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Chapter 2358: Senior and Junior Disciples

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Therefore, even if Nicholas made himself invisible, he still failed to hurt the woman.

On the contrary, he was injured by the woman.

This time, Nicholas was extremely mad and became anxious.

This woman was so strong! He didnt expect to encounter such a strong person here.

She could easily get rid of his evil force and his invisibility was of no use before her.

Given the current situation, he realized that all of his skills were useless in his fight against the woman, so he had to play his trump card.

It was the soul in his crystal ball.

Without delay, Nicholas took out the crystal ball and let the soul out.

The woman didnt know what Nicholas was doing, so she didnt stop him from doing that.

Gu Ning was aware, but she didnt bother to stop Nicholas.

She wasnt deliberately putting the woman in danger, but she thought it was better to deal with the soul as well since they targeted Nicholas.

After all, the soul was harmful.

If they didnt give Nicholas the chance to let the soul out, they wouldnt be able to catch the soul even if they could get the crystal ball later.

All of a sudden, Ma Shibiao and his subordinates saw a person, or a strange creature to be specific, appear out of nowhere.

They were all stunned.

Was this a ghost

Although the woman turned out not to be a ghost, they were almost convinced that ghosts really existed after what had just happened to them.

As a result, looking at the soul which showed up suddenly and didnt have the appearance of a human, they believed that it should be a monster or a ghost.

To Ma Shibiaos astonishment, Nicholas kept such a strange thing with him.

The soul was full of resentment, because it was completely covered in black gas, which also meant it was very strong and aggressive.

Once the soul joined the fight, it became a little difficult for the woman to defeat Nicholas.

This time, Gu Ning couldnt stand on the sidelines.

With a leap, she went to help the woman.

Gu Ning directly fought against the soul.

Gu Ning wasnt at a high level, but she had the help of her magical power, so the magical energy she released wasnt weak.

It was even stronger than the womans magical energy, and could easily fight back the souls evil force.

Witnessing that, the woman was shocked.

This girl was indeed very strong!

Compared with Nicholas, the soul was much more resistant.

When Gu Ning hit it with her magical energy, it only shook a little and wasnt injured at all.

If it hit Nicholas, he would surely be injured although not seriously.

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Nicholas was a sorcerer, but he relied on his wand and crystal ball for strength.

He wasnt actually stronger than ordinary people.

After living with evil forces for a long time, he looked evil too.

Nicholas was good at fighting, but it had nothing to do with his wand and crystal ball.

He practiced the skills on his own.

There were wizards who werent good at fighting or could barely fight.

After all, magical skills had nothing to do with kung fu.

The soul was very strong, so even Gu Ning couldnt control it within a short time.

Without the souls help, Nicholas was soon at a disadvantage again.

It was hard for him to win, so he became anxious.

However, no matter how anxious he was, it was useless.

Seeing that the soul couldnt defeat Gu Ning, he realized that he was doomed this time.

However, Nicholas refused to admit it, unless he was caught.

He still did his best to fight against the woman.

As time went by, Nicholas was out of strength, and was knocked away by the womans magical energy, then knocked himself against the other coffin.

The woman was scared and immediately ran over.


The man lying in the other coffin was the womans senior.

They had the same master.

After the coffin was knocked over by Nicholas, the man lying inside rolled out onto the ground and was pressed down by the heavy coffin.

The woman went over and easily moved the coffin with a simple wave of her hand.

Afterwards, she supported the man and removed the Taoist talisman on his chest.

Once the Taoist talisman was removed, the man opened his eyes.

He was still a little confused and it took him some time to get back to his senses.

After a few seconds, the man saw the woman and looked very surprised.

“No way…”

“Yeah, its me!” The woman was thrilled when the man woke up, and she almost cried in joy.

They finally saw each other again, and could be together again.

Although she felt that she had only slept, she felt many years had passed after she woke up.

“Oh, its you!” The man was also very happy to see the woman.

Without hesitation, he pulled her into his arms and hugged her tight.

Nicholas was injured by the womans punch, but he could still move and walk around.

Seeing that the woman was happily chatting with the man, Nicholas seized the chance and lifted his wand to attack the woman.

Unfortunately, the moment he moved, Gu Ning saw him and directly took out a gun to shoot at Nicholas.

Bang! The loud gunshot scared the woman and the man.

Nicholas was shot in the arm and his wand fell to the ground.

It was impossible for him to continue to attack the woman.

Although the woman and the man didnt know it was a gun, they saw Nicholas injured by it, so they believed that it was a hidden weapon.

However, it was too loud, so it wasnt good.

Once it fired, all of their enemies would be alerted.

They knew very little about guns.

“I understand that youre super excited to see each other, but its obviously not the right time to tell each other how much you miss one another now.

Why dont you do that later” Gu Ning said.

She wasnt blaming them, because she felt for them.

Therefore, she spoke in a resigned tone.

The woman and the man were embarrassed.

It was indeed their fault.

After the man woke up, he was curious about what had happened.

How did they get into their place Who was this girl

He knew that Gu Ning was a cultivator, but why did she come here

The woman could see that the man was curious about it, so she said, “Lets deal with the man and the soul first.

Ill tell you the whole story in a while..”


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