she thought it was better that the baby died.


The babys mother, Mrs.

Shens daughter-in-law, was heavily hit.

How could Mrs.

Shen be so cruel She was also a female.

“Dont call me mom, unless you can give birth to a boy.

I wont accept you until you do that.” Mrs.

Shen snapped at her.

Right at this moment, the baby cried.

Its life was out of danger and it finally woke up.

“My baby!” Junior Mrs.

Shen got excited at once and wanted to take the baby away from Gu Nings arms, but Gu Ning avoided her once more.

“If you dont want the baby to be hurt, let me carry it.

You cant protect it right now.

Dont worry, since I can save its life, Ill make sure its fine.

After everything is settled here, you can take the baby for a medical check.

It already survived now.”

Gu Ning said that to remind Junior Mrs.

Shen that the baby was able to wake up again because of her.

She wasnt seeking a compliment, but wanted to get Junior Mrs.

Shens trust.

Hearing that, Junior Mrs.

Shen chose to trust Gu Ning, not because she could easily be convinced by a stranger, but because she cared more about her babys safety.

Her baby indeed fell unconscious and it woke up later after Gu Ning carried it for a while.

Therefore, she listened to Gu Ning.

Besides, she could barely stand steadily now.

If she carried the baby, she could fall by accident or she might be robbed of the baby again.

It was bad for the baby.

Other doctors and nurses, however, couldnt believe their ears.

They refused to believe that Gu Ning saved the baby.

They felt that the baby might not have been injured badly.

Although it was very likely for such a vulnerable baby to be injured after the fall, it could also be fine.

It depended on its luck.

Anyway, they were also relieved that the baby survived, or they might be blamed for it.

“Damn you, little bi*ch! Who told you to save the cheap girl” Senior Mrs.

Shen was angered when she saw that the baby was saved.

If she werent injured and could move, she would definitely rush over to slap Gu Nings face.

Junior Mrs.

Shen was heart-broken.

She couldnt believe that her mother-in-law was so cold-blooded.

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“What a shame that your mother didnt strangle you to death after you were born,” said Gu Ning coldly, staring straight at Senior Mrs.


At this moment, Gu Ning really wondered to herself why those women who valued boys much higher than girls werent strangled to death after they were born

It was a crazy idea, but those women who valued boys much higher than girls were really evil!

They were also females, so how could they hold bias against other females Shouldnt they have sympathy for girls

“Little bi*ch, what did you say You should be strangled to death!” Senior Mrs.

Shen was furious.

She turned to the two men with her and ordered.

“That little bi*ch injured me.

Go catch her now!”

The next second, the two men took action.

Junior Mrs.

Shen was scared.

She didnt want Gu Ning and her baby to be hurt, so she stood out at once to protect Gu Ning and the baby.

“You cant do that!”

“Off,” a man shouted, then reached out to pull Junior Mrs.

Shen away.

However, before he touched Junior Mrs.

Shen, Gu Ning pulled her away first and directly kicked them away.

One of them knocked down the young woman who carried the baby out of the ward earlier, so the woman fell heavily to the ground too.

In an instant, they both screamed in pain.

Because Gu Ning used some magical energy in her feet, the two men felt sharp pain in their stomach and all over their limbs.

They could hardly get back to their feet now.

Everyone was shocked by that scene because Gu Ning was so strong! It was unbelievable that she easily kicked an adult a few meters away.

“You…” Senior Mrs.

Shen was scared by Gu Ning.

If she could move, she really wanted to stay far away from Gu Ning.

Because she was injured too, she didnt doubt that Gu Ning would attack her once more.

Anyway, even if she was scared of Gu Ning, she still refused to give up.

On the contrary, Gu Ning had injured them and saved the baby she didnt want, so she decided to sue Gu Ning.

“Do you know who I am How dare you injure us Ill make you pay for this!” Senior Mrs.

Shen threatened.

She tried to bully Gu Ning with her high status because she had no idea about Gu Nings background.

Hearing that, Senior Mrs.

Shen was no longer worried, because the Shen family had great influence in City B.

It couldnt be easier for the Shen family to cause trouble for a young girl.

Gu Ning, however, didnt care about it at all..

“Great, show me what you can do.”


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