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Chapter 2355: The Less Trouble the Better

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Although she wanted to catch Ma Shibiao and Nicholas alive and hand them to Leng Shaoting, she didnt care about it if they were killed.

Anyway, they would be sentenced to death after Leng Shaoting caught them.

Gu Ning backed to the edge of the room, waiting to see the drama.

Nicholas also walked towards her.

He wasnt sure whether Gu Ning was right and whether there was really a ghost, but he thought that he better be more careful.

Seeing their reaction, Ma Shibiao panicked a little.

Could there really be ghosts Was there a ghost in this coffin

Ma Shibiao hesitated.

However, he only hesitated for a few seconds, then went to open a coffin.

“Miss Gu, have you seen ghosts before” Nicholas asked.

Although he asked that question, he actually already had the answer.

If Gu Ning hadnt seen ghosts before, she wouldnt be so calm now.

“Yes, how about you” Gu Ning asked.

She asked that casually, because she was sure that Nicholas had met ghosts before.

He even carried a soul with him.

Because Nicholas was sure that Gu Ning had seen ghosts before, he wasnt surprised when Gu Ning admitted it.

“What do you think” he asked instead, returning Gu Nings question.

He was trying to find out how much Gu Ning knew about him.

Gu Ning understood his purpose, but she didnt care.

“How could I know whether youve seen ghosts before” She smiled.

Even though Gu Ning said that, Nicholas thought she was lying.

If she didnt know, how could she know that he believed in ghosts

“Miss Gu, do you know me” Nicholas asked.

“This is our first meeting.

I dont even know your name.

I dont think weve met before,” said Gu Ning honestly.

Nicholas wasnt convinced.

“If so, why do you think that I believe in ghosts”

“Just my feelings,” said Gu Ning.

Her feelings He didnt think so.

Before Nicholas continued to ask Gu Ning questions, Ma Shibiao had already opened a coffin and saw the body lying inside.

Instantly, he got a fright and dumped the coffin lid, running away.

Jesus, there was a body in it and it was preserved so well it was as if there was a person sleeping inside.

However, it didnt seem to be a living person.

In that case, it could only be a ghost.

“Oh, whats wrong Why are you so scared” Gu Ning made fun of them.

She knew that they were frightened by the body in the coffin.

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“A-A ghost…” Ma Shibiao pointed at the coffin in great horror.

Although it wasnt proven yet, he believed that it was a ghost.

What else could it be Would anyone deliberately sleep inside to scare other people Nobody would be so bored and annoying!

A ghost

Nicholas was scared too.

He wasnt surprised by the existence of ghosts, but he was astonished that there was really a ghost.

The next second, Nicholas turned to observe Gu Ning.

Did she know that there was a ghost in the coffin Who was she How could she know Or was it just a guess

“A ghost Didnt you refuse to believe in ghosts Why did you say there is a ghost now” Gu Ning laughed at him.

She wasnt scared at all when she heard there was a ghost.

Normally, mortals couldnt see ghosts.

So how could Ma Shibiao and his subordinates see it

Mortals couldnt see normal ghosts, but this ghost wasnt normal.

After a ghost reached a certain level, it could become an entity.

Or as with this female body, a spell was cast when they died so that they wouldnt rot and their soul stayed in the body.

In fact, Gu Ning knew very little about it, but as a cultivator, she wasnt surprised by such strange things.

Ma Shibiao was struck dumb.

He indeed refused to believe in ghosts earlier, but now…

Ma Shibiao and his subordinates didnt know what to say.

It was still difficult for them to accept that ghosts really existed in this world, but they had to admit that it was true.

At the same time, they were also surprised that Gu Ning was aware of the ghost in the coffin.

Who was she How could she know that there was a ghost She didnt seem scared at all!

Nicholas hadnt seen a local ghost before, so he immediately went up to have a look.

He wasnt scared of ghosts either.

Gu Ning didnt go ahead.

She stood at the edge, enjoying watching the drama.

At the front of the coffin, Nicholas saw a female body lying in the coffin.

It was wearing local, ancient costumes.

Although the female body was kept well, its face was completely pale without any breath.

It was dead without doubt.

However, Nicholas couldnt smell rotting either, so it confused him.

Gu Ning knew the reason.

It was because of the Taoist talisman on its body.

When Nicholas saw the Taoist talisman, he reached out his hand to pick it up out of curiosity.

“Stop it!” Gu Ning stopped him at once, then walked over.

Nicholas stopped.

He wasnt mad because Gu Ning interrupted him.

Instead, he felt that Gu Ning told him to stop for a reason.

Gu Ning walked to the front of the coffin.

After a glance at the body in it, she turned to look at Nicholas and said, “If you pull off the Taoist talisman, this ghost will wake up.

If it wakes the other one up, well be in great danger.”

Hearing that, Nicholas gave up the idea of removing the Taoist talisman.

He wasnt scared, but there was nothing valuable in this coffin.

There was only a sword next to the body.

It was a good sword, but he didnt have to take it away.

Therefore, the less trouble, the better.

“Why dont we leave these two coffins here and open this stone door instead” Ma Shibiao said.

Although he was frightened by the ghost, they could stay away from the coffins since Gu Ning said that they would be fine as long as they didnt move the bodies inside.

They were already here, so they had to take something away with them.

The treasures should be hidden behind the door!

“No, you cant move this door either.

There might be something scarier than these two coffins behind it,” said Gu Ning.

Even she was reluctant to touch the stone door..

So she didnt want them to do that, unless they were willing to risk their lives.


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