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Chapter 2346: Why Dont You Join Us

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Since Gu Ning found an ancient grave, she was unwilling to leave, but she had to catch the criminal first.

The ancient grave was always there, but the criminal might run away if she didnt catch him right now.

Gu Ning continued to search along the grave tunnel.

After a few meters, she saw a fork again.

After encountering several forks, Gu Ning was a little frustrated.

There were so many forks! It seemed to be a maze.

Gu Ning guessed correctly.

There was indeed a maze grave tunnel inside, which was designed to stop gravediggers from finding the burial chamber.

Given the complexity and size of the grave, the person buried in it must enjoy a high status.

After searching around for a long time, they finally found the entrance.

It was the monster fox that found it.

Following the monster foxs sounds, Gu Ning ran to the entrance and saw many footprints, which implied that at least five people had been here.

In other words, not only the criminal and the person with super powers, but there were also other people who entered the grave.

They could either be the same group, or there were two groups of people, but Gu Ning felt that they must be in the same group.

Covered by many tree branches, the entrance wasnt easy to notice.

Normally, people wouldnt see it when they walked by.

Since she found the entrance, Gu Ning had to go in.

When Gu Ning was in the grave, she had no intention of avoiding the criminal and his mates, so she directly took out the night-luminescent pearl to light the way.

Afterwards, she walked ahead, following the footprints.

About ten minutes later, Gu Ning heard their voices at the front, but she couldnt hear what exactly they were talking about.

Anyway, she knew that they were right ahead of her.

Gu Ning didnt avoid them and walked closer to them.

Within a few seconds, she heard a mans annoyed voice with impatience.

“F*ck, were back to where we were earlier.

Its a maze! Its so difficult.”

“If it was easy, other people would have found it before us.”

“Right, someone found this grave before us after all.”


The night-luminescent pearl could light a large area, so they noticed it when Gu Ning was five meters away.

In horror, they immediately turned to look at the light and stayed alert.

However, they didnt bother to turn off their flashlights.

They were all strong men, so they werent afraid even if there was a stranger.

When they saw a woman and a fox, they were stunned and surprised.

They were stunned because the woman was young and pretty.

Moreover, they were surprised that she dared to come here alone.

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It seemed that she was a very bold woman.

As for the fox, it was just an ordinary fox in their eyes.

They didnt think it had any differences.

A middle-aged man who had a foreign face and was suspected by Leng Shaoting to be a person with super powers, however, squinted and became alert once he saw the monster fox.

He could see that this fox wasnt just an animal.

There was strong power in it.

Because he knew very little about monsters in Gu Nings country, he didnt know how to explain it.

He was only sure that this fox might be aggressive.

The foreign man could see that Gu Ning wasnt weak, but he couldnt see her special abilities.

Gu Ning didnt pay special attention to the foreign man, but she felt evil power from him, so she was sure that he wasnt an ordinary man.

However, she didnt know exactly what abilities he had.

Anyway, he wasnt a threat to her.

“Who are you” A man asked Gu Ning.

“Who else do you think I could be in this grave” Facing five tall, strong men, Gu Ning didnt seem scared at all.

On the contrary, she had the air of a gangster.

Those men surely knew that only gravediggers would show up in a grave.

“Little girl, its complicated here.

Why dont you join us If we can find treasures, we can share.

What do you think” The criminal nicely said to Gu Ning.

He was slightly suspicious of Gu Ning, so he wanted her to go with them so that he could observe her.

If there was no problem with her, they could find treasures together and share.

If there was a problem with her, they would directly kill her.

Actually, if Gu Ning agreed with alacrity, it would only make them more suspicious of her.

Gu Ning could see their thoughts.

“Well.” She sneered.

“What if you kill me after finding the treasures There are many of you, while Im alone, so I think we better not go the same way.”

Saying that, Gu Ning moved to go in another direction.

“Wait a second,” the criminal shouted.

He didnt become more suspicious of Gu Ning after Gu Ning refused to go with them, but he still stayed alert.

Therefore, he felt it was better that Gu Ning went with them.

“Dont worry, we wont hurt you.

Its a large ancient grave.

There should be a lot of treasures.

We cant take all of them.

Were willing to share,” said the criminal.

Gu Ning pretended to ponder over it for a while, then agreed.

“Sure, Ill trust you once.

In fact, even if you have the intention of killing me, you might not be able to do it.

I hope we do not have any conflicts.

We all came here for wealth.

There is no need to kill, right”

She had no plan to kill them right now.

Since she was already in the grave now, she decided to find treasure first.

If she killed them before finding treasures, it would be troublesome.

If she beat them unconscious and left them here, she might not be able to get back to the same place after finding treasures.

Besides, Gu Ning wasnt clear about the foreign mans abilities yet.

What if he fought back She couldnt kill him and could only injure him seriously.

She also couldnt carry them while she went to find treasures.

It was ridiculous!

After finding treasures, she could put them into her telepathic eye space, then injure them and pull them out..

It could save a lot of energy.


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