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Chapter 2366: Pleasant Reunion

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They were from ancient times, so they werent as open-minded as people in todays society.

Women nowadays tried to make their boobs more noticeable and would lack confidence if they didnt have big bosoms.

They were even willing to have breast surgery.

In the ancient times, on the other hand, most women felt shy when they had ample bosoms, so they normally wrapped it tightly till it wouldnt attract any attention.

It was the difference in peoples values.

Therefore, Gu Ning understood why Si Jin did that, but Si Jin had to learn to live in the modern world.

“Its winter now, so were wearing a lot of clothes, but you still feel embarrassed.

In the summer, we normally only put on a piece of thin clothing.

Will you lock yourself at home and refuse to go out” Gu Ning joked.

“I…” Si Jin flushed red.

She knew Gu Ning was right, but she was still embarrassed.

“Alright, put the coat on.

Nobody can see it then.

Youll get used to it,” said Gu Ning.

She handed a loose, long coat to Si Jin, so no one could see whether she had an ample bosom.

As a cultivator, Si Jin didnt need to wear too many clothes and wouldnt feel cold.

She only put on thin long johns, a loose sweater, and a coat.

Her pants were also a medium thickness.

Normal people would be shaking if they only put on so few clothes, but Si Jin felt very warm.

After putting on the coat, her ample bosom was indeed hidden well so she felt greatly relieved.

It was uncomfortable to wear the bra, but she could stand it since it was inside.

It was the first time that she had put on modern clothes, so it was still uncomfortable, but it wasnt too much of an issue.

After all, she needed to live like every other woman.

If she continued to wear her own clothing, she would look abnormal in the crowd.

“Your hair is too long.

I think you better cut it shorter to the waist,” said Gu Ning.

Si Jins hair was too long and it reached her butt.

If it was at her waist, it would be prettier.

In fact, she was already out of style when her hair reached the butt.

It was fine if she was wearing ancient costumes, but it wasnt beautiful when she was wearing modern clothes.

“Sure!” said Si Jin.

Since Gu Ning said that, she was willing to accept her advice.

It wasnt a big deal to shorten her hair a little.

If it was too short, Si Jin wouldnt be willing, but she just needed to leave her hair at her waist.

“Can you help me with that Im afraid I cant do it on my own,” asked Si Jin.

She didnt know how to do it, so she could only turn to Gu Ning for help.

“Of course.

Have a seat.

Ill go get scissors.” It was Gu Nings advice, so she was obviously willing to help.

Without delay, she went to get scissors.

Because she only needed to cut the end of Si Jins hair, it wasnt difficult and Gu Ning soon finished.

Therefore, Gu Ning had soon shortened Si Jins hair and it looked very pretty.

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Actually, when her hair was shortened, Si Jin had a totally different air.

And she was very satisfied with it.

“If you dont want it down, you can have it in a ponytail,” said Gu Ning.

“Sure.” Si Jin agreed.

She was indeed not used to having her hair down, so she tied it up to a ponytail.

Once she put her hair in a ponytail, she looked more like a mature woman than an elegant lady.

In fact, Si Jin was more like a mature woman than an elegant lady.

She practiced kung fu every day after all, and was very agile and strong.

Afterwards, Gu Ning helped Si Jin put on light make-up.

Every woman looked different after putting on make-up, and women were normally prettier with make-up on.

Although Si Jin was very beautiful without make-up, she was even more attractive with some make-up.

Si Jin would wear light make-up in her daily life, so she didnt feel it was bad when Gu Ning helped her put on some make-up now.

She was only amazed by the make-up products in modern society.

“Ill send you a set of make-up products later.

Shaotings mother, or Aunt Miao can teach you how to use them.

They often stay in my masters place for a bit.

They are also women, so you can ask them whenever you have questions.

Dont feel shy.

My mother will deliver her baby in a few days, so I cant go to the capital with you right now, but Ill go to the capital after the New Year holiday,” said Gu Ning.

“Junior Lengs mother Didnt you say…” Si Jin was surprised, because Gu Ning had told them that Leng Shaotings mother was missing, but she didnt say whether his mother was found or not.

“Oh, I forgot to tell you that we found Shaotings mother.

Aunt Miao is a friend of Shaotings mother.

She became an evil cultivator after going through some bad things.

However, my master caused her to lose her abilities as a cultivator and she became a mortal.

She started to cultivate again later, and lives with Shaotings mother now,” said Gu Ning.

“Oh, I see,” said Si Jin.

It was good news that they could meet again after being lost for over a dozen years.

They also felt lucky and happy to see their Uncle Shangguan.

“Dont worry, theyre very easy to get along with.” Gu Ning comforted Si Jin in case she was nervous.

She didnt want Si Jin to be burdened.


Si Jin nodded.

However, it was unavoidable for her to be nervous.

After all, they were all strangers and were senior to her.

If they were junior to her, she wouldnt be as nervous, but she had to be careful before the elders.

Perhaps because she cared about their opinions of her, she was nervous.

If there was no relationship between them, she wouldnt feel anxious at all.

After putting on make-up and adjusting her clothes, Si Jin followed Gu Ning downstairs.

In the living room, although Jiang Liluo had changed his clothes, he kept the same hairstyle, so he looked strange.

If Jiang Liluo went out like that, he would attract attention and passers-by might discuss him.

He could have his own style without caring about other peoples opinions, but he would feel embarrassed if people wouldnt stop talking about him.

Besides, it was better for men not to keep long hair.

Anyway, it was up to Jiang Liluo whether he wanted to keep it or not.

When Jiang Liluo saw Si Jin walking downstairs, he was a little distracted because Si Jin looked different yet attractive after changing her look.


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