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Chapter 2375: No Need to Stay with Me All the Time

Therefore, Gu Ning stayed with Gu Man in the hospital these days.

She wouldnt leave unless she needed to deal with something.

Tang Yunfan paid two professional and reliable nurses to take care of Gu Man, and they were ready for her delivery anytime.

Although they were nurses, they were very good at cooking too, so they cooked for Gu Man.

Gu Man stayed in a VIP ward, which was like a luxurious apartment with a living room, a kitchen, a master bedroom, and a guest room.

The pregnant woman slept in the master bedroom, and people who took care of her slept in the guest room.

There was a large double bed in the master bedroom, so Gu Ning could sleep with Gu Man if she needed to take care of Gu Man in the night.

And if Tang Yunfan came over, Gu Ning would go back to Huafu Hills or the Tang familys house.

She would leave the space to the two of them.

Gu Man came to the hospital earlier, but she needed to walk around before the baby came.

Therefore, when Tang Yunfan was absent, Gu Ning would take Gu Man out for a walk.

This was the most advanced obstetrics and gynecology hospital in City B.

It was large and there werent many people or patients, so it wasnt a big problem to have a walk outside.

If it had been a normal hospital, there would be too many patients with all kinds of diseases, which wasnt good for pregnant women.

In the end it was cold outside, so Gu Ning and Gu Man didnt go out.

They only walked around in the building.

Because of Gu Nings presence, Gu Man wouldnt be in danger so the nurses rested in the ward.

“Ningning, if you need to do anything, you can leave and deal with it.

You dont need to stay with me all the time,” said Gu Man after Gu Ning had kept her company for a long time.

She knew that Gu Ning was very busy, so she didnt want to waste her time.

“Its fine.

If there really is anything I need to deal with, Ill go,” said Gu Ning.

Since Gu Ning said that, Gu Man didnt insist.

Gu Ning was very smart, if there was anything she needed to deal with, she would leave on her own.

“Your aunts will come tomorrow.

I think they can stay in Huafu Hills as always,” said Gu Man.

Because Gu Man was about to deliver, Gu Qing and Gu Qinyang would surely be present.

However, they were occupied with work too, so they couldnt come too early.

Jiang Xu was the busiest among them.

His Xuri Construction Material Store was no longer a small store, and had developed into a big company with over a hundred million yuan in assets.

He had already joined the high society in City F.

Many building materials dealers from City F and many other cities around City F would purchase from Jiang Xu.

Although many of them did that because of Gu Ning, Xuri Construction Material Store was indeed reliable and had reasonable prices.

If Jiang Xu only relied on Gu Ning to manage his business, people would soon hear about it.

After all, news about Gu Ning would easily go viral on the Internet.

Gu Qinyang also received a promotion, so he had a lot of work to do now.

Although he hadnt yet become an official, he was a member of the leadership.

As long as he did a good job and became a director, it would only be a matter of time.

Because both Jiang Xu and Gu Qinyang were busy, they could only come when Gu Man was about to deliver and would only stay for two days.

Gu Qing and Wen Yulan could come days earlier, and could stay in the hospital for a few more days.

Kamei Beauty Salon was very popular and the store was always full of customers.

However, as the boss, Gu Qing didnt need to do everything on her own.

She just needed to check the accounts and socialize with their customers, so she had enough time.

Wen Yulan already quit two months ago and was now managing a branch of Kamei Beauty Salon in City D.

Although it had only been open for a month, it was extremely popular.

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After all, Kamei Beauty Salon had great fame.

When there was no Kamei Beauty Salon in City D, many women flew to City F for their skincare.

Out of ten women who had skincare in Kamei Beauty Salon, eight became loyal fans and joined the membership.

Now there was a branch of Kamei Beauty Salon in City D, so they could enjoy the skincare service in City D.

Many people saw that opportunity and tried to join Kamei Beauty Salon, but Gu Qing turned them down.

It even caused them some trouble!

Wen Yulan was their relative, so Gu Qing allowed her to join the business.

After all, there would be more and more branches of Kamei Beauty Salon.

Wen Yulan didnt hesitate to quit her job and became a businesswoman.

After all, she couldnt make much money by having a regular job.

Her salary could only afford an average life.

Her children were still young and didnt need much money, but they had to make more money after their kids started studying at university.

Actually, families with lower income could afford the tuition fee for college, and they should be able to do that too, but they wanted to provide their kids with a better life.

Everyone had ambition.

If they could make more money, they wouldnt miss the chance.

Although it was risky to run a business, she could make more money by managing a business and Kamei Beauty Salon was a popular brand now.

There were countless people who wanted to join it.

Wen Yulan wasnt dumb and wouldnt miss such a good opportunity.

Perhaps she could make enough money to support her for her whole life within a year.

The reality proved that her choice was right.

Within just a month, she made over three hundred thousand yuan, which was enough to pay the decoration fee.

After two months, not only could the decoration fee be paid back, but the rent was also paid for, after that she could start making money.

However, even if the business was profitable, Gu Qinyang still needed to work, because he also wanted to have a position in the government.

Moreover, if Wen Yulans business went bad, Gu Qinyang could still support their family.

“Sure,” said Gu Ning.

She agreed to let Gu Qing and Wen Yulan stay in Huafu Hills.

After having a walk for about twenty minutes, they were ready to go back and have a rest.

However, at this moment, two men and three women suddenly came out of a ward not far from them.

They were all young, except for one older woman,

A young woman was carrying a baby in her arms and a pale-faced woman in a turban and pajamas chased after her, crying along the way.

She had just delivered and wanted to snatch the baby..


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