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Chapter 2357: Draw Her Over

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Although the woman still couldnt believe that Gu Ning was at a very high level, it was true that Gu Ning hid her breath of cultivation.

In that case, the woman was unwilling to be her enemy.

“If so, as long as you promise that you wont tell anyone else what has happened here, Ill let you go, but these men must stay.

Ill deal with them,” said the woman.

If Gu Ning was willing to keep it a secret, she could trust her.

“No!” Ma Shibiao shouted reluctantly.

He wasnt willing to watch Gu Ning leave while he was killed here.

“Sorry, I cant,” said Gu Ning.

Hearing that, Ma Shibiao thought that Gu Ning wasnt so cold-blooded and wouldnt leave them here.

However, what Gu Ning said afterwards left him in despair.

“Theyre criminals.

I have to catch them and take them back.

You can beat them, but dont kill them.

Theyll be sentenced to death after I take them back.

I just need them to be alive for the interrogation,” said Gu Ning.

“You…” Ma Shibiao was shocked.

At the same time, he realized that Gu Ning was indeed not one of them.

“Who are you” Ma Shibiao angrily questioned her.

Even if he already had the answer, he still wanted to hear it from Gu Nings mouth.

“I was sent here by the military,” said Gu Ning.

Ma Shibiao fell into silence.

The two men, Ma Shibiaos subordinates, standing behind Gu Ning immediately realized that something wasnt right after hearing that she came to catch Ma Shibiao.

They originally thought that Gu Ning wouldnt watch them die here and they might survive, but now they figured out that they would only be caught if they stayed here any longer.

Therefore, the two exchanged a glance and planned to run away.

Unfortunately, once they moved, the monster fox stood in their way.

They knew how strong the monster fox was, so they gave in at once.

“Im a foreigner.

I didnt commit any crimes in your country.

You have no power to catch me,” said Nicholas.

He tried to persuade Gu Ning to let him go, and what he said was the truth.

“I only need to catch you.

I dont care why and how youll be punished.

Thats something our leader should consider,” said Gu Ning.

“You…” Nicholas was mad.

He wanted to say something, but didnt know what he could say.

Gu Ning obviously had no patience with them.

“Alright, I can do you this favor.

I wont kill them.

You can take them away.” The woman said to Gu Ning.

The woman agreed with Gu Ning on that.

Since they were both cultivators, she believed that Gu Ning wouldnt tell other people about her secret.

Gu Ning said that she was sent here by the military, while those men were criminals, which left a good impression on the woman.

The next second, the woman directly punched Ma Shibiaos chest, and he was knocked several meters away.

He fell at the edge of the canal and almost fell into the water.

Because Ma Shibiao was a mortal, he couldnt stand a cultivators magical energy.

Besides, the woman used a lot of magical energy in this punch, so blood spurted out of Ma Shibiaos mouth at once.

He couldnt stand up again.

This woman was too strong!

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After injuring Ma Shibiao, the woman said, “Dont tell anyone what has happened here.”

“Of course, I wont tell anyone about it.

Do you plan to still stay here after waking up” Gu Ning asked.

She had the intention of drawing this woman over to her side.

“I dont think it has anything to do with you,” said the woman.

Gu Ning raised her eyebrow and said nothing.

She didnt give up, but decided to talk about it after the woman injured Nicholas.

Nicholas was left alone to fight with the woman after Ma Shibiao was wounded.

And without Ma Shibiaos help, Nicholas was soon at a disadvantage.

At this moment, Nicholas hadnt used all of his skills yet.

Once he realized that he was going to lose, he took out his wand and waved it towards the woman.

Then, a black gas that could be seen with their eyes attacked the woman.

That black gas was an evil force.

If ordinary people were affected by it, they would feel uncomfortable right away and lose strength.

The more evil force they touched, the weaker their bodies would become.

If they were surrounded by the evil force, they would soon die, because the evil force could corrode human beings flesh.

Both Gu Ning and the woman squinted a little.

Gu Ning wasnt surprised because she was aware that Nicholas was a magician, but the woman was unaware of it, so she was slightly surprised.

However, she soon calmed down and directly got rid of the black gas with her magical energy.

This time, Nicholas was taken aback.

To his surprise, this woman could easily get rid of his evil force, because in his opinion his evil force was very strong.

Although Nicholas was astonished, he soon accepted it because he knew that they were people with superpowers.

Nicholas didnt feel too shocked, even if the woman easily fought back.

She was a strong enemy after all, and he didnt expect to defeat her within a short time.

Therefore, Nicholas continued to wave his wand towards the woman and mpre black gas attacked the woman.

Without hesitation, the woman used her magical energy to get rid of it again.

In her eyes, Nicholas was too weak and his evil force was barely harmful.

Gu Ning had the same idea.

She was at a lower level than the woman, but even she had confidence that she could defeat Nicholas.

So it should be very easy for the woman to do so!

Although Gu Ning wasnt sure of the exact level of the woman, she believed that the woman was stronger than her.

If she guessed correctly, the woman should be in the Golden Core Stage.

Nicholas could emit an evil force with his wand, and he could also use it to make himself invisible in front of the woman for a short time.

However, it was only useful for mortals and cultivators at low levels.

It wasnt of great use before high level cultivators.

Even though high level cultivators couldnt see him, they could still know his position with the help of their senses.


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